Bill Nye was apparently instructed by his doctors to quit Dancing with the Stars following a recent knee injury.

"The doctors told us no more, you're done," Nye's professional dancing partner Tyne Stecklein told Good Morning America during Thursday's broadcast of the ABC morning program.

The former Bill Nye the Science Guy star revealed on Twitter Tuesday he's suffering from a partially torn ligament when he posted a photo of himself with a bandaged, elevated knee at the doctor's office accompanied by Stecklein.

Nye's knee injury occurred when he tripped at the end of the couple's paso doble routine during Monday night's performance show.  

"I stepped on the pant leg of my fancy slacks," Nye told GMA.

While Nye and Stecklein hope to dance in next week's Dancing with the Stars broadcast, they're not sure if that will be possible yet. However, even if the pair have to sit out the night, they will still be present in the ballroom to watch. 

"I want to try it. I want to try to pull it off," Nye explained.

The 57-year-old science geek and Stecklein earned only 17 out of 30 possible points from the judges for their paso doble performance. Unfortunately, the couple finished in twelfth -- and last -- place on the judges' combined two-week leaderboard with 31 out of 60 possible total points.

Despite his apparent lack of skill on the dance floor, Nye has received a record-breaking amount of viewer support on social media platforms.

"It's awesome that our fans are pulling us through with the lowest scores in the competition," Stecklein added. "So the last thing I would want is to pull out early."

During a separate interview with People, Nye explained the steps he's taking to address his injury.

"We'll do R.I.C.E. -- we'll do rest, ice, compression, elevation [and] see where we get," Nye told the magazine.