Bachelor spoilers give away what's going to unfold on Zach Shallcross' The Bachelor season, from his time in Budapest through the Final Rose Ceremony -- including hometown and Fantasy Suite-date details, Zach's Final 2 bachelorettes, who finished as Zach's winner, and whether Zach is still engaged.


[Bachelor Spoilers Warning: This report contains The Bachelor spoilers that will spoil the rest of Zach's season for you, including Zach's winner and final pic and if he got engaged.]

Zach and his seven remaining bachelorettes are heading to Budapest, Hungary for The Bachelor's seventh episode airing Monday, March 6 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

"After a week of scenic overlooks, mystical mentalists and hot air balloon rides, not everyone will end up with a rose as Zach comes one week closer to finding the one," ABC teased of what's to come.

Zach and one woman will write romantic poems and explore Budapest while learning more about each other in the process.

And later, a group date featuring mentalist Labib Malik will get emotional, causing some of the women to question their connection with Zach.

One woman then re-enters the picture, and, based on a preview of the next episode, it's Greer Blitzer, a 24-year-old medical sales representative from Houston, TX, who battled coronavirus in Estonia.

And a one-on-one date "takes love to new heights," according to the network.

Viewers just watched Zach grow closer to Charity Lawson, a 26-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, GA, and Ariel Frenkel, a 28-year-old marketing executive from New York City, NY, in Tallinn, Estonia after he recovered from COVID-19.

Zach ended up eliminating Jess Girod and Aly Jacob, and his goodbye to Jess was especially difficult and emotional.

In addition to Charity, Ariel, and Greer, the following women are still in the running for Zach's heart: Brooklyn Willie, a 25-year-old rodeo racer from Stillwater, OK; Gabi Elnicki, a 25-year-old account executive from Pittsford, VT; Kaity Biggar, a 27-year-old ER nurse from Austin, TX; and Kat Izzo, a 26-year-old registered nurse from Tampa, FL.

Based on the preview that aired following The Bachelor's February 27 episode, Brooklyn apparently receives a one-on-one date and tells Zach, "To fall in love with you has been nothing short of amazing."

And later this season, Zach apparently tells The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer there's going to be "no sex" in the Fantasy Suites for him. Jesse warns Zach he's going to be tempted, and Brooklyn says she's "ready to take that next step."

"This is an act of love, not lust," Zach explains. "I could lose one of the women from this. It was a beautiful moment, but it feels robbed."
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The Bachelor spoilers reveal Zach's upcoming dates, Rose Ceremony decisions, major storylines, and eliminations leading up to Zach's winner, as recently reported by Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

So what happens on the rest of Zach's The Bachelor season? Which bachelorettes make it all the way to the Final Rose Ceremony and who ends up with Zach? Keep reading for all the spoilers that are currently out there!

Zach's The Bachelor season was filmed last fall and included stops around Europe

Zach's The Bachelor season began filming in late September 2022 at the famous Bachelor mansion in California.

Zach and some of his lucky bachelorettes visited the United Kingdom, Estonia and Hungry during his journey to find love.

The Bachelor season followed the show's usual production schedule and finished filming in late November with Zach's Final Rose Ceremony, but premiered three weeks later than the "first Monday of January" premiere date that The Bachelor historically begins airing on ABC.

Zach's The Bachelor season is billed as "a bit of a throwback" and "a beautiful story"

Jesse Palmer told E! News in November that Zach's season "is a bit of a throwback."

"This season is a lot more about the romance and the love, and maybe a little bit less about the drama," explained Jesse, who starred on Season 5 of The Bachelor back in 2004.

Jesse also said on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast in early January that Zach "really shines" throughout his season.

"I really think he comes through," Jesse teased. "He has a beautiful story, and I'm really excited for people to see it."

Zach "cries a lot" during The Bachelor and it's "the most emotional show"

"This is easily the most emotional show that I've hosted in the franchise to date," Jesse told E! News in November.

Jesse also told Us Weekly that The Bachelor bachelorettes were "really into Zach."

Jesse shared late last year, "Zach's so emotionally mature and he's a guy that's not afraid to wear his emotion on his sleeve. He's very, very intentional. This is easily the most emotional show that I've hosted in the franchise."

Jesse said Zach's season is "emotionally charged" because the bachelorettes really want to end up with Zach.

"It's a [totally] different vibe than I've [ever] had hosting any of the other shows," the host noted.


Brooklyn emerges as The Bachelor season's new "villain" after Christina's exit

After Christina Mandrell was sent packing, Brooklyn Willie reportedly emerged as The Bachelor season's new "villain."

Carbone heard that Brooklyn was a pot-stirrer and happened to be in the middle of a lot of the drama.

"But from all I've been told, [Brooklyn] just liked to instigate things that seemingly would keep her on TV," Carbone reported in his blog.

Brooklyn gets sent home on a one-on-one date in Hungary

Zach went on two one-on-one dates in Budapest, Hungary with Kaitlyn "Kaity" Biggar and Brooklyn Willie.

However, Zach reportedly denied Brooklyn a rose on their solo date.

Carbone isn't sure whether there was a formal Rose Ceremony in Hungary. It's possible that Zach just determined his Final 4 bachelorettes by handing out roses on his dates instead.

The other two women ousted by Zach in Hungary were Katherine "Kat" Izzo and Greer Blitzer.

Zach's Final 4 bachelorettes are Ariel, Charity, Gabi and Kaity

At the seventh Rose Ceremony, which took place in Hungary, Zach went from seven bachelorettes to only four women.

Zach's Final 4 bachelorettes were Ariel Frenkel, Charity Lawson, Gabriella "Gabi" Elnicki, and Kaitlyn "Kaity" Biggar.

Gabi was caught reading Game of Roses' How to Win the Bachelor book during her stay at the mansion, so it's likely Gabi's intentions were questioned at some point in the process.

Ariel, Gabi and Kaity are Zach's Final 3 bachelorettes

Zach picked his Final 3 bachelorettes after the women's round of hometown dates.

Zach visited Gabriella "Gabi" Elnicki in Vermont on October 31 and then Ariel Frenkel in New York on November 2.

Zach proceeded to fly to Columbus, GA, to meet Charity Lawson's family on November 4, followed by Kaitlyn "Kaity" Biggar's hometown date in Austin, TX, on November 6.

At the eighth Rose Ceremony of the season, Zach eliminated Charity.

Zach's Final 3 bachelorettes as a result were Ariel, Gabi and Kaity.

Zach's Final 2 bachelorettes are Gabi and Kaity 

After completing his round of hometown dates, Zach enjoyed his overnight Fantasy Suite dates in Krabi, Thailand.

It's unclear whether he went into a Fantasy Suite with Ariel Frenkel, Gabriella "Gabi" Elnicki, or Kaitlyn "Kaity" Biggar -- or all of them.

In Carbone's new February 6 blog posting, he revealed that Ariel was eliminated at the Rose Ceremony following Zach's Fantasy Suite dates.

Zach's Final 2 bachelorettes are therefore Kaity and Gabi.

Zach got engaged to Kaity at his final Rose Ceremony

Jesse Palmer told Us Weekly in November that he was "10,000 percent" certain Zach will have a happy ending and that he couldn't wait for people to see the Bachelor's journey.

And Zach has repeatedly revealed in media interviews that he found love on the show and is "very happy" in life right now.

Zach also told Variety that "a lot happens" on his "emotional roller-coaster" of a season -- but it's all a "beautiful part of how everything works out."

According to Carbone's February 6 blog, Zach dumped Gabriella "Gabi" Elnicki in second place and chose Kaitlyn "Kaity" Biggar as his winner!

And not only that, but Zach proposed marriage to Kaity and the pair got engaged!

Although it's been reported on social media that Gabi was the bachelorette who won Zach's heart, Carbone said he trusts his sources.

"I'll bet on myself... I don't reveal my sources or how I get any info. But with another spoiler out there for 2 months that's opposite of mine, now we can officially say one of us is dead wrong. Gonna make for a great finale night I tell ya," Carbone wrote.

Carbone apparently received "some info this past weekend" about Zach's winner that he felt comfortable running with.

Zach recently told Deadline that he "wouldn't trade" his experience on the show for anything, even though he had to endure some "ups and downs" to get to the finish line.

Christina and Anastasia feud at The Women Tell All

Carbone reported that 16 women attended The Women Tell All taping in late February and the episode will air in mid-March.

Things got "pretty contentious" between Christina Mandrell and Anastasia Keramidas at The Women Tell All taping, according to Carbone's March 1 blog post.

"I'm still trying to get more info on what happened, but those two did not go well," Carbone wrote.

"And something I'd heard regarding Anastasia was brought to the forefront... I'll get into it more later and share what I'd gotten. Nothing we haven't seen before but it was never brought up on the show, just at the taping."

A lot of other women also had their say with Christina and how she had acted in the house.

There is reportedly photo evidence Zach picked Kaity as his winner

On February 28, Carbone reported the Instagram account @bachelorsherlock -- which is private -- posted a photo of Zach and Kaity Biggar at the Final Rose Ceremony.

Carbone claimed the photo showed Zach and Kaity together "clearly" after he picked her as his winner.

"So that pic posted by @bachelorsherlock just made doubters not have to wait until March 27th to believe my spoiler," Carbone wrote on March 1.

"This should be all the evidence they need. Don't know how they got the pic, nor does it matter. It's clear as day who Zach is with."


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