Big Brother's latest Head of Household Paulie Calafiore nominated two houseguests for eviction and Tiffany Rousso, his main target, won the BB Roadkill competition during Sunday night's broadcast of the series' 18th season on CBS.

Paulie's two nominations this week were Tiffany and Natalie Negrotti. Due to the fact Tiffany won the BB Roadkill competition, she was able to secretly nominate one other person for eviction. She ultimately chose to put Paulie's closest ally, Corey Brooks, on the chopping block.

The Big Brother broadcast began with Nicole Franzel worried about Frank Eudy since he was safe from eviction and figured out that five people in his "8 Pack" alliance had betrayed him. Since Paulie Calafiore had won Head of Household, the rest of his Category 4 team -- Bridgette Dunning and Michelle Meyer -- were also safe.

Just as Nicole suspected, Frank was fully invested in figuring out who had voted against him by taking out Bronte D'Acquisto instead of his main target Tiffany. Paulie wished he hadn't won HoH because it ensured Frank and Bridgette's safety.

Meanwhile, Natalie was upset because her best friend in the house, Bronte, was gone. Bridgette also felt like her HoH reign was "worthless" since one of her allies ended up going home.

Frank and Tiffany then argued about who targeted whom first. Frank told Tiffany that he only went after her because Da'Vonne Rogers had warned him that she was thinking about forming an all-girl alliance and taking him out first, which was true, so Tiffany cried at the idea her friend Da'Vonne had squealed on her.

Frank swore on everything that he was telling the truth, and Tiffany believed him. She thought no one had her back in this game.

Frank then told Da'Vonne to her face that he wanted her gone. She walked away from the argument because last season, she fought with Clay Honeycutt and then got nominated for eviction and went home. She attempted to keep her cool.

After calming down, Da'Vonne told Frank it made no sense for him to target her because she had always been loyal to him and leaked information to him. Frank explained that she was giving him a weird vibe after that whole "butt smack" and "slut" situation.

They acted all buddy-buddy to each other's faces, but Da'Vonne still wanted him out as soon as possible and Frank didn't trust her at all anymore.

Paulie then told James Huling, Frank and Da'Vonne that Tiffany was his target this week because it was simply best for his game. Paulie never wanted Bronte to go in her place. Paulie explained that Tiffany was a strategist but also a loose cannon.

Tiffany proved Paulie right by breaking down emotionally several times in the house. She cried about how every time she entered a room, people left and no one wanted to talk to her or work with her. Tiffany told the cameras she should've just gone home in Bronte's place. Tiffany knew people only kept her around as a way to say, "F-ck you Frank."

But Tiffany ultimately decided to stick it out and play hard -- regardless of the fact she was backed into a corner. She chose to make "a deal with the devil" by blowing up the house. She told Frank that everyone wanted him out and he couldn't trust people like Nicole or Paulie at all. Tiffany explained Corey was also gunning for his eviction.

Tiffany disclosed the fact that Da'Vonne had also warned her Frank was targeting her. Frank couldn't believe Da'Vonne had played him like that, so he considered putting her up on the chopping block if he could win the upcoming BB Roadkill competition.

In the "Have Not" room, Nicole sat down next to Tiffany and asked if she was alright, but instead of talking, Tiffany just made some snap comments and gave Nicole major attitude. Nicole knew in that moment Tiffany wanted absolutely nothing to do with her.

Tiffany also told Da'Vonne that she felt silly for thinking the girls had her back, and Da'Vonne argued that Frank was trying to get in her head and latch onto her because he only had Bridgette on his side in the house. Tiffany called herself "a free agent" and threatened to out everybody's game because she didn't trust one person.

Da'Vonne felt bad for Tiffany because no one wants to feel alone in the game, but she also worried about Tiffany ruining her game. As a result, Da'Vonne tried her best to comfort Tiffany and help her. Da'Vonne asked Tiffany to release all of this emotional energy through playing the game rather than sitting in a room crying. Da'Vonne insisted Tiffany "get her sh-t together," and Tiffany did just that.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Paulie announced he had decided to nominate Tiffany and Natalie for eviction. He nominated Tiffany because her personality is like her sister Vanessa Rousso's from Season 17, and Paulie considered her a dangerous player. He nominated Natalie as a pawn and told her that he just didn't know where her head was at in the game.

Natalie knew she wasn't the target and therefore intended to lay low and stay on everyone's good graces.

Afterward, Frank told Tiffany that if he won the BB Roadkill competition, he'd put up Corey. It was clear at this point Frank and Tiffany were working together, as they were both on the outs in the house.

For the BB Roadkill competition, the players had to hang as many air fresheners as they could in a certain amount of time. If at any point a freshener touched the ground, it wouldn't count towards that houseguest's total.

In the end, Tiffany won the competition. She hoped to gain more trust from Frank and build other allies with this new power.

Tiffany told Da'Vonne that she was going to nominate Corey. Tiffany also winked at Da'Vonne, letting her know that she'd be safe. Da'Vonne wasn't going to say a word to anybody in order to keep a good thing going with Tiffany.

Tiffany then suggested to Frank and Bridgette that they should go after Paulie the following week because he was "so cocky." Frank also began to wonder whether they should just go after Nicole now instead of Corey.

However, at the Roadkill Reveal, host Julie Chen revealed the winner had nominated Corey for eviction.

Corey wanted to play it cool in the days ahead and act like a gentleman in order to keep the heat on Tiffany. Because of Corey's placement on the block, Nicole -- who has engaged in a bit of a showmance with him -- was concerned and nervous for her own safety.

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