Bravo has announced it's ordered Game of Crowns, a new reality series that will follow six pageant wives and mothers who live glamorous lives on and off the stage.

Game of Crowns will chronicle a group of women whose lives revolve around "perfection and winning at any cost -- even if it means competing against their own teenage daughters," according to the network.

The six women to be featured on the tentatively-titled show have wealthy husbands, reside in luxurious homes and buy expensive designer gowns.

However, the ultra-competitive ladies are only satisfied when they win a title and crown at local and/or national pageants following all their hard work. The women will obsess over finding the perfect swimsuit, work with trainers and enhance their interviewing skills with the help of coaches.

Bravo's pickup announcement of Game of Crowns comes only a couple of weeks after TLC aired a similar series called Crown Chasers -- a new show which profiles five women ages 30-52 who compete in Mrs. Pageants all the while juggling their families, marriages and careers.

Game of Crowns is being produced by Shed Media US with Pamela Healey and Lisa Shannon serving as executive producers.

Below is a list of the six women who will be starring in Game of Crowns:

- Shelley Carbone

A wholesome mother of four, Shelley won the title of Mrs. Connecticut 2010 before going on to win the title of Mrs. America 2011.

- Lynne Diamante

Lynne has a law degree, runs a multi-million dollar eyewear company and is a pageant lifer who was crowned Mrs. Rhode Island 20 years after winning Miss Rhode Island. 

- Leha Guilmette

The reigning Mrs. Rhode Island 2013 is currently preparing for the 2013 Mrs. America Pageant.

- Lori-Ann Marchese

Lori holds the title of Mrs. Connecticut 2013 and will face-off against Leha in the 2013 Mrs. America Pageant.

- Susanna Paliotta

Mrs. Nation USA 2013 and Mrs. Massachusetts Perfect Woman, Susanna is a pageant mom to her two daughters as well as a participant.

- Vanassa Sebastian

Vanassa's marriage into a casino dynasty funds her pageant addiction, and she was Mrs. Connecticut 2012.