Chris Harrison feels that Kasey Kahl miscalculated in believing that getting a tattoo was a good way to show The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky he's genuinely falling for her.

"I'm pretty positive if Ali had seen this tattoo she wouldn't have given him a rose," wrote The Bachelorette host in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

Kahl never revealed the tattoo to Fedotowsky, as fellow sixth-season bachelor Frank Neuschaefer instead interrupted the two -- and she subsequently gave a rose to Kahl and rejected Jesse Beck and Jonathan Novack.

"Frank inadvertently saved Kasey by keeping him from exposing his new artwork to Ali," wrote Harrison. "This ended up costing Jesse and [Novack] another week on the road to love. Eventually, Kasey will show Ali his new tat and we'll see how she reacts."

Kahl got the tattoo because Fedotowsky expressed a desire for him to show her who he really is.

"So let me get this straight -- a woman tells you to slow down and just relax, show her who you really are, and you go get a tattoo? What the ****?" wrote Harrison.

"Hard to believe, I'm sure, but I am not a tattoo guy. Never had one and never will. With that said, I do know that if you are a tattoo guy, you probably shouldn't get a permanent tattoo as a token of your love for a girl who's dating not only you, but 10 other guys, too."

In addition, Harrison also questioned the impromptu songs Kahl performed for Fedotowsky in an attempt to serenade her.

"Every guy has his own style and his own way of sharing his feelings and love for a woman. Who am I to judge whether it's right or wrong? So while I won't say Kasey's style is wrong, I have to ask, what is up with the singing? Once, okay, I'll give you that. But four, five times?" wrote Harrison.

"I loved the look on Ali's face. She was speechless. It was so incredibly awkward for her. But at the end of that date she just chalked it up to a nervous, sweet guy who was trying too hard."

Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton -- who are widely rumored to be Fedotowsky's final two bachelors -- are still in the competition after both scored some quality one-on-one time with her during Monday night's episode.

"One of the guys brought up a great point about Roberto and Ali. They have shared some crazy moments together," wrote Harrison.

"Walking across a tightrope in downtown LA, performing in The Lion King. Those are the types of moments that relationships are built on, and the guys know this, and it's killing them."

Lambton's date with Fedotowsky took place on his birthday -- and he scored some points for bringing her chicken soup and caring for her because she was sick.

"He's such a solid man," wrote Harrison. "He has good values and puts his family above all else; that's a quality to be admired, and something I strongly believe in as well."