Big Brother crowned its latest Season 18 BB Roadkill winner and three eviction nominees during Sunday night's broadcast on CBS.

After Bridgette Dunning won Head of Household on the Thursday night episode, her entire Category 4 team -- comprised of Frank Eudy (Season 14), Michelle Meyer and Paulie Calafiore -- was also safe from eviction for the week.

Frank wanted to go after Tiffany Rousso, the sister of Season 17's Vanessa Rousso, and because he was pretty much Bridgette's sidekick in the game, he figured he could get inside her head and sway her decisions.

Meanwhile, Da'Vonne Rogers (Season 17) didn't know what was going on inside Bridgette's head, and Zakiyah Everette didn't trust the HoH at all.

Paul Abrahamian and Natalie Negrotti planned to lay low all week to avoid the chopping block.

Frank and Da'Vonne then discussed convincing Bridgette to nominate Tiffany and Bronte D'Acquisto. Corey Brooks hoped Bridgette would nominate Paul. Tiffany was almost certain she was going up on the chopping block because Frank had been going after her.  

Bridgette told Frank she wanted to nominate Corey and either Tiffany or Nicole Franzel (Season 16), but Frank said he was buds with Corey and Nicole definitely wasn't going after her. Frank therefore suggested Paul should be nominated next to Tiffany.

Bridgette, however, didn't like the idea of Nicole and Corey potentially becoming a "power couple" in the game, so she wondered whether to put them up on the block together. Tiffany was also in the back of her mind though since she was "shady."

A showmance between Nicole and Corey was definitely brewing. She was trying hard to keep it professional, but she was so attracted to him and Corey liked flirting with her.

Meanwhile, Frank was getting on people's nerves and Zakiyah even pointed out that he's not a nice guy in general. In attempt to joke around with Da'Vonne, he tapped her butt and yelled out, "Shut yo damn mouth, woman!" Da'Vonne, however, didn't find it funny at all because Frank had also called her a slut.

Da'Vonne cried in the Diary Room and wanted to get Frank out of the house badly. Despite a sincere apology from Frank later on, she still intended to target him.  

"I promise you, I am going to get his ass," Da'Vonne told the cameras, adding that Frank was "disrespectful."

At the Nomination Ceremony, Bridgette decided to put Paul and Tiffany on the chopping block together. She called it a "game move" and noted they could discuss her choices in the HoH room.

Bridgette's nominations confirmed to Da'Vonne that Frank was in her ear all along. When Bridgette found out people viewed her as Frank's puppet, she got upset because she wanted the houseguests to think she had a backbone and was playing her own game. Da'Vonne even called it Frank's HoH week.

Meanwhile, James Huling (Season 17) was flirting to the max with Natalie, who admitted in the Diary Room she had a crush on him and he's the type of guy whom she'd date in real life. Natalie loved flirting with James as well, but she was afraid of one of them getting hurt.

It then became time for the houseguests to compete in the next BB Roadkill competition. Each player was required to press different kinds of horns in the correct sequence. Frank ended up winning the memory game, so he was allowed to secretly nominate one other houseguest for eviction.

Although Frank could've kept his victory a secret, he decided to tell his "8 Pack" alliance about it.

At the "Roadkill Reveal," Bronte learned she had been nominated for eviction.

Bronte cried to the cameras because she knew she only had two people on her side and was therefore in trouble. She felt defeated, and Bridgette didn't like seeing her best girlfriend on the block. Bridgette planned to target whomever was after Bronte.

The episode concluded with Da'Vonne wanting to show Frank he wasn't running the house by keeping his target Tiffany around longer in the house than he'll be able to stay. Frank, however, thought he was sitting pretty.
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