Big Brother's Head of Household Paulie Calafiore won the Power of Veto and then nominated Victor Arroyo in Paul Abrahamian's place for eviction during Wednesday night's broadcast on CBS.

The Big Brother broadcast began after the BB Roadkill Reveal in which Victor had "secretly" nominated Tiffany Rousso for eviction. However, Victor spilled the beans of his victory to Paulie and Frank, who then told all the members of their alliance. Although Paulie wasn't a part of the "8 Pack" alliance, he thought he was in with that whole group.

Tiffany got upset, crying about whom she could trust in the game. Michelle Meyer assured Tiffany she wasn't getting backdoored and that the majority in the house wanted Victor gone. Paulie also tried to comfort Tiffany, but he had no idea why she was freaking out since she was well aware Victor was behind her nomination.

Paulie promised Tiffany that Victor was the target and if he didn't go next, it would be Paul or Bronte D'Acquisto out the door. Since Tiffany was having trouble dealing with her emotions, Da'Vonne Rogers admitted in the Diary Room she was afraid to try to play this game with such a wild card who was paranoid and on an emotional rollercoaster, just like her sister Vanessa Rousso was last season.

Meanwhile, Bronte decided to lay low in the hope of sailing under the radar. The "8 Pack" asked Tiffany to throw the Power of Veto competition in order to ensure Victor couldn't choose the replacement nominee. If Paul, Bronte or Paulie won the PoV, Paulie would still be afforded the chance to put Victor up as a replacement nominee.

Tiffany agreed to the plan but was very hesitant in fear she was being lied to and targeted.

Da'Vonne then approached Frank Eudy about potentially taking out Tiffany and letting Paulie join the "8 Pack" alliance in her place. Da'Vonne and Frank agreed Tiffany was overly emotional and unpredictable.

Afterward, Paul cut strategic ties with Victor because Victor had blabbed to Frank and Paulie about how Paul had warned him the two men couldn't be trusted once he won the BB Roadkill competition. Paul tried to get all buddy-buddy with Paulie and Frank, insisting he'd remain loyal to them if they kept him safe.

Players were then picked for the PoV competition. In addition to the HoH and three nominees, Da'Vonne was picked to play. Also, Paulie picked Paul's name, so Paul had to choose someone to participate.

While Victor was excited about being Paul's obvious choice, Paul didn't want to turn the house against him, so he selected Zakiyah Everette. Paul knew his decision could result in a lost friendship, so he hoped it proved something to Paulie and his gang.

However, Paul played dumb with Victor in which he pretended not to fully understand the rules of the BB Roadkill winner's responsibilities. Victor therefore seemed to get over Paul's "mistake" quickly.

Meanwhile, Frank and Da'Vonne didn't want Tiffany to win the Power of Veto because Da'Vonne didn't trust her, and if Tiffany won the PoV, there was no chance Victor could go home.

For the PoV competition, each houseguest was required to make his or her way under a bridge and then search for letters within "toe fungus." Each letter had a point value from 0-3, and each player had to try to spell a word with the highest point total possible.

At one point, Da'Vonne caught Tiffany counting her letters and trying to beat her, so Da'Vonne knew Vanessa's sister wasn't trying to throw the competition for their alliance, which really angered Da'Vonne.

In the end, Paulie won the Power of Veto by spelling the word "sustainability." Tiffany had come up with the word "twinkling," Bronte managed to spell "powerful," Da'Vonne put together "redemption," Zakiyah's word was "duration," and Paul came up with "slouched."

Because of the competition's results, Paulie's plan to backdoor Victor was still in motion. Victor, however, hoped Tiffany was going home, so he didn't see Paulie's win as worst case scenario.

But Da'Vonne thought Tiffany was a bigger threat to her game, and Frank also didn't want a "shady" alliance member in that case. Since Paul chose Zakiyah to play in the competition, Paulie thought it would be nice to repay Paul for his loyalty. Paulie therefore told Paul he'd be taking him off the block. Paul was thrilled and felt good about the decisions he had made.

Da'Vonne then spoke to Michelle and Nicole Franzel about how she wanted to keep the "8 Pack" solid but Tiffany made her nervous. The girls in the "8 Pack" alliance had already formed a sub Fatal 5 alliance, but Nicole feared that if Tiffany was going to act like Vanessa this season, they might be better off just as the Fatal 4.

Da'Vonne didn't want to pass up an opportunity to get Tiffany out ASAP, calling her place on the chopping block "a gift." Victor was completely oblivious to the fact he was going home, and Paul felt bad about lying to him since they were friends. Victor assumed Paulie would leave the nominations the same in order to not get blood on his hands and take out Vanessa or Bronte.

At the Veto Meeting, the HoH chose to use the Power of Veto on Paul. Paulie then named Victor the replacement nominee because he couldn't get over the fact Victor's alliance had tried to send him packing the week prior.

Victor planned to fight until the end and potentially sway votes. Tiffany felt safe but expected the unexpected. 
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