Brooke Hogan described her 48-year-old mom Linda dating 19-year-old Charley Hill as "embarrassing" and added it has put a strain on their relationship -- so much so that they've stopped talking.

"It's kind of like a judge of character.  I look at her differently now," the Brooke Knows Best star told Chelsea Handler during a Tuesday night appearance on E!'s Chelsea Lately!

"The more time that goes on now that she doesn't call, she doesn't confront me, she doesn't tell me the truth, I'm like, 'All right, it's just time that's pulling us apart.'"

Linda filed for divorce from Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea last November and subsequently began dating Hill -- a former classmate of Brooke, who clarified that it's not just the 29-year age difference that has soured her on her mom's new beau.

"I could understand if she was sewing her wild oats or having a wild phase of whatever," she said.  "But it's the crowd and everything that goes along with it.  I don't agree with it."

Linda isn't the only Hogan who is dating somebody much younger, as the 55-year-old Hulk is currently dating a 34-year-old.

"She's not even that young," Brooke told Handler, calling Hulk's girlfriend "grown."

As for her own dating life, Brooke said its pretty much nonexistent.

"It's pretty bland actually," she said.  "My music is my boyfriend right now."

Brooke described the sound for her upcoming album as "very Euro-inspired, pop rock, a little bit of R&B."

A singing career apparently isn't the only venture Brooke has on her plate, as she is currently contemplating an appearance in Playboy.

"I got an offer for the cover for the 55th anniversary.  We'll see.  We don't really know," she told Handler.   "That's something that we really have to think about."