Celebrity Big Brother featured comedian Tom Green winning Head of Household and then nominating two athletes and strong competitors, Ricky Williams and Natalie Eva Marie, for eviction.

Tom was named the next HoH and decided to put Natalie, a former WWE wrestler and Total Divas star, and Ricky, a former superstar NFL running back, on the chopping block next to each other because they were a strong threats to him in the house. The pair, along with ally Lolo Jones, had also conspired against Tom to take out his best friend, Kato Kaelin.


The Celebrity Big Brother broadcast began on Day 20, with Tom recognizing he was probably the next target in the house and either needed to make some new friends or win the next Head of Household competition.

Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton felt she had made the best of her HoH, and Lolo felt tight with Tamar, Natalie and Ricky.

"We really need to go after Tom," Lolo said in the Diary Room.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress said Tom was like "a lost puppy" in the house now that his best buddy Kato was gone, so she decided it would be great for her game to pull him in and use him to "take out one of the big dogs."

Ricky believed going into the next HoH competition, it was himself, Lolo and Natalie against Kandi, Tom and Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina Lohan.

And he was right, because Kandi and Dina discussed nominating Lolo and Natalie for eviction if one of them happened to come into power. Kandi then pitched the plan to Tom, saying one of the three athletes in the house needed to go.

Tom agreed taking out Lolo, Natalie or Ricky next would be awesome, but he said he needed to keep his cards close to his chest because Kandi could be an informant, trying to squeeze information out of him and leak it to the other alliance.


It then became time for the season's next Head of Household competition hosted by Omarosa Manigault Newman.

The backyard was transformed into a hotel and casino, and the players participated in a game called "Celebrity Tumbling Dice."

Tamar, as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete.

The players had to challenge each other in head-to-head matchups which required them to stand inside a giant dice and push the block around the yard to make a certain number show on the top once at the landing pad.

For example, if Omarosa rolled the number three, the players needed to try to push their giant dice so the number three would show on the top of the cube.

The goal was to make it to the landing pad with the correct number showing in a faster time than the opponent.

The winner of each match was able to choose his or her challenger, and last player standing would become the new Head of Household and have the power.

Kandi made it known she had switched sides in the house during the competition because she chose to challenge Natalie when only the two ladies and Tom remained. And Tom was challenged multiple times in attempt to knock him out.


After houseguests were knocked out one by one, the last matchup came down to Tom vs. Natalie, and the winner was Tom.

"Tom has won HoH again, and he's coming after us," Ricky pointed out, as both Lolo and Natalie agreed the situation was "very bad."

Kandi was so excited Tom won, but she hoped he was going to make the right move. Kandi needed to prove she meant what she said and they needed to be on the same team.

Lolo planned to pitch to Tom how neither Dina or Kandi had any blood on their hands so it would be smart to take one of them out, but Dina told Tom the best move to make would be putting Natalie and Lolo on the chopping block next to each other.

Tom was glad to see Dina was waking up and finally playing the game, and they were definitely on the same page.

The girls then discussed how Kandi seemed to throw the Head of Household competition in order to avoid getting any blood on her hands. It was clear Kandi was working with Tom, but Tamar still felt the need to protect her.

Tom's real target was Ricky, but he told Ricky, Lolo and Natalie that they were all going to be safe.


Tom was hoping to pitch safety to them in the hope of making a deal that they would keep him safe in return after the next HoH competition.

Tom explained to Lolo and Ricky that he might have to nominate them for eviction but he wanted them to win the Power of Veto. He also told Natalie that he didn't want to nominate her up front but she may have to be a replacement nominee -- although he'd fight for her to stay.

"Tom's offer is not really an offer at all. He's basically saying, 'The only way you're going to stay in the house is if you win the Power of Veto. He'll take credit for it, and therefore, if I win the next HoH, I should keep him safe," Ricky told the cameras. "I'm not an idiot, Tom."

Ricky therefore made a counter offer, telling Tom that if he kept the trio safe, they would definitely ensure his safety the following week.

Ricky's offer made sense, but Tom just wasn't sure whether he could trust him.

Meanwhile, Tamar really trusted Kandi and believed they were going to "skate to the Final 2." Kandi also reasoned how they had a better shot to get to the Final 2 if they teamed up to take out one of the big threats.

Ahead of the Nomination Ceremony, Kandi proposed Tom should nominate Ricky and Natalie for eviction  side by side because those were his two real targets and one of them would definitely go home.

Kandi reminded Tom that if he nominated Lolo up front, there would be a possibility she'd be the one evicted.

Tom acknowledged he had made a mistake by not talking to Kandi first.

"I already told Lolo I'm putting her on the block. I already told Natalie I'm not putting her on the block. And if I do what Kandi is proposing, well, Natalie is going to be really mad. I don't know, maybe I just got myself into deeper trouble than I want to be," Tom said in the Diary Room.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Tom announced he had decided to nominate Ricky and Natalie for eviction because they had been targeting him up to this point.

Tom noted he had been "in an alliance full of lies" with those two, and so one of them needed to go.

"Tom is a massive liar -- massive. He told me straight to my face I was safe and then all of a sudden switched the nominations last minute. Well done, buddy. You better hope I don't win the veto, because once I do, I'm coming for you," Natalie said.

Meanwhile, Lolo assumed she was a backdoor target, so she was also upset and worried.
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