Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter are a strange Final 2 for The Bachelor star Sean Lowe in host Chris Harrison's eyes.

"Lindsay was almost cut the first night and Catherine was on the chopping block the last few episodes. [This] may be the most bizarre final 2. I doubt anyone from the beginning would have said, 'Yep, it'll be a battle between Catherine and Lindsay,'" Harrison told TV Guide in a recent interview.

When asked if he could have predicted Lowe's final selections, Harrison replied, "Never in a million years."

Harrison also teased The Bachelor: Women Tell All special which will air Monday, March 4 on ABC. According to the host, Lowe will experience an uncomfortable moment when he's confronted by AshLee Frazier.

"There was tension -- it was awkward. I haven't seen the final cut, but I hope they show a very awkward moment that none of us knew about or saw coming when AshLee and Sean started talking," Harrison explained, adding Lowe was a little "put off" by Frazier's silent and angry The Bachelor exit.

In addition, Harrison told TV Guide bachelorette Tierra LiCausi didn't really change her tune and Sarah Herron shined.

"[Tierra] didn't quite "get it" as much as I wish she had. She still stuck to her guns, played the victim, [and] said it wasn't her, it was the girls. As hard as I tried, I don't think I ever got through to her," he said.

"One of my favorite interviews was Sarah. She's so eloquent... when she expresses herself, and I just wanted to grab her and hug her and tell her it's OK. But that's exactly what she doesn't want because everybody tells her that. But that was definitely the most heartfelt moment."