Big Brother Head of Household Frankie Grande nominated Victoria Rafaeli and Cody Calafiore for eviction during Sunday night's 33rd broadcast of the show's sixteenth season on CBS.

Big Brother's 33rd episode began with Cody wondering why his good friend Christine Brecht had been booed by the live studio audience when she left the Big Brother house. It made Cody "nervous and shocked" because they had a flirty relationship in the house even though Christine was a married woman. Frankie and Caleb Reynolds thought Christine looked at Cody "with love," not like a friend. Cody, however, didn't view his relationship with her in that way.

Meanwhile, the remaining houseguests were trying to determine whether they should push the giant button inside an empty room, a button which they believed may serve as a real game changer. The house was split as to whether they should push the button since they didn't know what might come of it. Derrick Levasseur especially was happy with his position in the game and didn't want his curiosity to potentially spoil his chances of winning.

The "Detonators" alliance was comprised of Frankie, Cody, Caleb, and Derrick. With Victoria being the only person on the outside of the group, Frankie assumed he needed to win Head of Household in order to stick around in the game. He was right, as Derrick and the guys agreed they needed to take a shot at Frankie if given the opportunity. Frankie trusted Caleb wouldn't nominate him for eviction, but he still didn't feel completely safe.

Frankie ended up winning a country-themed HoH competition. Caleb hoped Frankie would eliminate the obvious target in Victoria, but Frankie had heard about everyone's plan to backdoor him the week prior, so he thought about targeting his own alliance.

The houseguests then jointly decided to push the button in the house. All that appeared was a ticking clock and no one knew what that meant. However, Julie Chen had announced to viewers last week the next live eviction vote will stop live on the air and the two nominees will come off the block. At that point, the game will rewind and the entire week will be replayed. The twist means that the two nominations for eviction could end up being the HoH.

When discussing whom he'd like to nominate, Frankie explained to Derrick that Cody only kept him safe once in the game whereas the other guys managed to a couple of times. Derrick pretended like Frankie was his closest ally, saying that none of the guys had made Final 2 deals. However, Derrick was part of "The Hitmen" Final 2 alliance with Cody.

Victoria was pretty certain she'd be put up on the chopping block, but she figured the person sitting next to her would be the one going home.

At the nomination ceremony, Frankie nominated Victoria and Cody for eviction. Frankie said they shouldn't take their nominations as an insult but rather a compliment. Frankie said he had no doubt one of the two players would be able to walk away with the Power of Veto. This marks Victoria's seventh time being nominated and only two people will be voting at the next live eviction.