Bruce Jenner once again made headlines over his appearance this week after stepping out in LA with considerably fuller-looking lips.

The former Olympian, 65, was photographed cruising in Malibu Tuesday with his new "plump pout."

Jenner's appearance has been a topic of interest in recent years given his apparent journey to transition into a more feminine look. Over the past few months Jenner has been growing his hair and has been photographed with colorful nail polish on several occasions.

While covering the story earlier this month, In Touch weekly went as far as to publish a doctored photo of Jenner as a woman on its cover under the title "My Life as a Woman."

Kim Kardashian recently addressed the controversy surrounding Jenner's appearance and said he would talk about "his journey" when he's ready.

According to TMZ, the "journey" Kardashian brought up will unravel on television in a new docuseries Jenner is reportedly shooting. Earlier this year it was reported that Jenner was considering a reality show with his sons.