Big Brother crowned a new Head of Household and nominated two houseguests for eviction following the season's "live-rewind" twist in which the houseguests must repeat last week's events all over again.

Caleb Reynolds won the Head of Household competition during Sunday night's episode, the same competition Frankie Grande had won the week prior. Caleb chose to nominate Frankie and Victoria Rafaeli for eviction.

Before the "live rewind," Frankie had nominated Cody Calafiore and Victoria. He had expected Caleb, his closest ally left in the house, to keep his previous nominations the same since he thought they both wanted Victoria gone before anyone else.

When Caleb won HoH, Derrick Levasseur and Cody hoped he would stick with their plan and target Frankie. Frankie had won so many HoH's and Power of Veto competitions over the course of the season that he was a big threat in the house, especially since he played a great social game as well.

Caleb told Frankie that Victoria was his main target and he just needed to put up one of the guys on the chopping block as a pawn. Frankie asked Caleb not to nominate him anyway, but it seemed like Caleb was preparing him to sit on the block. However, Caleb feared that if Frankie won the PoV and became HoH next week, he'd come after him.

Derrick tried to convince Caleb that Frankie would come after him regardless because he's the "most dangerous" person left in the house. Caleb has won four HoH competitions up to this point. Derrick was trying his best to split up Frankie and Caleb all the while acting like he was "torn" about the decision.

Caleb admitted to Cody he was hoping Derrick would volunteer himself to go up on the block as a pawn since he had never been nominated before. Caleb knew that if any one of them won the PoV, they'd take Derrick down. Cody was pissed that Caleb wasn't cooperating with the plan to get out Frankie. Once Derrick learned of Caleb's hesitation to nominate Frankie, he said Caleb should just nominate him and then he'd come after him next week.

Derrick told Caleb that if he wanted to roll to the Final 3 with himself and Cody, he'd be jeopardizing the chance of that happening by keeping Frankie off the block. Derrick argued that if Caleb nominated himself or Cody, if Frankie won the PoV, he could take Victoria off the block and then put up the other guy -- ensuring either Derrick or Cody would go home. If Frankie was nominated for eviction and won the PoV, he'd have to use it on himself.

The jury members then arrived at the Big Brother house for a Luxury competition. The Final 5 couldn't play, however, each individual could bet on a previously-eliminated houseguest to win. The winning jury member would receive $5,000 as would the Final 5 player who placed his or her bet on that person.

Frankie bet on Zach Rance, Derrick bet on Donny Thompson, Victoria picked Hayden Voss, Cody selected Nicole Franzel, and Caleb bet on Jocasta Odom. Hayden ended up winning the money for himself and Victoria.

Before the nomination ceremony, Frankie tried to get inside Caleb's mind by telling him that he'd place third if he put all his cards on Derrick and Cody, who seemed loyal to each other until the end. Frankie's assumption was correct, as Derrick and Cody are part of a "Hitmen" Final 2 alliance. Frankie suggested Derrick should be nominated because he's never been on the chopping block.

Caleb clearly sided with Derrick and Cody because he ended up nominating Frankie and Victoria for eviction.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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