Bobbi Kristina Brown was involved in a car accident just four days before she was found in her home's bathtub.

According to a police report, Brown lost control of her Jeep Liberty because her tire had blown out and she crashed into another vehicle, resulting in two injured people, The Associated Press reported.

The collision reportedly occurred on January 27 and a nail in her car's right rear tire is what had sparked the issue.

Brown's tire popped and allegedly made her lose control of her Jeep, which then crossed into oncoming traffic and hit another car.

Atlanta police said there was "extensive damage" to both vehicles, according to The AP, and Brown's passenger was taken to the hospital with injuries as well as the other car's driver.

Brown, 21, was discovered face down and unresponsive in the tub by her friend Max Lomas on January 31. Her longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon tried to revive her before she was hospitalized.

Only one week before that, a neighbor informed a security guard there was a domestic dispute on her property, which she shares with Gordon, and then the guard reported the complaint to police. Gordon has become the focus of Brown's ongoing criminal investigation, especially because he has a history of violence.

In July 2013, officials were called to Brown's home again only to find her unresponsive on the floor. According to The AP, Gordon claimed Brown had fallen on the floor and suffered a seizure, but Brown told authorities she has no medical condition or history of seizures.