Becca Kufrin is taking a stance on the drama that unfolded between Lincoln Adim and Connor Obrochta on The Bachelorette's latest episode. 

Becca planned a "fun" and lighthearted" groom-themed obstacle course for a group of her Season 14 bachelors, but the night took a drastic turn after Lincoln won the challenge.

"[The course] was designed to still show me who these guys are. What I was really looking for was a positive attitude, who was having fun and who was still excited to be hanging with me at the end of it and not focused on the 'win.' As you all saw, Lincoln literally took the cake and won the challenge," Becca wrote in her People blog.


"Now, the word winning might be a stretch -- it's still up for debate if he won fair and square. What do you guys think?"

Lincoln was accused of cheating during the challenge, as he allegedly moved on to one phase in the course before his hourglass-sand timer officially ran out. He also apparently used his hands to find an engagement ring in a large cake when he was supposed to use his mouth only.

"Either way, for me this was the first time that I really began to feel tension between the guys. I wasn't sure then if it was just a competitive spirit or more -- but of course that evening revealed everything," Becca noted.

Heading into the afterparty that evening, Becca was "really excited" because she thought the "successful, fun date" would continue.

But drama brewed between Lincoln and Connor, who claimed the runner-up spot in the obstacle course following a photo-finish.

"Now, let's take a moment and talk about the picture. Lincoln expressed that I bring out the best in him... but obviously he was able to bring out the worst in Connor," Becca revealed.

For winning the groom-themed competition, Becca gifted Lincoln with a picture of them posing at the finish line. Lincoln had cake and mud all over his body while Becca appeared squeaky clean, looking stunning in a tight white dress.

"What started as a creative way to let Lincoln know he made the day really fun and special for me quickly turned into a nightmare," Becca admitted.


Lincoln put the picture frame on the table at the afterparty for all to see, which prompted a jealous and frustrated Connor to eventually throw it into the pool. Lincoln told Becca about Connor's "aggressive" actions that night, and it was clear the Bachelorette was disappointed.

"I don't condone lashing out in a physical way like Connor did, but I also disagree with how Lincoln was rubbing my personal gift in everyone's faces. I left having my guard up with both men, and that is not how I wanted to feel starting the week," Becca wrote in her People blog.

Lincoln eventually shed tears over the situation and Connor came to regret his overreaction. Connor not only apologized to Becca during the cocktail party at the end of the week, but he also found a creative way to express himself.

"I really appreciated Connor apologizing and owning up to the picture drama from the start of the week," Becca said of the suitor, who put a photo of his "old self" into a frame and asked the Bachelorette to throw it in the pool so they could start fresh.

"I believe in second chances and I wanted to give that to Connor. And to be totally honest it was kind of fun to toss the picture of Connor therapeutically into the pool and officially drown the person he was on the date and focus on the man standing in front of me."


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