Big Brother evicted newbie houseguest Shane Meaney during Thursday night's live eviction broadcast of the CBS reality competition's fourteenth season. 

Shane, a 26-year-old house flipper from Bennington, VT, was evicted from the Big Brother house via returning houseguest Dan Gheesling's sole vote after being placed on the chopping block by fellow newbie houseguest Danielle Murphree, the season's eleventh Head of Household who secured the first spot in the Final 3.

"I trusted Dan 100% percent. He swore on [his wife] and he didn't come through with what he was going to. It's a tough situation. I thought Dan was going to save me and that we had a Final 3 till the end, but that didn't happen... Dan's just a dirty player," Shane told Big Brother host Julie Chen during his post-eviction interview, adding there's potential for romance between himself and Danielle after the show.

"When you share 69 days of living with someone, you learn a lot about them. She's such a sweet girl. Obviously I'm going to forgive [Danielle] for this going on, but it's definitely a horrible situation for me."

Danielle, a 23-year-old nurse from Grant, AL who currently resides in Tuscaloosa, AL, had originally nominated Dan Gheesling, a 28-year-old teacher and high school football coach who won the show's tenth season in 2008, and Ian Terry, a 21-year-old engineering student from Pittsburgh, PA who currently resides in New Orleans, LA, for eviction.

Danielle had nominated Ian -- who thought it was the couple's alliance, Danielle and Shane, versus "The Renegades," which consisted of himself and Dan -- because he was the obvious choice since he wasn't her best friend or boyfriend in the house like Dan and Shane were respectively. Danielle had decided to put Dan on the chopping block simply because Dan told her to for strategic reasons.

However, the Final 4 knew their fate going forward in the competition depended on the week's Power of Veto competition, which required each player to solve a molecule puzzle that featured 15 clues and faces of ex-houseguests. Danielle, Ian, Dan, and Shane each had to match the clues to the previously-evicted houseguests they corresponded to. However, some clues had multiple answers, but there was only one solution to the entire puzzle.

The first person to solve the puzzle would win the Power of Veto and automatically move on to the Final 3. Danielle ended up winning the PoV, and she opted to remove Dan from the block and put up Shane as his replacement nominee for "strategic, not personal reasons." 

Danielle still had every intention to bring Dan and Shane with her to the end. Dan told her their focus was "slaying the dragon," referring to Ian, and Danielle was wrapped up in the idea that Dan desperately wanted Ian out of the game. However, Dan was really gunning for Shane because he had made a Final 2 deal with both Danielle and Ian and trusted them more than Shane and his word. 

Dan told Danielle he just didn't fully trust Shane and therefore needed to get off the block because Shane would've had the only vote to determine who stays and who goes. Dan reminded Danielle that he had previously once saved Shane for her, and he therefore was convinced Danielle would repay him for the gesture because she owed him. If Danielle chose to take Dan off the block and put Shane up instead, Dan promised her and swore repeatedly he'd keep Shane safe.

Believing Dan's word, Danielle warned Shane she was going to nominate him for eviction but only as a pawn to get Ian out. She said it would prove they weren't such a tight, intimidating power couple in the house, which would allow them to come across less threatening in Dan's eyes. Shane seemed hesitant but agreed with the plan, and Danielle reminded him Dan wanted Ian gone.

Once Dan was off the block, he had to cast the sole vote to evict either Ian and Shane since Danielle was HoH and could only vote in the case of a tie. Dan figured Shane would choose Danielle over him if he had to make a Final 2 decision and he'd also be a tough competitor in the final HoH competition, so Dan ended up blindsiding Danielle and voting to evict Shane -- who became the sixth member of the jury.

"Shane, you're a heck of a competitor. Ian, you're an equal competitor. Both you guys have a great shot to win this game, but Day 1 I entered this game, and I got blood on my hands on Day 1. And every week now, it's been piling up and piling up, and now, I'm up to blood in my elbows," Dan announced to the group.

"At this point in the game, I think back to the jury house and I think of [Joe Arvin] and I think of [Jenn Aroyo]. And they told me, "There's something big in this house you're going to have one shot to break up," and this is that shot. So Shane, I'm sorry, I have to evict you."

After Shane left the house, Danielle was in shock and furious with Dan for pulling another fast one on her.

"Why do you continuously lie to me?" Danielle asked him.

"I'm your coach. It's my job to get you to the end so that you win. You can't beat [Shane] in the case that he wins. If Ian wins, he's taking you and you can beat him. You have my vote, you have Shane's vote, you have [Britney Haynes] and you need to get one more. I couldn't tell you because you wouldn't have believed me, that's why I made that move," Dan told her.

"How many times have you broken my trust, Dan?" Danielle questioned.

"It's Day 70 and I'm telling you that's why I did it. If you don't believe me, then lose your trust in me. My goal was to get you to the end and make sure you win... You think Shane's going to vote for me or Ian? No, that just sealed his vote for you... You gotta get one more [vote] and that should be easy for you... As your coach, I gotta look out for you. If you don't see that and you're going to be mad at me, I understand," Dan explained.

"Why did you swear over and over?" Danielle asked Dan.

"Because at this point, I know how to get to the end and get you to win, and you don't know that," Dan said.

"How do you know [Ian] is going to take me over you?" Danielle questioned.

"Because he knows he can't beat me after I pulled that crap," Dan said. "You've gotta remember that in this game, I make moves, but I never made a move against you... I didn't tell you so you wouldn't have to lie to [Shane]."

Big Brother's fourteenth-season finale will air Wednesday night at 9:30PM ET/PT and feature the final HoH competition and the crowning of the edition's winner, who will claim the $500,000 grand prize.