The victim of Judd Sergeant's decision to betray his original tribemates after a surprise twist shook up Survivor: Guatemala's tribal compositions, Brooke Struck, a 26-year-old recent law school graduate living in Santa Monica, CA, was voted out of the game during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality show

Survivor: Guatemala's fourth episode began with the tribe's still struggling to deal in the game's harsh environment. Over at Nakum's camp, the tribe attempted to conserve what little energy that had, hoping that the approach would allow them to remain undefeated in the competition's Immunity Challenges. Meanwhile Yaxha took an opposite approach, spending Day 9's morning catching small minnows that they hoped would provide them with additional strength for the upcoming challenges.

After assembling for the afternoon's Reward Challenge, the tribes learned that the challenge wouldn't feature a tribal competition. Instead, each tribe would simply answer a series of trivia questions intended to give each castaway a chance to learn what their fellow tribe members thought about them -- and also give each tribe an chance to gain a little insight about the other tribe.

As the questions began, Danni Boatwright and Jamie Newton were deemed to be "most in need of nourishment" -- and each received an apple as a result. Gary Hogeboom and Bobby Jon Drinkard received the dubious honor of being named the smelliest members of their tribes -- after which they were each treated to a bush shower.

For the third question, each castaway was asked to name which male and female members of their tribe most deserved to spend the afternoon picnicking atop an ancient Mayan pyramid. Yaxha selected Gary and Amy O'Hara while Nakum picked Judd and Margaret Bobonich -- sending the foursome away for a private afternoon.

Once the foursome were gone, Jeff asked each tribe's remaining castaways to name the tribe member who had the "most tribal pride." In a 3-2 vote, Yaxha's five remaining castaways named Brian Corridan over Stephenie LaGrossa while Cindy Hall received four of Nakum's six votes.

After revealing the vote results, Jeff shocked the castaways by explaining the vote meant that Brian would remain a Yaxha member while the four other Yaxha members who voted (Stephenie, Jamie, Lydia Morales, and Rafe Judkins) would join Nakum's tribe. Since Cindy had won her tribe's vote, she would also remain on Nakum while four of the five other Nakum members who voted would join Yaxha. The five castaways drew buffs to determine which one of them would remain on Nakum and Brooke drew the yellow buff, leaving the new Nakum tribe to consist of Stephenie, Jamie, Rafe, Lydia, Brooke, Cindy, Margaret, and Judd while Brian, Gary, Amy, Bobby Jon, Danni, Blake Towsley, and Brandon Bellinger formed the new Yaxha tribe.

Returning to their respective camps after their afternoon picnic, Gary and Amy and Judd and Margaret were surprised with news of the tribal swap. Brian, Gary, and Amy began to worry that they were suddenly outnumbered 4 to 3 in their own tribe -- a disadvantage that would allow the former Nakum members to control any Tribal Council votes.

Meanwhile, Judd reveled the tribal shuffle, feeling that the surprise departures of Bobby Jon, Blake, and Brandon had instantly made him Nakum's new alpha male "Now over here, I know I'm the big gun," Judd confessed to the cameras. "You feel like you're King Kong... I'm feeling good baby." And despite the fact that his new Nakum tribe was equally comprised of four members of each former tribe, Judd also quickly made it clear that he was open to Stephenie and Jamie's suggestion that he ally himself with the four former Yaxha members. "I have no problems targeting my old tribe... I really don't, because I didn't feel the love, I didn't feel the love there at all," Judd explained during private confessional. "They gotta go... they [have] to get out of my jungle... see you later."

After assembling for Day 11's Immunity Challenge, the tribes learned that they would have to paddle out onto the lake, retreive three bags filled with Mayan war clubs, and then race to shore and use the clubs to break three tile targets located 30, 40, and 50 feet away. The first tribe to break all three tiles would win immunity.

Although both tribes got off to a strong start, Yaxha fell behind when a collision between the boats resulted in Nakum pushing their competitors slightly off course. Although Nakum was the first tribe to return to shore, Judd struggled with throw after throw and stubbornly refused to allow give another tribe member a chance to throw, allowing Yaxha to catch up and pass Nakum. Finally, with Yaxha having already succeeded in breaking two of its three tiles as Judd struggled to break Nakum's second tile, the self-described "big gun" finally made an accurate throw, tying the tribes at two broken tiles each. However Judd's struggles meant that Yaxha's Brandon had already gotten an important head start that new Nakum thrower Jamie was unable to overcome, allowing Brandon to be the first one to break his tribe's third tile and win immunity for his new Yaxha tribemates.

Returning to camp after their loss, Margaret, Cindy and Brooke pledged to remain loyal to their original Nakum tribemates and hoped that Judd would do the same. "We have to find out where Judd stands... how much loyalty he has to the old Nakum tribe," Margaret confessed to the cameras."
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However when Margaret did confront Judd about his vote, she certainly didn't hear the answer she wanted. Rather than commit to voting with his original Nakum tribemates, Judd launched into a rambling conversation in which he explained that Brooke and Lydia were both equally weak and attempted to convince Margaret that even if Brooke was voted out that evening, the two sides would somehow continue alternately voting out each other's weakest members.

Margaret was clearly frustrated by Judd's response. "It won't be that. It's not going to do that, because they're going to be four and we'll be three and they'll pick us off one by one because they'll always have majority," she explained to Judd. "Whoever comes out with a majority of tribe tonight, they have a majority all along." Clearly uncomfortable (and overmatched) with the conversation, Judd struggled to find a way to end the discussion, eventually telling Margaret that she'd "gotten his wheels turning" (although if one had to guess, they were probably spinning in place.)

In the end, Margaret's talk went for naught and Judd stuck with his plan to betray his original Nakum tribemates, resulting in Brooke being voted out of Survivor: Guatemala in a 5-3 Tribal Council vote.