Big Brother's ninth season has provided another unprecedented moment for the long-running CBS show.

Big Brother: 'Til Death Do You Part houseguests Amanda Hansen and Allison Nichols were both rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Friday after suffering unrelated illnesses that stemmed from eating the show's "slop" food mixture, the New York Daily News reported Sunday.

Hansen, a 23-year-old paralegal from Fridley, MN who is hypoglycemic, fainted and appeared to suffer a seizure due to a lack of sugar; while Nichols, a 28-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Boston, MA, experienced an allergic reaction to something she ate.

Hansen's fainting and subsequent seizure was captured by Big Brother's live 24/7 Internet feeds.

"I need sugar really bad, and they won't let me in the [Diary Room]," she told her perfect-match partner Alex Coladonato.

"What do you need sugar for?" Coladonato asked.

"Because I'm hypoglycemic," she answered.

"So go have a glass of water and sugar," replied Coladonato.

"I need like bread and fruit or something," Hansen further explained.

Hansen then went into the kitchen where she conversed with fellow houseguest Natalie Cunia.

"God, I need sugar really bad, and I went in the [Diary Room] and told them," Hansen told Cunia.

"Oh yeah.  You can't have food, huh?" asked Cunia.

"Yeah, and I'm hypoglycemic," said Hansen.

A few minutes later both women left the kitchen.

"Oh, I need some sugar," reiterated Hansen.

She then hunched over, walked a few more feet, and collapsed face first.

"Are you serious?!  Amanda?" said Cunia before running for help. 

As several of the other houseguests tried to get the attention of producers, Hansen began to experience a seizure and the live feed was dropped.

Unbelievably, Nichols was suffering a severe allergic reaction to something she ate at the same time that Hansen was having her medical problem, the Daily News reported.  The allergic reaction -- which occurred off-camera -- caused Nichols' lips to swell.

"My throat completely closed," Nichols explained upon returning.  "I had an allergic reaction."

Hansen and Nichols were both treated in the Big Brother house by paramedics before being taken to the hospital where they were checked by doctors, the Daily News reported.

"They both chose to return to the game after receiving medical clearance," CBS said in statement, according to the Daily News. "Their medical conditions and course of treatment will continue to be monitored."

Big Brother first introduced "slop" during the show's Summer 2006 Big Brother: All-Stars seventh edition.  Houseguests who lose a weekly food challenge are required to only eat "slop" until the next food challenge.

Big Brother's U.S. edition had already experienced another first during the show's currently airing ninth season.

Neil Garcia, a 29-year-old gay Los Angeles real estate agent, became the first American Big Brother contestant to ever voluntarily leave the competition when he exited the house two weeks ago.  His perfect-match partner Joshuah Welch later explained Garcia departed "due to an urgent, personal matter."
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