Bravo has announced NYC Prep, a new docu-reality series that will follow several privileged teenagers attending private schools in Manhattan, will premiere Tuesday, June 23 at 10PM ET/PT.

Each NYC prep episode will follow the group of young socialites as they network, shop, party, study, date and write college applications all while living on the Upper East Side.

NYC Prep's cast includes Taylor, a 15-year-old gymnast and dancer; Sebastian, a 16-year-old soccer player and competitive debater; PC, an 18-year-old photographer and athlete; Kelli, a 17-year-old aspiring singer and philanthropist; Jessie, a 17-year-old aspiring fashion designer and public relations professional; and Camille, a 17-year-old lacrosse player and debater.

NYC Prep's first episode will follow former daters Jessie and PC as they establish themselves as the "king and queen" of the NYC prep school scene; Camille balancing her social life with her desire to get into Harvard; Kelli living in her own apartment in New York City, which means plenty of nights out; Sebastian working his charm on Kelli; and Taylor making the transition from being a public school student.

Bravo began production on the Gossip Girls-like reality series in February, and the series is produced by Scott A. Stone's Stone & Company Entertainment.