Big Brother evicted Jessie Kowalski and determined its eighth Head of Household during Thursday night's broadcast of the fifteenth season's seventh live eviction show.

Jessie, an unemployed 25-year-old from Beaumont, TX who currently resides in San Antonio, TX, was evicted from the Big Brother house via a 6-0 unanimous vote after being placed on the chopping block by the season's seventh Head of Household -- Andy Herren, a 26-year-old professor from Aurora, IL who currently resides in Chicago, IL.

"I felt it was important since I was leaving the game to make an impression in some way. I've been trying for three weeks to do something about this unanimous house and I wanted to try to blow it up -- try to blow some people's games up and mix things up," Jessie told Big Brother host Julie Chen following her eviction when asked why she got confrontational at the end of her game.

"I think that there's now doubt about some people, specifically [Helen Kim], that she may not have been so loyal to [Amanda Zuckerman], which I know to be true. So maybe we'll see Amanda versus Helen in the coming weeks. I adore Helen personally. In the game, I had loyalty to her and I felt betrayed by her."

Andy initially nominated Jessie and Spencer Clawson, a 31-year-old conductor from Conway, AR, for eviction.

Andy told the houseguests he had nominated the pair to secure his own position in the game on a strategic level and then secretly confronted both Jessie and Spencer separately, telling them they were just a pawn.

Spencer really was the pawn to ensure Jessie's eviction, but Andy lied to Jessie. Although aligned with Jessie, Andy feared she was coming after his more significant loyal allies in the game such as Amanda, a 28-year-old real estate agent from Long Island, NY who currently resides in Boynton Beach, FL.

Helen, a 37-year-old political consultant from Falls Church, VA who currently resides in Chicago, IL, had originally suggested Andy make a power move and nominate Amanda and McCrae Olson, a 23-year-old pizza delivery person from Zimmerman, MN who currently resides in Oak Grove, MN, for eviction.

However, Helen was unaware of Andy's strong bond with Amanda, so behind Helen's back, Andy warned Amanda that Helen was coming after her. A part of Helen worried Andy might try to backdoor her, and eventually, that's exactly the plan that was being concocted.

McCrae, Andy, Amanda, and Aaryn Gries, a 22-year-old college student from San Angelo, TX who currently resides in San Marcos, TX, made a Final 4 alliance and called themselves 3A.M. While previously aligned with Helen, Aaryn thought she could get further in the game with this new group. Amanda, knowing Helen had targeted her the week prior, decided they needed to get her out.

In order to blindside Helen, Andy and McCrae formed a fake alliance with her so Helen would ultimately never target two members of the 3A.M. alliance at once. Helen fell for the scheme because Andy and McCrae convincingly explained they didn't think they could beat Amanda in the end due to her strong social and strategic game. Helen was glad McCrae, especially, came around to see Amanda's power and rank in the house.

At that point, Helen believed she was in a Final 4 alliance with Amanda, McCrae and Andy, and the majority of the group would end up dropping Amanda at the Final 3 eviction. Amanda sought Helen's trust by having everyone throw the upcoming Power of Veto competition to ensure Helen's victory and Jessie's loss. However, Spencer didn't follow through with the plan, making Amanda's alliance very frustrated with him.

Andy subsequently won the PoV and decided to keep his nominations the same in order to have the least blood on his hands possible.

Amanda had suggested Andy put Helen on the block immediately, but Andy wasn't ready to turn the house upside down and expose his betrayal. Amanda wanted to go after Helen right away because McCrae had spilled the beans to his 3A.M. alliance that Helen was actually considering evicting Amanda around the Final 6 -- sooner rather than later -- because she was a big threat. 

Jessie attempted to go out of the Big Brother house with a bang. She told Amanda that Helen had been part of her plan the week prior to get her out, but Amanda already knew that. Helen persistently denied the allegation although it was true. Jessie then overheard a 3A.M. conversation and learned everyone had been lying to her all week because she was the clear next target for them. She was most upset with her friends Aaryn and Andy. 

During her post-eviction interview, Jessie explained why it seemed like she had been such an outsider in the house.

"I came into the house expecting to have a buddy, a friend, even a showmance, and it didn't really work out! So I basically kept trekking and then there was an opportunity to switch sides, and I did that because I thought maybe I would find loyal people on a different side of the house. And basically, it was the same story, different alliance. I just ended up kind of always struggling to fit in and make someone be on my side -- be on my team," she told Julie.

Jessie now joins Candice Stewart and Judd Daugherty on Big Brother's fifteenth-season jury.

Following Jessie's eviction, the remaining houseguests -- minus Andy, who as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to participate -- competed in the season's eighth HoH competition.

Dubbed "Way Off Broadway," the competition required the houseguests to face off two at a time at the podium. They'd hear a short song that described one of three types of competitions they had participated in this summer, and their job was to identify those competitions as either an HoH, PoV or Have/Have Not. The first person to buzz in with the correct answer would stay in the game and his or her opponent would be eliminated. The winner of each round could choose the next two houseguests to face off against one another.

If a player buzzed in and answered incorrectly, his or her opponent would get to stay in the game. If neither person in a pair buzzed in, both houseguests would be eliminated. The last person standing would be crowned the season's new HoH.

In the end, Aaryn won. This marks her fourth time as Head of Household.

At the end of last night's broadcast, Julie revealed to viewers alone that during next week's live eviction show, all previously-evicted players will compete for a chance to come back into the game. One person will be afforded a spot back in the Big Brother house.
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