Cheryl Burke slammed rumors that she got lip injections and revealed that she's been cyber bullied over her weight during an interview with "Access Hollywood."

The 30-year-old "Dancing with the Stars" pro told Kit Hoover Wednesday that people have been "cruel" on social media following the 25-pound weight loss she underwent recently.

"People are saying 'What have you done to your face?', 'You look disgusting, you look like you're dying,'" Burke said while talking about some of the comments she has gotten on the selfies she shares online.

"It really just messes with your head, honestly!" she told Kit. "It's just amazing to me to see that people can be so cruel," she added.

On the subject of facial changes, Burke confessed she "seriously have had no plastic surgery."

"I used to get bullied as a kid for having big ears and big lips and they would call me 'monkey face,' so I'm always had the big lips," she revealed.

The dancer went on to say that the public's constant scrutiny on her looks has made her very critical about her own body.

"It's something I'll constantly be aware of," she said. "I do constantly look in the mirror like, 'OMG, I've got a fat roll here!' Or, 'Am I skinny enough?' Or, 'Am I fit enough?' Now I just have to let it go," she continued. "As long as I'm healthy that's all that matters."