Big Brother houseguest Paulie Calafiore won the Power of Veto and then the Head of Household Paul Abrahamian named Da.Vonne Rogers his replacement nominee during Wednesday night's broadcast on CBS.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 45 with Da'Vonne realizing she was out of the loop on why Paul decided to pick Paulie as his pawn next to Bridgette Dunning on the chopping block. Da'Vonne knew that not being included in all the plans was bad for her game.

Da'Vonne tried to buddy up to Bridgette a little bit, talking about throwing Nicole Franzel under the bus. But Bridgette never trusted Da'Vonne nor would she want to work with her going forward.

Paul then told Bridgette she was a pawn to get Da'Vonne out of the house through a backdoor plan. Paul explained in the Diary Room that if Bridgette went home, it wouldn't really matter, and if she stayed in the house, he could easily take responsibility for keeping her around to prove she could trust him.

Meanwhile, there was trouble in paradise between Paulie and Zakiyah Everett. He said Zakiyah was insecure and jealous, and Paul suggested Paulie needed to keep her happy because she knew too much information. Paulie thought it might be necessary to "clip" Zakiyah soon.

When the couple tried to talk things about, the situation just became worse because Zakiyah accused him of making her feel bad for no reason, and Paulie noted she was a loose cannon with her emotions and he didn't want to deal with her drama in or outside of the house.

The players were then picked for the Power of Veto competition. In addition to Paul, Paulie, and Bridgette, Corey Brooks, Victor Arroyo and Natalie Negrotti were also randomly selected to play.

Natalie knew it wouldn't be in her best interest to win the veto because she was afraid to take Bridgette off the block and then potentially upset the house, who might then turn against her.

The PoV competition ended up being a track meet in which the players had to run a series of short sprints in attempt to not finish last. They could only run upon seeing the word "Go" displayed on a monitor and a false start would also get them eliminated from the competition.

In the end, Paulie won the PoV and fully expected Da'Vonne would be going up in his place on the chopping block. Da'Vonne, however, hoped to get Nicole on the block. Once Zakiyah heard the plan from Paulie to take out Da'Vonne, she wasn't happy because she still wanted to get rid of Bridgette.

After making up, Zakiyah told Paulie while snuggling that Paul was a big threat in the house and could potentially win the game. She said he had a great story of starting the game as an outsider with Victor and Jozea Flores and then working his way into the majority alliance and becoming best friends with everybody.

Despite the fact Paulie said his showmance partner had a good point, Paul was his boy and he felt it was his obligation to warn him about Zakiyah. Victor also overhead the conversation, and the guys agreed they must clip the "schemers."

Paul then hinted to Da'Vonne she was going up on the block as a pawn because he needed someone up there he could trust next to Bridgette. Paul also needed someone level-headed who wouldn't freak out about the nomination.

Da'Vonne argued she's a big target in the house -- especially to Nicole and her showmance partner Corey -- and so it wouldn't be a good idea to nominate her, however, Paul reiterated how they had built a friendship and trust in one another.

At the Veto Meeting, Paulie announced he had decided to take himself off the chopping block. Paul then named Da'Vonne his replacement nominee, saying he had made his objective for the week pretty clear and he was glad Paulie won the veto.

Paul, at this point, didn't care which of the girls went home. He was going to leave it up to the house. Meanwhile, Bridgette hated everyone for voting her closest ally Frank Eudy out and noted that Da'Vonne is her No. 1 target. Da'Vonne just hoped Bridgette really was going home.