Ali Fedotowsky rejected one suitor during a one-on-one date and cut two more at the subsequent Rose Ceremony during last night's sixth-season The Bachelorette broadcast on ABC.

Hunter, a 28-year-old Internet account executive from San Antonio, TX, failed to receive a rose from the former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette on a one-on-one date while John C., a 32-year-old in hotel business development from Issaquah, WA, and Steve, a 28-year-old sales representative from Cleveland, OH, did not receive a rose at the ceremony.

"I came out here to have a lifelong, lasting relationship with Ali. Now I'm kind of left in the dust," opined Steve after his ouster. "Obviously she didn't feel any type of connection and I fell short. I'm shocked."

The Bachelorette's third sixth-season episode began with the 14 remaining bachelors being met by host Chris Harrison, who explained that there would be one group date and two individual dates during the upcoming week.

Ali would have a rose to give on each date, and if a bachelor received a rose he'd be safe at the upcoming ceremony. If a bachelor failed to receive a rose on the individual date, he'd be going home immediately. Not everyone would have a date with Ali this week.

Roberto, a 26-year-old insurance agent from Charleston, SC who received the first-impression rose, learned he'd be going on the week's first individual date.

"I was pumped," he said. "I woke up this morning and I felt like today I was going to get a date. Hopefully it goes really great and she'll just send everybody else home."

John C. called Roberto a "lucky man."

"I have not been on a date yet," he opined. "At this point in time, I have no idea if Ali even remembers my name."

Ali and Roberto were then picked up for their date in a helicopter, and she said she felt "safe" with him even though she's afraid to fly.

"Now I remember why I gave him the first-impression rose that night," she said. "Roberto is so protective and manly. He could really be the guy for me."

The helicopter then dropped the two atop a building and she told him they'd be walking across wires between two buildings to get to the destination where they'd be having dinner.
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Back at the house the guys had a cookout, and Steve also opined the fact that he hadn't spent much time with Ali. Justin, a 26-year-old entertainment wrestler from Toronto, Canada, said he was "desperate" to spend time with Ali and would do anything to get it.

"I honestly think that if I don't get my cast off sooner than later, I'm going to be the one not getting a rose at the end of the day," he said. "I'm at a deficit."

Back on the date, Ali and Roberto crossed the wire -- and shared their first kiss -- 20 stories in the air.

"Once again, Roberto just mad me feel really good and safe up there," she gushed. "That's the person I want to go through life with."

Roberto said he felt the two "definitely have a connection" and he could tell by looking in her eyes.

"It makes me think about what could be," he added.

Over dinner, the two talked about how Roberto can speak multiple languages and his various travels -- which led Ali to call him a "cultured guy" and comment the date was going "amazing."

"I feel like I have a connection with you already," she told him. "I'm really, really bad at hiding my emotions."

The two eventually cuddled on the roof of the building while looking up at the stars and the skyline. They kissed again after she asked him to do so in Spanish. She then gave him the date's rose.

"My first impression of you was so good and I thought how could this guy get better," she told him. "Every minute I'm with you I think you're getting better. I'm just excited to get to know you more."

Roberto said he was on "cloud nine."

"I just got a rose and I think I could definitely be the guy she spends the rest of her life with," he said.

The next day, Justin; John C.; Chris L., a 33-year-old landscaper from Cape Cod, MA; Chris N., a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Orlando, FL; Jesse, a 24-year-old general contractor from Peculiar, MO; Craig R., a 27-year-old lawyer from Philadelphia, PA; Frank, a 31-year-old retail manager, from Geneva, IL; Jonathan, a 30-year-old weatherman from Houston, TX; Kirk, a 27-year-old sales consultant from Green Bay, WI all went on the group date.

They met Ali at a warehouse in the middle of nowhere and revealed they'd all be participating in a music video for the Barenaked Ladies. The guys received their scripts and Jonathan learned he had a scene where they'd kiss. He said he was "anxious."

The shoot began and the guys filmed their scenes with Ali sans music. Frank had the first scene and received a slap from Ali during it, which took nine takes. John C. opined the fact that out of eight scenes, his was the only one in which there was no contact with Ali.

Jonathan said he was "very nervous" about his kissing scene because he didn't want it to feel like a "stage kiss." He pulled her aside before the scene.

"As much as I want to kiss you and everything, if you feel uncomfortable at all or don't want to do it I understand, just let me know," he whispered.

"Okay," she responded. "Will do."

Ali said in a confessional that the scene started "very awkward" because she could feel him shaking.

The scene commenced and their first attempt at the kiss didn't go well, with Ali calling it "all wrong." The kiss still didn't happen correctly after several takes, and Jonathan began to cry as the other guys looked on. Ali hugged him and made sure to give him a "passionate kiss" during the next take.

"When Ali kissed me, it was sort of like a rocket ship blew up emotionally," commented Jonathan. "It was great, good connection. I was like, 'Whoa, that has to be real."

The rest of the scenes then filmed, and Frank got jealous that a lot of the other guys got kisses. He chalked up the chemistry to "acting." Kirk had a scene where he got in bed with Ali and the two rolled around, which he felt was "real."

"All I was focusing on was Ali," he said.

As the two kissed and rolled around the bed, a lot of the other bachelors left because they couldn't stomach it. However Frank stayed and watched the whole thing.

"I feel like she might have felt like there was something else there instead of just acting," he opined. "It's hard for me to define it yet, but I feel like something is not right. If Kirk gets the rose tonight, it's going to kill me."

With the shoot in the books, Ali and the guys enjoyed some cocktails. She stole Chris L. for some alone time, and he talked about how he has a tattoo in honor of his mom, who recently passed away. Ali said she got the sense that he wasn't comfortable talking about it yet. The other guys thought about who would be receiving the date's rose. Frank and Kirk argued about whether the kiss Kirk shared with her was real.

Jonathan spent some alone time with Ali, and he reiterated he was "nervous" during the shoot. He asked her if she wanted to go somewhere and have a "real first kiss without everybody watching" -- however he was interrupted by Craig R..

"I was a little annoyed," said Jonathan.  "But I feel like each time I see Ali and spend some time with her, our connection grows. I'd be a little surprised if I don't get the rose tonight."

Back at the house, Steve was eager to learn if he had the final individual date with Ali, but it instead went to Hunter.

"I'm frustrated," opined Steve. "The clock is ticking and I'm not getting anywhere."

As the group date continued, Kirk stole some alone time with Ali -- which annoyed Frank since he was still worried. Kirk and Ali subsequently kissed in the hot tub.

"I knew it was real, I just needed this to solidify it," said Kirk in a confessional.

Ali said Kirk has an "energy" that draws her to him.

"It makes me feel comfortable around him," she added. "He makes me feel safe. He makes me feel appreciated. I know he's here to be with me."

Jonathan saw the kiss and revealed it to the other bachelors on the date. Jonathan was crushed and said it "hurt" because he wanted to be the one kissing her. Frank was also upset because he felt like Ali was his "girlfriend."

"I can't stand by and watch it happen," he said.

Frank took action and jumped in the hot tub with the other guys. Justin, with a cast on his leg, could not participate.

"I've got to do whatever I can to get Ali's attention," he said. "I might have to pull something out of my sleeve in the next couple of days to make sure I do get that rose at the end of the week."

The group date came to a close and Ali gave the rose to Kirk.

"It's intimidating to be out on a date with Frank -- who Ali obviously likes. It's easy to get down about that," said Kirk. "But I've been nothing but myself with her and she likes me for me."

The group then watched the music video they filmed earlier in the day.

The next day, Justin commented how it was "crucial" to have alone time with Ali.

"Chris Harrison said you've got to use every moment to the best of your abilities in getting one-on-one time with Ali," he said. "You've got to be selfish when it comes to moment like this."

He hobbled up the road to her bachelorette pad and interrupted her while she was doing an interview with producers as to why she chose Hunter for the individual date.

"How did you get here?!" she asked surprised.

"I walked... from the mansion," he replied.

Justin immediately felt confident that she looked "shocked" to see him, and he explained he didn't want his foot to hold him back.

"I wanted you to know I'm the real deal," he told her. "The reason why I'm here, it's for you."

Ali said it was a "little crazy" Justin walked the few miles between the guys' mansion and her bachelorette pad, but called his effort a "turn on."

"I just can't even believe it," she added. "I'm so flattered that he would do that for me. I appreciate it."

Inside her house, Justin shared some photos of the "women in his life" -- his mother, sister and grandmother -- and also talked about his father's passing when he was a kid. Ali called the conversation "heartbreaking" but was glad he was comfortable talking about it.

Hunter prepared for his one-on-one at the house and commented how the other individual dates had "started a little earlier" than his.

"So far there's been three people on one-on-ones and they've all come home. I'm going to make it four-for-four," he boasted.

Ali arrived to pick up Hunter and brought Justin back to the mansion.

"I definitely think the guys would turn on me in two seconds if they found out I went to Ali's place today," said Justin.

"But at the end of the day I really don't care what they think. This was a huge move. This is going to change the whole tone of the house, shake everyone up a bit. Everyone got to step up their game, it's a little more of a competition than everyone thinks."

Hunter said he initially thought they were going to San Francisco, but since she picked him up so late he figured they were instead just going to her house.

"I'd love to be in your shoes, I'd do anything to spend time with her inside her house like that," Justin told Hunter.

"Too bad you're not buddy," replied Hunter, unaware of Justin's recent trip.

In a confessional, Ali called the date with Hunter "make it or break it."

"I think the fact that Justin walked all the way up here does kind of steal a little thunder away from Hunter," she added.

Hunter and Ali arrived at her place for the date, and she said there weren't a lot of distractions for them. They began to grill up some food, and the date got off to a good start. They discussed how both have divorced parents and she talked about giving her career up for love since her dad did it for her mom.

Back at the house, Justin predicted that Ali would not give Hunter a rose.

"I can't see Ali with Hunter at the end of the day," he said.

Ali and Hunter's date continued with a dip in the hot tub. Ali said in a confessional that it was fun getting to know him but needed to know if there was a "romantic connection."

The two watched the sunset in what could be considered a romantic moment, however it passed as Hunter filled it with conversation.

"I think Hunter's a great guy and I'd love to hang out with him," said Ali. "It's easy to talk to him. It's just something is off."

Hunter agreed and said in a confessional he was "not fully happy" with how the date had been going.

"I'm usually a lot slower, and it's very nerve racking knowing that I might be blowing this situation," he said. "But the night's not over. I still have time."

At the bachelor pad, Justin continued to talk about how he would give up his potential career as a professional wrestler to instead have a family. Justin also commented that he'd "give up everything" for Ali, which struck some of the other bachelors as being fake.

"If I find out that I'm right for Ali and I love Ali, I would give up everything for her," he insisted. "Screw the whole wrestling thing. Throw that out the window."

The guys reminded him that he was so proud to be "Rated R" during the initial cocktail party and once again questioned whether he would really give that up.

"I will literally climb mountains for that woman," said Justin.

He also told the guys about how his father was absent from his life and he would never do that to his eventual children by choosing a career as a professional wrestler.

"I haven't seen any genuine emotions from this kid since I've been here," said Kasey, a 27-year-old advertising account executive from Clovis, CA.

"Then I see him breakdown, I'm like, 'Is that part of his act still? Is he just trying to get us on his side now?' You don't know."

Back on the date, Hunter and Ali built a fire so they could make some smores. With time running out, Hunter revealed to Ali that he's no comfortable moving this fast.

"But I have a feeling so far that it is going to be worth it," he added. "Sticking around and breaking down the walls that Is till have right now."

Hunter was glad he got that off his chest and Ali was glad he did too before he bluntly addressed the rose sitting in front of him.

"I brought you on this date because I really wanted to see if we could just be comfortable together, and the reason I'm here to do this is I really want to find my husband here," she said.

"I think we had such a good date today. I think you're amazing. I feel like we would be great friends, I just don't know if there's a romantic connection. I don't think I'm going to be able to give you this rose tonight. I'm really sorry."

Hunter asked if there was anything he could do or if it was officially too late.

"I just don't feel like there's a strong romantic connection," said Ali.

The two then hugged and Hunter left.

"I came here hoping to find love with Ali. I'm sad that I wasn't able to have the time tonight to show myself to Ali," he opined. "I really wanted it to work out between Ali and I. Unfortunately I choked. When the time came, I choked. In all honesty, I feel disappointed."

The remaining bachelors watched as Hunter's bags were taken from the bachelor pad.

"It is a competition and Hunter, sorry, you're just another guy in my way," said Justin.

Kirk commented how Justin was "pretty jacked" that Hunter didn't return.

"He was proud that he called it," added Kirk. "We all want to end up with Ali, but you don't need to rub it in anybody's face or gloat."

The next night, the bachelors gathered for the cocktail party prior to the Rose Ceremony. Justin commented in a confessional that he felt "safe" because of his visit with Ali.

"Justin talks like he has a lot of confidence. I'm not sure why," wondered Craig R.. "I wouldn't be surprised by anything tonight."

Ali arrived and expressed the tough decision to send Hunter home because she didn't see him as her husband.

"I am very confident that my future husband is in that room," she said in a confessional.

Ali and Chris L. spent some alone time together and he confidently predicted in a confessional that he would make it to the end and receive a hometown date. Frank and Kirk discussed their relationships with Ali, which Frank thought was stronger than what the other guys had. However he was also paranoid as he saw her spend time with other guys.

Ali and Justin then spent some alone time together, and she commented how he "proved" a lot to her by walking to her house. Justin revealed it had been "challenging" for him in the house because the bachelors continued to insist he wasn't there for the right reasons. Ali asked if it was because of his wrestling job, and he said that was part of it.

"I am 110% here for you," he assured her. "It would be great to have relationships inside the house, but that's not the reason why I'm here."

Ali then said she felt the situation between her and Justin was similar to the one between The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love star Jake Pavelka and his selected suitor Vienna Girardi.

"People think that Justin is sort of a little bit of an outcast and different from everyone else," she added. "Just because I see that he's different than everyone else doesn't mean that I don't think he's good for me."

Steve took some initiative and set up a picnic in the front of the house since he didn't get any time with Ali during the week.

"I need to get to know Ali better," he said. "I definitely need to have a sense of urgency because I've kind of been falling behind."

Ali liked the surprise and said she appreciated the effort. However his plan hit a snafu when he couldn't open the champagne.

"My hand's a little fragile," he explained.

Steve eventually opened it and felt he "recovered quickly."

"Everything worked out best in the end," he said. "I'm going into this Rose Ceremony feeling very confident. I will be shocked if I don't get a rose."

Meanwhile a big group of bachelors -- led by Ty, a 31-year-old in medical sales from Nashville, TN -- discussed how they felt Justin wasn't there for the right reasons.

"To me Justin's two-faced," said Ty.

Craig R. agreed and said he didn't think Justin was being "truthful." Ty's big problem was that Justin was one way with the guys but acted a different way with Ali -- a comment Justin overheard.

"I'm kind of getting pissed off about this," said Justin as he confronted the guys. "I don't normally swear but this is getting f--king ridiculous. Whoever has anything to say to me, bring it. Vocalize it right now."

Ty asked if Justin was the same person around the guys as he was with Ali.

"I feel that there's something different about the person that's here with us and the person that is portrayed for her," he said.

Justin said he was trying to "bond" with the guys to "befriend" them. Ty felt Justin was giving "excuses."

"I'd like to think that the connection I have with Ali is strong enough to overpower anything they have to say," said Justin in a confessional. "But it's difficult. Imagine living with 12 other guys that all basically hate you... Just because they think I'm a contender for Ali doesn't mean they all have to team up on me."

"She's going to see through that," added Ty in his own confessional. "Karma's a bitch. It's gonna come back and get you."

Ali spent some alone time with Roberto, who decided to say something about Justin.

"You know he came to my house," said Ali.

"What's that?" replied Roberto, asking Ali to repeat the question, which she did. "When was that?"

"I thought you guys knew," said Ali.

In a confessional, Ali said she "didn't realize" Justin didn't tell the guys that he walked up to her house.

"I hope that doesn't make things worse for Justin in the house," she added.

Roberto told Ali she needs to "do what's right" for her -- but he immediately took the new piece of information and revealed it to the other bachelors. Ty decided to confront Justin about it, which he did in front of all the other guys.

"Who told you guys this?" asked Justin.

The guys wouldn't reveal how they learned the information and Justin admitted he did.

"I felt that, because of the way I've been portrayed, that I really wanted to prove to her that I'm here 100% for her," explained Justin. "I felt like I needed that time alone with her."

"Everybody needs time alone with her!" said Ty.

Justin then tried to lay the blame on Chris Harrison, reiterated the quote he gave earlier in the episode.

"With everything else that's happened, I don't trust your intentions," said Craig R..

Justin got combative, but several of the guys just left the room. Kasey called Justin "creepy."

"It's all part of an act," he added. "I don't know what to expect anymore."

Craig R. agreed with Kasey and said he felt Justin doesn't "care about Ali."

"It's all about getting attention," he added. "The only person he cares about is himself."

As Justin  had an emotional moment by himself about the "challenging" situation he was in, the guys discussed how they'd be "disappointed" if Ali decided to keep him.

"I'm fairly confident that Justin is going home tonight," said Craig R..

The Bachelorette's third sixth-season Rose Ceremony then commenced.

"Tonight is the first night that I feel I'm on the chopping block," said Justin. "Definitely a concern of mine is all this drama that's been blowing around that's going to affect Ali's opinion of me. I hope it's not. I was confident going into it, but there's a good chance I could be going home tonight."

In addition to Roberto and Kirk, Ali gave roses to Chris L., Jesse, Chris N., Ty, Kasey, Craig R., Frank, Jonathan, and Justin.

"Thank you for showing me that you would do anything for this," said Ali to Justin before giving him the ceremony's final rose.

After his ouster, John C. said he felt Ali "made a mistake" by keeping Justin

"I think he's here for the wrong reasons," he said. "It's not right. I don't understand it. I don't know if Justin's real."

The Bachelorette's next sixth-season episode will air Monday, June 14 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.