Big Brother featured two Head of Households, Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins, nominating four people for eviction as part of a new game-changing twist after Kyle Capener desperately betrayed and exposed "The Leftovers" alliance during the Season 24 episode that aired Sunday night on CBS.

The week's Head of Household, Michael, a 28-year-old attorney from Saint Michael, MN who currently resides in Rochester, MN, decided to nominate Monte Taylor, a 27-year-old personal trainer from Bear, DE, and Jasmine Davis, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Terry, MS who currently resides in Atlanta, GA, for eviction.


The runner-up HoH, Terrance, a 47-year-old bus operator from Chicago, IL, opted to nominate Matthew "Turner" Turner, a 23-year-old thrift store owner from North Attleborough, MA who currently resides in New Bedford, MA, and Joseph Abdin, a 24-year-old lawyer from Lake Worth, FL, for eviction.

The Big Brother broadcast began with the season's biggest twist in action. The house was about to be divided into two groups, each led by an HoH, Michael and Terrance.

Michael had won the prior Head of Household competition, with Terrance finishing in second place. They were each going to pick four people to join a festival through a classic schoolyard pick.

Michael's group, about to celebrate "Big Brochella," would be afforded the chance to live in the Big Brother house all week long, while Terrance's group, who would be entering "Dyre Fest," would be forced to camp outside in the backyard.

There will be two separate Power of Veto competitions this week as well as a double eviction, with one houseguest from each group getting sent to the jury house. Viewers are going to witness two different games of Big Brother unfolding simultaneously.

"My goal this week is to come up with a plan to keep The Leftovers safe and the blood off of my hands," Michael explained in the Diary Room.

"Do I pick people I want to protect so that I can keep them safe or do I pick people that I want to target? There's a lot to weigh here, and I have to make a split-second decision!"

For the schoolyard pick, Michael, as the actual HoH winner, was able to choose a houseguest first. Michael therefore selected Jasmine because she was high up on his target list.

Terrance then chose his "boy" Turner, who was excited to spend a week without Jasmine, and Michael picked Brittany Hoopes, his No. 1 ally in the house.

The second person Terrance invited to "Dyre Fest" was Alyssa Snider, who he hadn't been working with and hoped to connect with in the next week. Michael picked the previous HoH, Taylor Hale, to keep her safe, and then Terrance selected Joseph, thinking he may end up on the chopping block.


"I've never had his 100 percent support and dedication. I am not playing to make friends; I am playing this game," Terrance noted.

Joseph had been hoping to be on a team with his fellow alliance members and an HoH he was close with.

Michael finally picked Monte to join him, saying that Monte would hold him accountable in working out and exercising, and then Kyle Capener ended up on Terrance's side.

Michael had heard Kyle wanted to target The Leftovers, potentially, and so he figured Terrance could take a shot at him. As for Monte, he was "so relieved" to not be on Terrance's team since Terrance had been gunning to get him out of the game.

"I have no idea where I stand with Terrance in this game," Kyle noted. "He is the last person I'd want to be HoH. I think me and Alyssa are easy targets because we're both in a showmance."

Brochella kicked off with a pizza and beer party in the HoH room while the other group had to pack their belongings and head outside.

Terrance assured Turner that he was going to be safe and they needed to work together, and then he told Alyssa that he didn't want anything to happen to her. Alyssa felt pretty comfortable, knowing she had voted to evict Indy Santos, one of her best friends in the house this season.

The "Dyre Fest" setup included porta potties, a tiny kitchentte, limited groceries, and a canopy with beds squeezed underneath it. The houseguests anticipated it would be cold at night and hot during the day, and Joseph lamented about how they'd have no privacy to talk strategy.

Michael then spoke to Jasmine about how he'd probably nominate Monte for eviction because there was no backdooring anyone this week. The whole group was going to play in the PoV competition.

Jasmine reminded Michael that this was her birthday week and so she didn't want to see the block, but Michael told the cameras her pitch was "ridiculous." Jasmine was definitely Michael's target, and Jasmine could tell that was the case.


"It's between me and Taylor [being the second nominee with Monte]," Jasmine pointed out in a confessional. "I just hope my connection with Michael is stronger than Taylor's."

Michael told Monte that Jasmine was going to be one of his nominations since she was the only non-Leftovers member at Brochella. Michael also said Jasmine had proven multiple times how she had no loyalty towards anyone and so he couldn't trust her going forward.

Meanwhile, Taylor was trusting Kyle, Turner and Joseph "to get the job done" and get Alyssa out of the house.

Turner talked to Terrance about potentially splitting up Kyle and Alyssa, who were a pair in the game. Terrance, however, wanted to see Kyle and Joseph on the chopping block, with the goal of getting Joseph out.

"Whoa!... I don't want [this] at all because [Joseph] is one of my Leftovers," Turner told the cameras.

"Really, I just can't let that happen. So I'm going to smile and nod, but really, I'm gunning for Alyssa and I'm going to try to make sure she's out of this house by the end of this week."

Terrance had trouble connecting with Joseph and thought the player was a little wishy-washy. Terrance therefore considered nominating Alyssa and Kyle for eviction with the intent of backdooring Joseph.

Joseph told Terrance how he had never voted against him in the past, but Joseph was aware there was a chance he may see the chopping block. Terrance told Joseph that he was safe, but he was admittedly lying.

Terrance then asked Alyssa to trust him because he wanted Joseph gone. Terrance said the idea of eliminating a showmance was going to be his cover story, but Alyssa didn't like that at all -- and Kyle wasn't exactly comfortable with this strategy either.

"The thought of being a pawn this week is freaking me out," Kyle admitted to the cameras. "I don't want to be duped this week."

Kyle hoped to make a big move to save Alyssa and himself this week, and so he warned Alyssa about his alliance and how she and Jasmine were targets. Alyssa couldn't believe Kyle had waited all this time to inform her that a group of people were working against her for weeks.


"That's why I was like, 'We have to keep space,' because I was balancing the alliance and what we had. I'm sorry," Kyle told his girlfriend.

Kyle said Michael and Brittany wanted a way out of The Leftovers, and then Kyle attempted to build trust with Terrance by also telling him about The Leftovers. Kyle gave him all the information he had, including that Joseph was part of this alliance along with Turner.

"Last week, it was supposed to be you. You were the target, and then when I won the Veto, they switched it to Alyssa," Kyle explained. "And I was like, 'I don't feel comfortable taking that shot.'"

Kyle said he knew that Terrance had thrown the Otev competition in order for Michael to keep him on the chopping block. Kyle said that Monte was "running the show" and Joseph was his "wingman."

Terrance admitted Kyle's revelation shocked him, and then Kyle told the HoH that he wanted to work with him going forward as well as Michael, Brittany, and Alyssa -- a group of five that would have a good shot to make it to the end.

Kyle said Monte and Joseph wanted Terrance to be a member of their "Festie Bestie" group so that The Leftovers could take him out in case the three of them ended up on the chopping block together.

Kyle was in survival mode, trying to keep himself safe, and he wasn't sure if this was going to be his best move or dumbest move of the game thus far.

Terrance was pissed off, and both he and Alyssa felt left out of a lot of gameplay. Terrance changed his mind about nominating Kyle and Alyssa as pawns, saying he was ready to make a big move.

Monte then told Michael that he'd be okay with being a pawn, which took a huge weight off Michael's shoulders. Monte figured he'd be seeing the block either way, and he hoped this action would win him some good grace with the HoH.

At the two Nomination Ceremonies, Michael announced he had decided to nominate Monte and Jasmine for eviction. Michael insisted it was not a personal decision and they could both fight for the Power of Veto.

Jasmine had been told Monte was the target and she was just a pawn, so she hoped she could trust Michael.

Meanwhile, Terrance announced to his group that he had decided to nominate Turner and Joseph for eviction.

Terrance explained how a lot of moves that had been made in the house were very instrumental to the game and he was well aware both men were involved in those decisions. Terrance said no one came clean with the truth about what had been happening in the house.

Joseph said he felt pretty disappointed and wasn't sure if exposing his alliance would be his only move to play, and Turner confessed how he felt "terrible" and "blindsided."


Turner was determined to get Terrance out if he was able to survive the next eviction.

And Kyle knew he'd have to deal with the consequences of giving Terrance so much information.

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