Big Brother featured the Head of Household, Michael Bruner, winning the Power of Veto and keeping his original nominations, Alyssa Snider and Terrance Higgins, the same during the Season 24 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

After Michael, a 28-year-old attorney from Saint Michael, MN who currently resides in Rochester, MN, won the Power of Veto, he decided to keep Alyssa, a 24-year-old marketing representative from Sarasota, FL, and Terrance, a 47-year-old bus operator from Chicago, IL, on the chopping block heading into Thursday night's live eviction.


In a quick recap of the last couple of episodes that aired on CBS, Michael had won the Power of Veto and decided to use it on Brittany Hoopes, which resulted in last week's HoH, Matthew "Turner" Turner, putting Kyle Capener on the chopping block instead next to Taylor Hale.

The house then unanimously voted to evict Kyle, after he had apologized for making strategic decisions and alliances rooted in race, and he was sent to the jury house.

In the subsequent battle for power, the whole house had been hoping to win so they could backdoor Michael, the biggest threat left in the house. However, Michael had saved himself by winning Head of Household, and then he and Brittany discussed how Turner was their biggest threat going forward.

But Michael had promised Turner safety, and so at the Nomination Ceremony, Michael nominated Terrance and Alyssa for eviction, announcing how Terrance didn't seem to want to work with him in the game.

During Wednesday night's episode, footage flashed back to Day 59, when Terrance and Alyssa discovered they were on the chopping block. Michael said he had promised Turner that he wouldn't target him and so that left only two options for him.

"I think people are looking at [Terrance] as an ideal person to bring to the Final 2, and that cuts my chances of making it there in half," Michael explained in the Diary Room.

This marked Terrance's fifth time on the block, and he was frustrated about Michael's decision, but Turner was thrilled Michael had kept his word to him.

Alyssa told Michael that she still wanted to work with him going forward and his nominations didn't change that, which left Michael feeling relieved.

But Turner was nervous about Terrance potentially telling Michael that Turner had planned to backdoor Michael last week. Turner realized that could paint a huge target over his head, and so he planned to beat the bullet and throw Terrance under the bus "with peace and love" first.

Terrance didn't even deny he had been part of a plan to backdoor Michael, and he said he lost respect for how the game was being played and just wanted to go to the jury house as a result.


"I really honestly do not like the way Michael is playing this game," Terrance said, "the way him and Brittany manipulated the situation about Kyle, it still doesn't sit right in my mind."

Terrance continued, "And then you put me on the block? I want Michael to know, 'Send me to jury, and the whole jury is going to know about your dirty gameplan. So maybe you'll consider sending someone else other than me.'"

Michael told the cameras that Terrance threatening him wasn't going to change a thing and Terrance would need to win the Power of Veto in order to save himself.

Michael then shared with Turner how Terrance had claimed the plan to backdoor Michael started with Turner, but Turner denied it.

Turner missed his chance to get out in front of Terrance, but he still happily pinned everything on Terrance.

"He did want me to backdoor you," Turner told Michael.

Michael didn't fully believe Turner when Turner said it was all Terrance's idea because Turner had been HoH and Michael could tell Turner had been lying to him all week. Michael therefore said Turner was just lucky he had made a promise to him.

It then became time to pick players for the upcoming Power of Veto competition.

Only one person would be sitting out of the competition, and Michael hoped it would be Monte Taylor because Monte would probably use the Veto and then Michael would have to nominate someone he had promised safety to this week.

However, Monte was chosen to play as well as Brittany and Taylor. Taylor was Terrance's "Houseguest Choice," and Turner and Alyssa were both really surprised by the selection.


Turner realized that Terrance probably wanted to backdoor him, and Brittany was hoping she could eventually convince Michael to name a bigger competitive threat the replacement nominee if the Veto happened to get used.

For the "BB Comics" Power of Veto competition, each player was required to zipline in the backyard and peek through the BB Comics studio. The houseguest then had to grab the matching comic books and upload them on a laptop screen so they matched the studio wall.

However, it was tricky to spot a real cover from a bootleg. The player to post all of the correct comics in the right order on the laptop screen in the fastest amount of time would win the PoV competition.

The competition came down to Michael and Taylor, who had the fastest times, but in the end, Michael won with a time of nine minutes and six seconds. He defeated Taylor by over three minutes.

Michael won the golden Power of Veto, his sixth of the summer. He broke the record for the single most Veto Competition wins in a single summer.

"The only option I have now is to keep winning, and so that's what I'm going to try to do!" Michael said in the Diary Room.

After the competition, Brittany talked to Turner about how a lot of her game was tied to Michael and she wasn't sure whom she could beat in the end. Turner and Brittany agreed they were vying for second place at the time. Brittany started to consider taking Michael out as a result.

Turner was shocked but said he'd be less likely to take Brittany to the end knowing she'd be willing to flip on her best friend and closest ally in the house. Turner told Brittany that Monte had been hoping to target Michael as well.

And so Brittany ran back to Michael with the news, anticipating he may use the Veto and put Monte on the chopping block. But Michael still thought getting Terrance out would be best for his game.


Turner then approached Michael and revealed how Brittany had said she'd be willing to take out Michael so she wouldn't get stuck with second place.

"I think it's because she wants to be in Final 2 with someone she feels she has a chance against," Turner explained.

Michael said that told him "a lot," and while he trusted Brittany to an extent, it wasn't lost on him that she's a Super Fan of this game and also a good player. Michael realized he had to watch his back and win his way to the end.

At the Veto Meeting, Michael announced he had decided not to use the Power of Veto, keeping his original nominations the same.

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