Constantine Tzortzis apparently wasted no time rebounding after his stint on The Bachelorette.

Tzortzis, a 30-year-old restaurant owner from Atlanta, GA, has begun dating seriously again, Life & Style reported Tuesday.

"He's been seeing a British girl named Rachel," a source told Life & Style, adding that Tzortzis' new sweetheart is tall, blonde and very pretty. "She's been at Giorgio's, the Tzortzis' family restaurant in Cumming, GA, a lot, just helping out and hanging around with everyone."

"It's new, but they're not really trying to hide it. They're definitely into each other."

While having a girlfriend would presumably be enough of a reason for Tzortzis to turn down a potential offer to become the star of the next season of The Bachelor, a future in reality TV is reportedly not in the cards for him because of a different rationale. 

"His mom will never let him go away again," the source added. "The only flowers he'll be handing out are right at home in Atlanta."

Tzortzis eliminated himself from The Bachelorette during last night's episode on his one-on-one date after he decided he was not interested in spending the night in a fantasy suite with Ashley Hebert. He opted to leave the show after he had expressed how he had not fallen in love with Hebert and respected her too much to pretend as if a strong connection had been built.