The Bachelor star Brad Womack isn't ruling out the possibility his second appearance on the show may feature a repeat ending in which he once again rejects both of his final bachelorette suitors.

"I would walk away [again], absolutely," Womack told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday.  "Again, I take this very seriously.  I know it's tough to believe [since] it's a television show [however] I take it very seriously."

"But, I am just a completely different person [now].  I don't even want to visit that thought.  You know three years is a long, long time for someone to change.  I think people can change."

ABC confirmed the eleventh-season The Bachelor star -- who was publicly lambasted after he rejected both Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas at the end of his The Bachelor edition in 2007 -- will return to the show and serve as the star of its upcoming fifteenth edition on Monday.  The new edition will begin filming shortly and premiere in January.

According to the network, Womack has spent "the last three years going through a radical personal transformation" which included "intensive therapy" that helped him realize he hadn't been "ready to commit to a relationship" during his first appearance on The Bachelor -- a realization he reiterated to DeGeneres during his Tuesday appearance.

"It's really tough to have 13-14 million Americans call you a jerk,  so I spent a year or two if not three defending myself adamantly... [but] yes, definitely I had commitment issues," he said. 

"It wasn't the girls' problem on my season, it was my problem.  That's tough to admit in front of people, you know -- it takes intensive therapy to admit that... it was difficult."