Bachelorette spoilers have leaked out revealing The Bachelorette's Season 19 finale -- including spoilers that reveal if Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia got engaged to Erich Schwer and Tino Franco respectively, and whether each The Bachelorette couple broke up after filming or is still together now.


[The Bachelorette Spoilers Warning: This report spoils The Bachelorette finale and contains spoilers revealing if Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are currently single, dating or engaged to their winners.]

The Bachelorette finale is set to air on Tuesday, September 20 at 8PM ET/PT, and the three-hour event, hosted by Jesse Palmer, will bring Season 19 to a close after weeks of dramatic twists and romantic love stories.


Rachel's only remaining bachelor is Tino Franco, a 28-year-old general contractor from Playa Del Rey, CA, and Gabby's last suitor standing is Erich Schwer, a 29-year-old real estate analyst from Bedminster, NJ.

Both Gabby and Rachel are "in love" and the men have already said, "I love you," back.

Heading into the Final Rose Ceremonies of Season 19, each woman is expecting to get engaged to the man of her "dreams."

"This is the man I've been waiting for my whole life," Rachel gushes of Tino.

And Gabby says, I do love Erich with all my heart, so I do want a proposal from him."

But previews for the final episode show more drama, tears and heartbreak is to come!

Gabby admits she's "so sick" of getting hurt and rejected, and that she would be "devastated" if Erich chose not to pop the question.

"Honestly, I think he might walk away," Gabby laments.

And Rachel tells Tino that something's been weighing on her.

"There's no way this works out," Tino complains. "She's throwing me under the bus saying that all of this is a lie!"

And Rachel accuses Tino of "lying straight to [her] face," adding, "Look me in the eyes and lie to me again!"

"You did say that. You said that!" Tino argues.

Rachel counters, "I want an answer for why you did what you did!... I have never felt this blindsided and betrayed. I'm done!"

Jesse has teased this ending will be the most dramatic and emotional The Bachelorette has ever seen. And so how does the season conclude? Keep reading for The Bachelorette spoilers!

Gabby picks Erich Schwer as her The Bachelorette winner

Gabby has already told Erich, "I love you" on The Bachelorette, and she went as far as to call him "the love of my life."

Erich also told Gabby that he's in love with her and wanted nothing more than to leave the show with her.

However, Erich admitted to Gabby that he'd like to just continue dating her after the show, rather than getting engaged at the Final Rose Ceremony.

Although Gabby appeared devastated by the news, Gabby reportedly let Erich stick around until the end and she did not leave the show single, alone and crushed, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.


It's unclear if Gabby and Erich got engaged at The Bachelorette star's final Rose Ceremony

The Bachelorette's nineteenth season wrapped filming in May in Mexico.

Carbone isn't sure whether Gabby and Erich left the show dating or engaged.

"I did hear a possibility that maybe they didn't get engaged in Mexico and they just left dating, but I was never able to confirm that," Carbone wrote in a new September 7 blog posting.


Rachel picks Tino Franco as her The Bachelorette winner and they get engaged

Carbone reported all the way back on August 11 that Tino proposed marriage at the end of the season and he and Rachel got engaged.

And Carbone still stands by his initial report, according to his latest September 15 blog posting about the show.

Gabby and Erich were reportedly still together when Part 1 of The Bachelorette finale aired on ABC

Carbone reported in early September that Gabby and Erich were "absolutely" still an item.

But then a photo of Erich in blackface resurfaced on social media. The photo was from his high school yearbook, and Erich issued a public apology for it.

Although the photo was offensive, Carbone heard last week that Gabby and Erich were still together as a couple.

But new allegations about Erich came out the day after Part 1 of the finale aired

Erich Schwer allegedly planned to reunite with an ex back home after returning from filming The Bachelorette and only did the show for "clout" and a career boost.

According to Erich's ex named Amanda Kaylor, a single mother based in Los Angeles, she dated Erich -- whom she had met on Hinge -- from January through mid-March, when Erich was cast on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season.

Amanda told @bachelornation.scoop that she and Erich had a whirlwind romance and she was convinced she had met her "person" until Erich revealed on March 10 that he had been offered a spot on The Bachelorette.

"He insisted that it was all acting and it would be as if he was just going out of town for a few weeks. He wanted a fresh start and a new career path because he was unhappy with his," Amanda claimed to the Instagram account.

Amanda dumped Erich because she said she wouldn't be okay with him "looking for love" on a reality TV show while they were still dating.

Erich allegedly sent Amanda roses on March 22, saying he'd "never stop thinking about [her]." He allegedly asked her to meet up in L.A. for a conversation, which Amanda agreed to, but then he took off to film the show in Los Angeles.

"I received a text from him (July 10th) as the show began to air, telling me how terrible what he did to me was and how sorry he was -- that he thinks about me all the time and won't ever forgive himself," Amanda claimed, adding, "I saw this as [a] sad attempt to save himself from anything to harm his newfound fame and reputation."

She concluded, "I don't believe Erich had any good intentions going on this show, and I don't believe anything [has] changed. He wanted the clout and he got it. I just hope he doesn't continue to hurt anyone on this new path he is on."

Amanda also sent the Instagram account photos of herself with Erich as well as screenshots of text messages that appear to corroborate her story.

Carbone reported on September 15 that he's not sure how this scandal will affect Erich and Gabby's relationship, if at all.

"If it lead to a breakup or what, I don't know. But no way if you're Gabby... this doesn't massively bother you," Carbone wrote, adding how Erich seems "untrustworthy" at this point.


Rachel and Tino reportedly ended their engagement and split up

According to Carbone, Rachel and Tino went on a break after getting engaged and totally stopped talking for a period of time. (Carbone couldn't confirm in early September who stopped talking to the other).

But Rachel ultimately broke up with Tino, allegedly, and the pair are no longer engaged.

"They're broken up, and there won't be any sort of reconciliation at the [After the Final Rose] from everything I've heard. It's over," he wrote in a September 7 blog posting.

Carbone had heard at the time there was a situation involving another woman named Rachel when Tino and The Bachelorette star were on their break. But Carbone wasn't sure if Tino had cheated or done anything wrong.

Rachel and Tino apparently discussed the drama during a "Happy Couple" visit at some point in the four months after The Bachelorette's Final Rose Ceremonies were filmed.

"Is it something major? Is it something small that got blown out of proportion?" Carbone wondered. "Are they just not compatible? Your guess is as good as mine."

He added, "There was definitely a 'what the hell is happening here, I thought we were engaged' kinda miscommunication happening."

Rachel changed her mind and decided she wanted to just date Tino, not be engaged

In his September 15 blog posting, Carbone reported that at some point after Rachel and Tino's engagement, Rachel told Tino that when she moved to Los Angeles, she wanted to give back her engagement ring and just date like a normal couple.

"Why it got to that point with Rachel, I'm not sure," Carbone wrote. "That's not what Tino wanted, but [he] apparently never told her that wouldn't work for him because he was afraid he'd lose her."

If that's true, viewers will probably be very surprised given Rachel was hell-bent on receiving a marriage proposal on the show. She even dumped Aven Jones because he just wanted to continue dating her after the show instead of putting a ring on it.

Rachel's alleged changed of heart about their relationship reportedly left the flight instructor and Tino in turbulent air with poor communication.

Rachel then reportedly ended things after Tino revealed he had kissed another girl

Carbone reported on September 15 that during Rachel and Tino's break, Tino "kissed another girl" during a night out.

"There wasn't sex, and it wasn't an ongoing thing," Carbone wrote in his blog.

The woman in question reportedly wants nothing to do with this story, and so Carbone doesn't know her connection to Tino and whether she's a former flame, a friend, or a total stranger.

Tino reportedly told Rachel that he kissed someone and that's how she found out.

"At that point, Rachel ended it with him. That's the argument we see in the promos. Was told Tino knows he screwed up, has apologized, but Rachel is checked out of the relationship," Carbone wrote.

"Doesn't seem to be any reconciliation coming at the ATFR."

Tino allegedly broke Rachel's trust and she wished he had told her right away, or not cheated at all to begin with, of course.

"Doubt I'll find out any more before Tuesday night when we see both couples live. Needless to say, this could actually be the most dramatic ATFR we've ever seen. And that's no hyperbole," Carbone concluded.

Gabby is competing on Dancing with the Stars this fall

On September 8, Gabby was announced as one of the Season 31 celebrities competing on Dancing with the Stars this Fall.

Dancing with the Stars' new season premiered Monday, September 19 at 8PM EDT/PDT on Disney+.

Gabby is competing for the mirrorball trophy against 15 other celebrities, and her professional partner is Val Chmerkovskiy.

In August, Gabby, a former Denver Broncos cheerleader, hinted she may join Dancing with the Stars when she told E! News' Daily Pop, "I love to dance, love to dance more than I love to make out with boys on TV -- which I love to do that a lot. So, it's saying a lot!"

Rachel also said she had been "advocating" for Gabby to be selected for the Dancing with the Stars cast.

Gabby shared with Us Weekly in early September how Dancing with the Stars will be "a good shift of gears" and change of pace for her after the emotional roller coaster she was on during The Bachelor 26 and The Bachelorette 19.


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