Humm, you know, suddenly this whole lawsuit idea might not be looking so good to Stacey Stillman...

ADVERTISEMENT is reporting that on Monday CBS fired back at ex-Survivor Stacey Stillman by asking for at least $5 million in damages over the network's allegations of breach of contract, extortion, defamation and disparagement.

In its countersuit, CBS is now claiming that by simply talking about the issue, Stillman has violated her contract, which demands strict confidentiality. All of the Survivor contestants signed agreements before they went on the show that included a $5 million penalty if they revealed any information about the inner workings of the show, and especially if they revealed any tidbit that would lead people to figure out the winner of the show before the finale. Everyone had kept to the deal, until Stillman's suit. It also maintains that the non-actress has received enormous benefits from the show, including a stint as a news analyst for a San Francisco TV station and a spot in a Reebok commercial.