Big Brother evicted returning houseguest Janelle Pierzina and determined its fifth Head of Household during Thursday night's broadcast of the fourteenth season's fourth live eviction show.

Janelle, who had previously been serving as one of four coaches prior to joining the remaining first-time houseguests as regular players and competing in a new "reset" game, was evicted from the Big Brother house via a 8-1 vote after being placed on the chopping block by newbie houseguest Danielle Murphree, the season's fourth Head of Household.

Janelle had placed third on Big Brother's sixth season in 2005 and also finished third on Big Brother: All-Stars in 2006.

Danielle, a 23-year-old nurse from Grant, AL who currently resides in Tuscaloosa, AL, had originally nominated Frank Eudy and Wil Heuser for eviction during the week's initial nominations.

Danielle had nominated Frank, an unemployed 28-year-old from Marion, AK who currently resides in Naples, FL, because her alliance had agreed he was a major threat in the house and needed to go immediately, while she put the likeable Wil, a 24-year-old marketing consultant from Louisville, KY -- whom she had promised she would keep safe -- on the chopping block solely as a pawn to ensure Frank's eviction.

However, after winning the subsequent Power of Veto competition, Danielle opted to remove Wil from the chopping block and replace him with Janelle. Danielle's alliance -- which has initially consisted of Shane Meaney and returning houseguests Britney Haynes and Dan Gheesling -- had every intention of getting rid of Frank, which most of the other players in the house were gunning for as well.

However, returning houseguest "Boogie" Mike Malin convinced Danielle and Dan, who had once served as Danielle's coach and remained her closest ally in the game despite the show's most recent twist, that it would be a smart move to eliminate Janelle and keep Frank.

Boogie argued Janelle was a physical threat who could win all the competitions moving forward and didn't show true loyalty to either the coaches or any certain players. In exchange for Janelle's eviction, he and his partner in crime Frank had promised to form an alliance with Danielle's allies and ultimately become the "Silent Six" group.

Britney and Dan both hesitated joining forces with Boogie at first, because Britney questioned whether she could really trust him while Dan was hoping to keep all the former coaches around for awhile in case the newbies were to turn on them down the road.

However, Boogie called out Janelle for her wishy-washy gameplay and announced in front of the former coaches he wanted nothing to do with her in the game. The fact the two returning houseguests were never going to get along and work together helped convince Dan the coaches' alliance was never going to be an option.

Boogie also openly admitted he was never going to vote out Frank, even if it meant his own eviction sooner in the game rather than later. Britney and Dan were both pleasantly surprised with Boogie's apparent loyalty to Frank and his honesty with Janelle, so they willingly hopped onboard with his plan to save Frank and "backdoor" Janelle.

Britney eventually had second thoughts about evicting Janelle because they were good friends and Janelle had no intention to go after her, but the doubt wasn't enough to sway her vote and save Janelle in the end. As a result, the "silent six" prevailed and the house managed to evict one of the "most successful Big Brother players of all-time."

Following Janelle's eviction, the 11 remaining Big Brother houseguests -- minus Danielle, who as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete -- were beginning to compete in the season's fifth HoH competition.

Dubbed "Big Brother Battle of the Bands," the competition required each of the participating houseguests to face off two people at a time at a podium and listen to a short song which described a competition played this summer. The goal was to identify what type of competition was being described: HoH, a coaches' challenge or a Power of Veto competition. The first person to buzz in would move on, while his or her opponent would be eliminated.

The person to win a face-off would be able to choose which two players would square off next. If a houseguest answered a question incorrectly, he or she would be eliminated and the opponent would stay in the game. If neither player buzzed in before a song's conclusion, then both players would automatically be eliminated.

Frank ended up winning and therefore became the season's fifth HoH.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.