Big Brother live feed spoilers reveal the results of the initial two parts of the final three-part Head of Household competition which kicked off at the end of Friday night's Season 19 episode.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading right now if you want to wait until Big Brother's finale broadcast on September 20 to discover who won the first couple of stages in the last Head of Household competition].

Friday night's episode of Big Brother on CBS featured a recap of the season, including the Final 3 houseguests' perspective on memorable moments as well as some discussions that have taken place inside the jury house among evictees such as Cody Nickson, Alex Ow, Raven Gates, and Jason Dent.

In addition, the episode kicked off the final Head of Household competition that was filmed on September 14 in which Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott competed.

Each houseguest was required to stand on a platform and hold on to a rope trailing a flying unicorn while water sprayed in his or her face and the platform tilted and rocked.

The last person left standing would win Part 1 of the Head of Household competition, automatically earning a spot in the third -- and final -- part of the competition.

According to Big Brother's live feeds, Josh was the first houseguest to drop from the competition after about only 15 minutes. Christmas fell next, and so Paul was victorious. The entire phase of the competition was completed in under an hour.

The results forced Josh and Christmas to square off against each other in Part 2 of the competition, which taped Saturday, September 16. The winner of this round will face Paul in the final part of the Head of Household competition.

The second phase of the HoH competition lasted for about six hours, as both Christmas and Josh's physical endurance and mental agility seemed to be tested in three separate events.

Josh ended up winning Part 2 of the competition by only a matter of minutes -- five to seven minutes overall, to provide a more exact prediction. He therefore barely edged out Christmas for the win.

Paul and Josh will now go head-to-head in Part 3 of the Head of Household competition. The final part will air live on Big Brother's two-hour Season 19 finale on September 20.

Part 3 of the HoH competition will presumably challenge each of the players to predict how previously-evicted houseguests answered questions about their time in the Big Brother house.

Paul and Josh will likely be given two possible answers to choose from, and based on their knowledge of their friends in the game, they must choose which scenario sounds more plausible.  

The winner of the final part of the HoH competition will be afforded the opportunity to evict one houseguest, taking the other person to the Final 2. The winner of Big Brother's 19th season will receive $500,000. Fans have also been voting for "America's Favorite Houseguest" to award one player a cash prize.

Paul has indicated his preference would be to take Josh to the end if he wins Head of Household, but Josh has sent viewers mixed signals about whether he'd like to kick Paul out of the game or sit in the Final 2 next to him.

Josh has been conflicted over whether his best chance of winning Big Brother would be against Paul -- a veteran player who made big moves this season and has been dubbed a "puppetmaster" by many fans -- or the Miami native's closest pal Christmas, a social threat who spent most of the summer recovering from surgery and sitting out of physical competitions.