Bachelor Pad eliminated Krisily Kennedy and Wes Hayden during Monday night's broadcast of the fourth episode of The Bachelor franchise's new Big Brother-like reality competition in which former bachelor and bachelorettes compete for a $250,000 cash prize.

Krisily, who was the runner-up on The Bachelor's seventh-season, was eliminated based on votes cast by Bachelor Pad's five remaining former The Bachelorette bachelors while Wes, a former fifth-season The Bachelorette bachelor, was ousted based on voting by the competition's eight remaining former The Bachelor bachelorettes.

Bachelor Pad's fourth episode began with the competition's 13 remaining contestants having to truthfully complete an anonymous survey about their fellow contestants.

The next day, the cast participated in a contest in which they had to attempt to guess which contestant the majority of the contestants had given as the answer to a particular question.  Several of the majority answers provoked hard feelings among the women who were named as the answers -- including who is your biggest enemy (Krisily), who is the most shallow (Elizabeth Kitt), who is the dumbest (Gwen Gioia), who will always be a bridesmaid and never a bride (Natalie Getz), and who has the worst boob job (Elizabeth again).

Tenley Molzahn won the contest for the bachelorettes and Jesse Beck won for the bachelors, giving them immunity from Bachelor Pad's fourth elimination vote as well as the ability to select one opposite-sex contestant to accompany them a private one-on-one date in which they could then award an immunity rose to their companion.

Tenley selected Kiptyn Locke, who she had slowly been developing a romantic relationship with, to accompany her on her date while Jesse picked Peyton Wright, who he had recently become attracted to. 

Tenley and Jesse both presented their roses during their dates, giving Kiptyn and Peyton immunity from the competition's fourth elimination vote.

Meanwhile back at the house, Wes attempted to convince the rest the competition's contestants that they needed to begin breaking up the house's couples -- namely Kiptyn and Tenley as well as Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth. 

In addition, Krisily talked with David Good -- who she had formed a secret crush on -- and came away believing she had developed an ally in the house.

The next day, Krisily spoke with the rest of the bachelorettes and pushed for ouster of Jesse Kovacs.

"Unfortunately there's no reason to vote off David or Wes.  I think Kovacs is really the only one that's an option to send home," she told Peyton and Ashley Elmore.

"Yeah," they both replied.

Jesse Kovacs also sensed he was likely to be the bachelorettes' target.
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"If they were smart, they'd vote me off, honestly.  If I were them I'd vote me off too," he told David.  "It's just me and Wes who are going to be receiving votes."

However David -- who had formed an alliance with Kiptyn and Jesse Kovacs -- wasn't ready to concede Jesse's exit and approached Krisily and told her the men wouldn't be targeting her at the night's vote and used that trust to convince her to cast her vote for Wes instead of Jesse Kovacs.

"I think it's going to be Gwen," David told Krisily.

"You mean I'm not on the chopping block this week?" Krisily asked.

"No," David replied.

David was telling the truth at the time -- he and Jesse Kovacs were planning to vote for Gwen and expecting Kiptyn to also agree to the plan -- but Kiptyn later told them he didn't want to betray Gwen, who he was friendly with, so they ended up voting for Krisily, resulting in her elimination.

Meanwhile Krisily still went ahead and cast her vote for Wes, resulting in his ouster even though Jesse Kovacs received votes from Gwen, Peyton and Nikki Kaapke.

"Wes being honest about voting off the couples is what eventually bit him in the butt," Natalie said.

Krisily didn't go quietly after Bachelor Pad host Chris Harrison announced her elimination.

"I'm just angry. I'm not upset, I'm not going to cry, I'm just angry.  I was told one thing and voted a certain way because of it.  I laid my faith on some people tonight that clearly weren't there for me," she told the rest of the contestants.  "I've been nothing but honest with everyone in this house and no one could be honest with me and  don't respect that, not at all."

"I didn't vote for you," Wes replied.

"I didn't either," Jesse Beck added.

"I wish very good luck to everyone who is not Kovacs, Kiptyn, Elizabeth and Tenley because they're going to be the final four," Krisily continued.  "I'm just saying that now, because they're impossible to break because no one has the guts to break them.  In this competition, you guys are the strongest pact in this house, and no one has had the guts to separate you guys.  And that's why each of us are going home."

"Sorry if I didn't 'stay classy,' but you know I call it as I see it."

As the thinly-veiled target of Krisily's comments, David wasn't happy.

"I feel bad for Krisily, she really embarrassed herself tonight and showed her true colors," he said afterwards.  "Earlier today, she wasn't on the chopping block.  Unfortunately, in the last 30 minutes that changed and she got sent home.  That's the game."

Krisily continued to lament her misplaced trust during her exit limo ride.

"David was the person that I went to tonight that I trusted, and I showed them that I could be trusted and I voted with them.  David made me feel safe, and I was completely vulnerable, and I got sent home for it.  I don't remember the last time someone looked in my face and lied, and I don't know how long it will take me to get over what Dave did tonight," she said.

"I do hold a grudge and I feel what Dave did tonight was unacceptable, and I feel like it was just a sh-t thing to do to somebody you called a friend.  The minute that I felt safe in that house -- the one minute that I felt safe standing at that Rose Ceremony -- is the minute that they all screwed me."

Wes was more circumspect about his elimination.

"The pack in the house is pretty strong, and I kind of intentionally separated myself from the pack.  People in the house, they just came to party.  They want to drink, they want to hoot and holler.  I'm not surprised, I mean I stood up for what I believe in, and people know where I stand.  I was real upfront from the very beginning that I walked in the door that, 'This is what has to happen, you need to get rid of these couples, you need to start breaking stuff up,'" he said afterwards.

"Nobody listened to me, I betcha Krisily voted for me to go home!  Because she thought Dave and Kovacs and Kip had her back.  They're going to find themselves on the next limo ride out of here.  It's sad but it's true, you mark my words, it will happen."
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