Becca Kufrin and Jason Tartick's relationship advanced leaps and bounds during The Bachelorette star's week of dates in Richmond, Virginia.

"Since the first night at the mansion, Jason was someone that I felt a strong connection to. So strong that I felt safe waiting for a good time to give him a one-on-one because I felt so confident," Becca wrote in her People blog.

"But I was getting eager and impatient, so Virginia felt like the perfect time to finally have our date. Exploring the city with Jason made helped me picture what a future with us could be like, but he also made the perfect companion to trying new activities with."

For their date that aired during last week's episode, the couple spent hours as tourists, visiting churches, making donuts and even getting into a frosting war, according to Becca.

They also participated in a gothic "unhappy hour," which proved to be an interesting twist on the celebration for both individuals.

"I wasn't quite sure how he would take the turn at the Poe Museum's 'unhappy hour.' But once we arrived, it was a blast. We definitely broke the rules with all of the laughter we brought to this dark hour, and we truly made the most of it," Becca shared.

"I couldn't get enough of his energy and willingness to try quite literally anything that came his way, faux blood and all. But the next stop was the one I had been anticipating all day."

Becca and Jason stopped to have drinks at a local bar, but much to Jason's surprise, the Minnesota had invited a few of his best friends to join them.

"Seeing the smile on Jason's face when we he finally saw his three buds was priceless, and yes, a few man tears were even shed," she wrote.

"We hung out for a while and enjoyed a few beers just like it was a normal weekend afternoon. I had always known Jason was a standup man with a really solid character, but hearing from the guys who have known him the longest was reassuring and reminded me that my intuition was spot on."

Becca therefore felt "so confident" heading into the dinner portion of her date with the 29-year-old senior corporate banker from Seattle, WA.

"I knew if we kept going the way we had been, I couldn't imagine not giving out that rose at the end of the night. Jason always blew me away with how eloquent he was, but dinner that night Jason really dug deep and told me the hard times of his past," Becca said, referencing Jason's story about his grandmother having Alzheimer's and the effect it's had on his family.

"I had always seen the positive, upbeat side of him and now it all made sense where he got it from and seeing his parents' strength. He made it so easy for me to open up about my dad's death, and I told him things that I had never been able to tell anyone else."

As a result, Jason seemed to go from a dark horse in the competition to a frontrunner to win Becca's heart.

"We connected on such a personal and emotional way that night and I knew then and there that I was totally falling for him. Needless to say, it was one of the easiest roses I've ever given out, and I couldn't wait to explore our relationship further with him," Becca revealed.

Becca currently has six bachelors in the running for her heart, and the next The Bachelorette episode is set to air on July 9.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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