Reuters reports that a woman has sued cable TV network MTV, its parent company Viacom Inc., and a cast member of its daredevil show "Jackass," claiming she suffered injuries in a stunt performed while taping a program.

In the suit filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Wendy Linden of Riverside, California alleges she suffered spine and knee injuries after cast member David England ran across a stage and "using his body as a missile" crashed into a lectern near Linden. The lectern hit Linden and knocked her to the concrete floor causing the injuries, according to the suit. Linden's attorney, Los Angeles-based Eric Yuhl, said Linden has had surgery for a herniated disc and her knee injuries could be symptomatic of nerve damage. He said she also suffers post traumatic stress syndrome.

An MTV spokeswoman declined to comment. England could not be immediately reached for comment. The show in which Linden claims she was injured was for a special based on "Jackass" that was taped April 21 but never aired before the series' cancellation.