Backing off their earlier plans to air their "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" Wednesday, November 20th at 8PM ET, CBS executives have now decided to air the program in the 9PM ET timeslot and swap the normally scheduled 9PM program, "The Amazing Race 3," into the 8PM ET timeslot.

This is the second timeslot change for the program within the last couple of weeks. CBS originally planned to air its "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" special November 20th at 10 p.m. But after ABC confirmed plans to air a two-hour edition of the finale of its "The Bachelor" juggernaut from 9 to 11 ET that night, CBS executives decided to shift the Secret special to 8 ET. Reacting to family viewing concerns to an 8PM ET viewing, a CBS spokesperson at the time said the program would carry plenty of viewer advisories. "Everyone will know in advance what this special is and where it's going to air," he said.

Well maybe... but only if they finally stop moving the thing around every few days.