Bianca Golden wasn't a natural when it came to modeling -- and while she gave it an admirable effort, the 18-year-old college student from Queens, NY was revealed to be the tenth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model's ninth season during last night's penultimate broadcast of The CW reality series.

"I came in really attitude-ish and just really cocky... It humbled me a lot," commented Bianca after her ouster.  "I've learned a lot about myself -- not just modeling -- so I'm going to take it all in... Overall, it's been amazing... I'm not going to give up, I will never give up.  That's not the type of person I am."

Top Model 9's tenth episode began with the four remaining girls returning to their Shanghai apartment following the previous elimination of Heather Kuzmich, and most of them were glad to see her out of the competition because she was doing so well... except for Bianca.

"Heather would be in her own world, just zoned out, not even trying," said Bianca. "It can't really make much of a difference when she's not here."

The girls traveled from Shanghai to Beijing where they met Kevin the tour guide, who showed them all the sights the Chinese city had to offer.  Jenah Doucette, an 18-year-old student from Farmington, CT, said she was "over-stressed" and added it was a "recipe for a breakdown."  The other girls weren't blind to Jenah's struggles, as Chantal Jones, a 19-year-old student from Austin, TX, noticed Jenah "can't pull it together."

The girls then met two Top Model judges -- runway expert J. "Ms. J" Alexander and former fashion icon Twiggy -- who introduced them to the four great beauties of ancient Chinese culture:  Xi Shi, Yang Guifei, Wang Zhaojun and Diaochan.  After moving into their Beijing pad, the girls received some Tyra Mail that included the four dresses worn by the four beauties, one for each of the remaining aspiring runway walkers.

The next morning the girls dressed in their new threads and met Ms. J and Twiggy, who informed them that for the next challenge they'd have to "modernize and contemporize" the Chinese beauty outfit they were wearing.  The girls had one hour in a mall and were given $200 to purchase as many accessories as possible before modeling the outfits on the runway.  Twiggy reminded the girls to remember their beauty's story as they were shopping.

The challenge went as smoothly as four American women running through a Chinese mall can go, until Bianca decided to venture across the street to the other side of the mall, only to learn there wasn't anything useful over there.  While she was angry, Bianca decided she'd share her misery and implored Jenah to check it out.

"You need to go across the street, there's so much stuff over there!" said Bianca to Jenah as the two passed each other in the mall. 

"That bitch..." commented Jenah after she realized her trip was useless.  "I'm so done with the sabotage -- the psyching out -- it's just not me... It's not my style.  I'm not catty like that."

"There are no friends in competition, there are only competitors," said Bianca.  "So she's my competitor at the moment."

The girls then began to model their outfits on the runway, where they were judged by Twiggy, Ms. J and Seventeen editor-in-chief Ann Shoket.  All of the girls did well before Ann revealed that Jenah was the winner and would receive a traditional Chinese couture dress made specifically for her as well as private runway lessons from Ms. J.  In addition, Jenah chose to share her reward with Chantal, who only got a dress and not the runway lessons.

That night, the girls received Tyra Mail that implied their next photo shoot would be taking place at the Great Wall of China.  Before they went to bed, the girls were all tired from their long day and frustrated with how busy they've been.  Jenah also opined about how much she misses her boyfriend back home.
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The next morning, the girls met Top Model art director Jay Manuel at the Great Wall.  He explained that for their shoot, the girls would be posing as Mongols trying to overtake the Great Wall.  Top Model creator and judge Tyra Banks would be serving as the shoot's photographer, meaning there was added importance placed on it.

Chantal and Saleisha Stowers, a 21-year-old receptionist from Los Angeles, CA, both excelled at the shoot.  Jay commented it was a "very impressive" shoot for Chantal, while Tyra thought Saleisha was "absolutely fantastic" because she "had a presence."  Jay also thought it was Saleisha's "best shoot ever."

Even before Jenah stepped in-front of the camera, she commented how she felt she was "losing" herself in the competition and was hoping to be able to find what she was looking for.  Similar to the previous week's shoot with Top Model judge and photographer Nigel Barker, Jenah said she was "really nervous" but saw it as a good opportunity to "kick ass."  Jay thought Jenah's nerves came across too much in the shoot.

As Bianca prepared for her shoot to begin, Jay whispered in her ear "no stiff poses," which in-turn made Bianca more stiff.  Tyra had to come out from behind the camera on a few occasions and demonstrate to Bianca how to pose.  While Jay thought Bianca's last few frames were good, he added the first 40 were "painful to watch."

Once all the girls had taken their individual photos, they participated in their first group shot of the competition.  That night Bianca and Jenah were both worried about the impending judging panel.

"I'm like nervous and anxious," said Bianca.  "There's so many emotions... It's really nerve-racking to be this close and not know.  I just want to get to panel and get it over with."

"It's not really the girls that are getting to me and the competition's not really getting to me and the critiques aren't really getting to me," said Jenah.  "I feel like I'm losing myself, and I felt this whole time like I really am getting to know myself through this competition.  I don't know who's going to be the next to go home, but I know it's not going to be me."

The four remaining aspiring runway walkers then had their tenth individual evaluations, where they would be judged by Tyra, Ms. J, Nigel, Twiggy, and Ann.

Nigel was impressed that Jenah was "showing a lot more" of herself.  Tyra commented that Jenah looked "absolutely beautiful" during the photo shoot, however she failed to leave a lasting impression once it was over.

"I think it's just because it's the last stretch, but I've just become really homesick," opined Jenah through tears.  "It's really hard not talking to my family..." Jenah then explained she has two little sisters at home -- and they look up to her -- so she's having a hard time not being there for them.

Ms. J reminded Jenah that missing family and friends is "part of the job" if you're a model, and Tyra assured Jenah that whether she wins the competition or not, she'll leave as a "stronger" person for having experienced it.

Nigel thought Bianca looked "beautiful" in her photo and Twiggy complimented her profile.  But Ms. J thought Bianca looked as "stiff" as the stones in the Great Wall, and Tyra agreed, saying Bianca was "extremely awkward" during the shoot.  Tyra said she noticed modeling isn't innate for Bianca, but still suggested she not "second guess" herself so much.

"It doesn't come natural," agreed Bianca.  "I've had to work at it this whole competition, all this is new to me.  I feel that I've improved, I've learned so much since I've been here."

Once all the individual evaluations were complete, the judges began to deliberate which girl would be the tenth one eliminated. Nigel said he sensed that Jenah had become "dislodged" from the competition and was "defeated already."  Twiggy also questioned whether Jenah actually wants to be a model.

"She almost gave her swan song," commented Tyra.

Twiggy thought Bianca was "the least natural model" out of the four remaining girls.  While Tyra agreed, she thought Bianca was "stronger" in her desire than Jenah.

"There's all these different sides to [Bianca]," said Nigel.  "I just don't think she knows how to do it yet."

Tyra then revealed Chantal and Saleisha were safe before turning her attention to Bianca and Jenah. 

Tyra said she's aware Bianca's had a "long journey" but has also proved she has the capability to be a high-fashion model.  However, Tyra added Bianca hasn't been able to prove she can perform "without training wheels on." 

Tyra thought Jenah has been "strong from the start" and takes "fantastic photos," but is doubting herself and her identity.  While Jenah sounded "like a defeatist" when she gave her "swan song speech," it was Bianca who would be getting the boot.

"I'm kind of happy that it wasn't just given to me so now I can work for something," said Bianca after her elimination was revealed. "I'm going to appreciate it more when I get it."

America's Next Top Model 9's finale episode will air Wednesday, December 12 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.
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