Big Brother eliminee David Girton is still standing by his woman.

Girton is defending Aaryn Gries and still rooting for her to win even after learning about the racial and homophobic slurs she's been shown making on Big Brother's live-feeds, which were finally featured on-air during Sunday night's episode.

While Gries' comments have caused an uproar amongst home viewers, when The Hollywood Reporter asked Girton if Gries' behavior has changed his opinion about her, he replied, "Not really."

"Maybe a slight change, but I didn't realize she was that type of girl. I was never around her when that was going on; I didn't know she had that in her. I know she made harsh comments, but America doesn't really know who Aaryn is [deep] down inside."

Added Girton, "That house changes you and makes you a different person, and she's just mad at the rest of the houseguests because I got voted off. Anybody could say those things out of anger, or she didn't realize cameras were around. I know people say those types of things every day, and she happened to be the person America caught saying those things. It sucks what she has to deal with after when she gets out, and I feel bad for her."

Big Brother's Sunday night broadcast aired a short edited segment in which Gries was shown making the controversial remarks in multiple conversations with her fellow houseguests.

"Dude, shut up. Go make some rice," Gries said. "I look, probably, like a squinty Asian right now... No one's going to vote for whoever that queer puts up."

At one point, houseguest GinaMarie Zimmerman was shown joining in on the trash-talking. 

"[Candice Stewart] is already on the dark side because she's already dark," Zimmerman joked.

"Be careful what you say in the dark because you might not be able to see the b-tch," Gries replied.

But the slurs don't really seem to bother Girton, as he told The Reporter Gries was the only person he truly liked and trusted in the house and he'd love to see her win the game.

"Aaryn, definitely," Girton noted. "I only hope Aaryn or [Jeremy McGuire] or [Kaitlin Barnaby] wins this game. Everybody else I could care less about because there are a lot of floaters in that house."