Big Brother crowned a new Head of Household, Alex Ow, who then nominated Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf for eviction during Sunday night's Season 19 broadcast on CBS.

Alex, a 28-year-old eco-friendly marketing representative from Thousand Oaks, CA, who currently resides in Camarillo, CA, nominated Dominique, a 30-year-old government engineer from Tuskegee, AL, who currently resides in Woodbridge, VA, and Jessica, a 26-year-old VIP concierge from Cranston, RI, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, for eviction because Dominique had raised some red flags during a private conversation and Alex had never established a bond with Jessica in the house.

The Big Brother broadcast began where Thursday night's live eviction episode had left off, with the houseguests participating in the "Space Cadets" Head of Household competition, except for Paul Abrahamian -- who, as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete -- and Christmas Abbott because she was still in the hospital recovering from foot surgery.

Jessica said she needed to win HoH or else she'd be going up on the chopping block, knowing she was a total outsider in the house after Cody Nickson's eviction.

Flashing back to before Cody left the game, he apparently informed Paul that both Mark Jansen and Dominique knew about his original plan to backdoor Paul in order to stir the pot.

Paul therefore grew wary of Mark and Dominique's loyalty and intentions, especially since Paul's immunity run for three evictions thanks to the "Den of Temptation" has ended.

The houseguests dropped out of the Head of Household competition in the following order: Josh Martinez, Mark, Raven Walton, Ramses Soto, Kevin Schlehuber, Matt Clines, and then Jessica.

Ramses said he was hoping Jason Dent or Alex would win the competition because he didn't trust anyone else in the house.

Once Jessica dropped out of the competition, Dominique felt her "team" was safe for the week, so she also gave up and quit.

That left a battle between Jason, Elena Davies and Alex, who made a deal which each other that no one on the wall would be nominated. Jason wanted Alex to win so that he wouldn't have to get Jessica's blood on his hands, so he decided to drop out.

Alex then swore to God that she'd keep Elena and her "people" safe if Elena opted to lose the Head of Household competition. Since Elena assumed Jessica was the main target anyway, she decided to drop and give the HoH crown to Alex.

Paul was excited that Alex won HoH because he revealed they had been secretly working together, and he thought this opportunity would strengthen their bond and trust in one another.

Jessica later vented to the cameras in the Diary Room about how it would be a poor strategic choice for Alex to get rid of her since she had zero allies left in the house. 

Jessica then talked to Jason about "unifying the floaters" and targeting the majority alliance who had betrayed Cody and herself. Jessica said the majority alliance was going to use Alex as their puppet to do their dirty work.

Jason, who was well aware Jessica could be a number for his alliance going forward, therefore suggested to Alex that they nominate Matt and Dominique instead.

Jason explained that he wasn't close to Matt and the guy is a strong physical player, not to mention he's in a showmance. Jason also thought Dominique has a great and dangerous social game considering she has ties to the house's two remaining showmances.

Alex told Jason matter-of-factly that Jessica had to be "a lock" for a nominee, but she was willing to potentially backdoor someone else. Alex just knew that putting Jessica on the chopping block would keep the house calm and also keep her in good standing with the majority alliance.

Paul then talked to Alex about nominating Mark and Dominique because they were being "sketchy" and he didn't trust them "100 percent."

Paul also spoke to the pair of potential nominees in order to make them feel paranoid by revealing what Cody had said. Paul hoped the houseguests would "eat each other alive" in the days ahead and not even look in his direction.

Elena then sat down with Alex in her HoH room and asked her to keep Mark, Raven, Matt, Dominique and Paul safe this week. Alex was surprised Elena demanded she keep so many people off the block, because there were definitely a couple good targets in that pile.

Alex told Elena that Dominique and Mark presented "red flags" for her, and Elena later said in the Diary Room she'd be very pissed off if Alex didn't follow through with their deal.

When talking about nominations, Paul explained to Alex that Mark had hurt his finger and wasn't great in challenges to begin with. Paul said Dominique was a bigger threat because she's a competitor and also clever about extracting information from people for her own personal use through her talk show.

Alex decided that if she nominated Jessica and Dominique for eviction and either woman won the Power of Veto or had the power played for her, Mark would be named the replacement nominee.

Christmas then surprised the house with her return after undergoing surgery on her foot. She suffered 10 broken bones, four dislocated bones and a ligament that had to be reconstructed. Christmas revealed to her fellow houseguests that she even needed a donor bone.

Christmas was very upset because she had learned from doctors that, even after about a year of recovery and physical therapy, she'll never regain full mobility. Christmas anticipates arthritis will start within one to five years in her foot and then she'll need to undergo another surgery to address the pain. Christmas doesn't think she'll ever be able to compete in CrossFit competitions again.

Getting back to gameplay, Mark promised Alex and Jason safety -- if he was crowned the next HoH -- as long as she kept himself off the chopping block.

Alex liked the fact Mark was willing to make a deal with her, but she told the cameras she needs to get rid of the showmances "in order to take control in the house." In addition to Mark and Elena, Raven and Matt are dating.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, Dominique threw Elena under the bus by sharing with Alex that Elena wasn't okay with the friendship she has with Mark. Dominique thought Elena might be going after her out of jealousy, and Alex didn't like how Dominique was so ready and willing to betray her closest allies.

Once Dominique and Jessica learned they had been nominated for eviction, Dominique felt "betrayed and lied to," and she didn't believe that Alex was working alone.

Meanwhile, Jessica was not surprised at all about her nomination -- in fact, she was prepared for it. Jessica therefore intended to play hard in the Power of Veto competition and hopefully win it.

Elena said in the Diary Room that Alex had broken their deal by nominating Dominique for eviction, but at the same time, she was just happy that Mark was safe.

Alex gushed about how she was working with Paul and the duo planned to "flip the house" and make sure every person goes home but themselves. Paul was excited to watch people blow up their own games.