Big Brother's houseguests voted to evict Jillian Parker from the game during Thursday night's live Season 19 broadcast on CBS.

Jillian, a 24-year-old timeshare sales representative from Celebration, FL, who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, was the third player evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 16 through a vote of 8-4 instead of Christmas Abbott, a 35-year-old fitness enthusiast from Lynchburg, VA, who currently resides in Raleigh, NC.

"I thought it was going to be a tie... I thought [Head of Household Cody Nickson] was going to break the tie [and keep me safe]. They said the votes were locked in and everything was set. I think [Paul Abrahamian] got in a lot of the votes we had established... I'm not sure why they kept Christmas. I am flabbergasted," Jillian told Big Brother host Julie Chen in her post-eviction interview.

Jessica Graf, Jason Dent, Ramses Soto, and Alex Ow are the four people who voted to evict Christmas instead.

Thursday night's Big Brother broadcast kicked off with a flashback to Day 12 after the Veto Meeting in which Cody nominated Christmas for eviction after Paul played his "Pendant of Protection" to save himself from the chopping block.

Elena Davies called Cody "so selfish," and Christmas was very pissed about Cody's betrayal since she thought she was a member of his alliance. Christmas wondered if Cody was playing everyone or just her, and she soon discovered the Head of Household had left everyone in the dark about choosing to nominate Paul and then herself for eviction.

Even Jessica was blindsided by Cody's nomination choices because her alliance had assumed he was going to nominate another "outsider" like Jason or Ramses. Although Jessica was displeased with Cody, she figured it was best for her game to continue working closely with him.

Meanwhile, Paul was running around the house making enemies and playing the victim. He acted completely shocked about Cody's nominations and attempted to gather troops against him. Raven Walton told Paul she was done with Cody, and Matt Clines also sided with the pair, as well as Elena.

Matt had been one of Cody's best friends in the house, but he no longer trusted the Marine since Cody didn't share any of his plans prior to the Veto Meeting. Cody's alliance just didn't appreciate being left out of the loop, not to mention they believed Cody was making big moves way too early.

Cody, however, didn't feel responsible for ruining the peace in the house. He explained to Jessica that having to nominate five people since the beginning of the game was hardly his fault.

As for Mark Jansen -- who had every intention of going to the Final 3 with Cody and Matt -- opted to keep trusting Cody, telling the cameras that he wanted Christmas gone in order to protect his group since she's such a physical threat. Jessica also wanted to target Christmas in fear she's go after Cody or herself next if she ended up staying in the house.

However, the rest of Cody's alliance planned to jump ship because they loved Christmas and were fed up with Cody's antics. Christmas also tore ligaments in her foot after fooling around with Jason, so she won the sympathy card from many of her fellow houseguests.

After seeking medical treatment and then returning to the Big Brother house on crutches, it took one full day for Mark to start feeling guilty about ignoring Christmas and not helping her or comforting her. Mark really liked Christmas as a person and didn't want to see her leave the game, so he admitted his personal feelings were taking over his gameplay.

Paul was also thrilled to see Christmas back in the game "with a vengeance." Paul knew Christmas' targets would be Cody and Jessica, and he was perfectly fine with that. Paul then tried to convince the house to vote out Jillian, but her friends such as Alex and Ramses definitely weren't onboard.

When it became time for the houseguests to cast their votes on whom to evict from Big Brother, Christmas announced in her little speech that Cody and Jessica had stabbed her in the back and she'd continue to play a loyal game to those who deserved it. Christmas said, despite her injury, she was "100 percent committed" to the game.

Jillian then opened up to her fellow houseguests about how much she had grown in the last several days, mainly through talking to and establishing connections with people.

When Julie announced that Jillian had been evicted from the game, the player's mouth dropped open and Cody appeared absolutely furious. Both of Cody's closest allies, Mark and Matt, had turned against him to take out Jillian.

Jessica and Christmas then went at it, with Jessica calling her "a coward" for waiting to bash her on live TV rather than speak to her privately about their issues in the days prior. Christmas, however, didn't seem to care.

The episode concluded with Season 19's second Head of Household competition, and Cody was not eligible to compete as the outgoing HoH.

Dubbed "Sugar Shot," the participating houseguests were required to roll a ball down one of three transparent ramps on the "Candy Crush" board in attempt to land it in the center.

But in a twist, candies fell into the yard the entire time and the houseguests had to look inside the candies to hopefully find a ticket, which allowed a player to redeem a ball and either keep it for him or herself -- or give it away to someone else to play. A houseguest could take up to three shots per turn on the ramp.

[Spoiler Warning: To learn which houseguest won the HoH competition, highlight the area below].

Paul was crowned the new Head of Household.