Celebrity Big Brother featured two Head of Household competitions, a new "Safety Competition," two Power of Veto competitions, and two live evictions -- Natalie Eva Marie and Tom Green -- all during Friday night's special two-hour episode on CBS.

In the first half of the double episode, Natalie, a former WWE wrestler and Total Divas star, was evicted from the house through a unanimous 4-0 vote instead of her closest ally, Lolo Jones, an Olympic track and bobsled star, under comedian Tom's Head of Household reign.


And then later, Tom was sent packing from the Celebrity Big Brother house through a unanimous 3-0 vote instead of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress, who had also been placed on the chopping block during Lolo's time as Head of Household.

The jam-packed Celebrity Big Brother broadcast picked up where the previous one had left off, on Day 21 following the Nomination Ceremony in which Tom was HoH and had placed Natalie and former superstar NFL running back Ricky Williams on the chopping block next to each other.

If the Veto happened to save one of them, Tom planned on Lolo being the replacement nominee.

Tom felt he had the numbers with Kandi, Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina Lohan, and Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton, but he was afraid Dina would be influenced by the social aspect of the game. Kandi, however, asked Tom to relax and be cool.

Natalie acknowledged the best case scenario would be for Lolo to get picked to play in the Power of Veto competition and win it so she could take Natalie off the chopping block and also be safe. Tom would then need to name a replacement nominee and her alliance could vote that person out.

Tom would have to nominate Kandi, Tamar or Dina for eviction if Lolo ended up winning the veto, so his group worried about that possibility.


It then became time to pick players for the Veto competition, and they were Tamar, Kandi and Dina. Lolo therefore wasn't selected to compete, and she was really pissed.

The houseguests then learned they'd be subjected to a double eviction that night, with the live finale only five days away.

The Power of Veto competition dubbed "Color Blast," which was inspired by old black-and-white films, required the players to memorize a sequence of colors and then switch on a certain color based on the instructions given.

If a person switched on the correct color, he or she would advance to the next round. If a mistake was made, he or she would be out and blasted with paint. The last person standing would win the Power of Veto.

Tamar actually didn't want to win the competition so she could avoid getting more blood on her hands, but Kandi was desperate to win the veto so Natalie couldn't take herself off the block.

Ricky was the first person out of the competition, leaving Tom relieved and thrilled.

In the end, Tom won the golden Power of Veto. Ricky hoped something crazy would happen to change Tom's mind because everyone knew he was Tom's No. 1 target.


As time passed and Tom got inside his head, he considered using the veto because he didn't want Natalie to go. He thought having a pawn on the block, such as Tamar, would ensure Ricky's eviction, especially since Kandi would never vote off Tamar.

Kandi, however, barked at Tom that he was "trippin'" and that move would come back to bite him in the butt. She didn't like being threatened and forced to vote for someone given she and Tom were supposed to be working together.

Kandi then warmed Tamar of Tom's indecisiveness and alleged misuse of his power. Tamar, in turn, shared her frustrations with Natalie and Lolo.

Natalie told Tamar that Tom just liked to "play mind games with everyone," and with that being said, Tamar was starting to turn against the comedian.

"I'm tired of Tom," Tamar said in the Diary Room. "I'm tired of his bullsh-it."

Tamar told Tom to stop threatening people because it was "f-cked up." Tom kept yelling Celebrity Big Brother was a game, but Tamar called him a bully and "scum."

Tom felt he was playing this game alone.


At the Veto Meeting, Tom wanted to stir things up, and so he shocked the house by announcing he had decided to use the Power of Veto on Ricky, his original main target.

Tom then nominated Lolo for eviction in Ricky's place, saying he believed she was going to be safe from the vote and he respected and admired her. Tom asked everyone to remember how Lolo represents America when it becomes time to vote someone out of the house.

Tom determined Natalie and Lolo were the biggest threats left in the game and he hoped saving Ricky would extend an olive branch, possibly opening the door for a chance to work together in the future.

Meanwhile, Lolo and Natalie were devastated to be on the block together because they had become very close friends and always had each other's back.

Kandi then told Tamar they should vote Natalie off because she was the better player of the two nominees.

Neither Natalie or Lolo wanted to petition votes to stay since they were ride-or-die allies, but Natalie decided to fight for her spot.

Ricky hated having to choose between his two closest allies in the house.

The first live eviction of the night then commenced. In her speech, Lolo asked her fellow houseguests to see the goodness in her, and then Natalie thanked her fellow players for amazing memories. It was a unanimous 4-0 vote for Natalie.

There was then a final "Celebrity Breaking News" alert, which revealed to the houseguests they'd have a chance to keep themselves safe from the second eviction of the night.

Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen disclosed one person could win immunity by winning a bonus "Safety Competition." However, the winner would have to sit out of the next Head of Household competition.

Natalie was hoping the twist would have allowed her to re-enter the house and resume competing, but that clearly wasn't the case.

In her post-eviction interview, Natalie told Julie, "Lolo needs to win [the game] for sure," and "you can't really believe anything Tom says."

The "Safety Competition" required the houseguests to enter the house and search the downstairs for "living art."

They had to determine how many people in costume were hiding, posing and blending in all of the rooms. The person to guess the correct number of people -- or the closest number to that -- would win safety.

The correct answer was 22, and Tamar ultimately won the competition with her guess of 19.

Following Tamar's victory, it became time for the season's next Head of Household competition.

Since Tom was the previous HoH and Tamar won the "Safety Competition," they were both deemed ineligible to compete.

The participating players had to determine in 90 seconds how many people -- who had been posing as living art -- left the Big Brother house in the time that had elapsed between the two competitions.

Lolo guessed correctly with seven, and so she became the new Head of Household. 
At the subsequent live Nomination Ceremony, Lolo announced she had decided to nominate Tom -- because he "wins everything" -- and Kandi.

Lolo promised Tom she didn't harbor any hard feelings against him after his previous HoH reign, and she struggled greatly to say Kandi's name, so much so that Julie threatened to take Lolo's HoH away from her.

The action then continued, with the houseguests moving right into another Power of Veto competition.

The houseguests were asked to view a Big Brother sitcom called Cousins starring Ron "Metta World Peace" Artest and Ross Mathews and answer "True" or "False" questions about what they had just watched.

The results came down to a tie-breaker question between Ricky and Tamar, and in the end, Tamar won the veto.

Tamar only had a few minutes to strategize, and then she declared to the house at the Veto Meeting, "In the name of my home girl who went home tonight and my new friendship with Kandi, and trust, I will not be using this Power of Veto."

In a unanimous 3-0 vote, the houseguests opted to evict Tom from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Tom told Julie in his post-eviction interview he was rooting for Lolo to win and would vote for her if she makes it all the way.

Tom admitted it was "pretty cool" to win HoH twice as well as two Power of Veto competitions this season but his multiple victories probably made people fear him in the house.

The winner of Celebrity Big Brother's second season will be crowned on Wednesday, February 13 at 9PM ET/PT on CBS.

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