Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal the ending of Season 6, including which couples got engaged in Mexico during the finale, and which singles continued to date after filming ending.

[Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers Warning: This article reveals major spoilers and details about Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise and its couples -- so stop reading now if you want to wait until the season airs to find out which bachelors and bachelorettes ended up together in the finale!]


Bachelor in Paradise's sixth season premiered last week with sexy singles from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise looking for love in Mexico.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers were reacquainted with Annaliese Puccini, Bibiana Julian, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Demi Burnett, Hannah Godwin, Adrianne "Jane" Aver, Katie Morton, Kristina Schulman, Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Onyeka Ehie, Sydney Lotuaco, and Tayshia Adams.

And the men who arrived on the beach on Day 1 looking to date were Blake Horstmann, Cam Ayala, Clay Harbor, Chris Bukowski, Derek Peth, Dylan Barbour, John Paul Jones, Kevin Fortenberry, and Wills Reid.

Blake and Tayshia sparked a romance by going on a date, while Demi hit it off with Derek and Dylan formed a huge crush on Hannah.

As for drama, Caelynn exposed Blake's player past and how he allegedly had sex with her and Kristina in the same weekend at a Stagecoach festival, which just so happened to be the same weekend he flirted with Tayshia as well.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 spoilers

In the next episode on Monday, August 12, the season's first Rose Ceremony will commence and the men will be able to hand out roses, ultimately eliminating several bachelorettes.

ABC revealed in a press release for the next two episodes Hannah G. will find herself "torn" between Dylan and Blake, who pursued Hannah despite her obvious connection with Dylan.


After Hannah accepts her rose from one of the two men, the other disappointed bachelor will be left to choose between "two women he has left hanging."

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Hannah accepts Dylan's rose and then Blake will most likely be left to choose between Kristina and Tayshia, the two women with whom he had gone on dates. Blake reportedly ends up giving his rose to Tayshia.

"The chess game continues when Chris drops a bomb in Paradise, choosing a shocked beauty over the blindsided woman with whom he has been keeping company," ABC teased.

Carbone said Chris gives his rose to Kristina, which will probably shock Annaliese, who was shown gushing to cameras about how she had felt some serious chemistry with the experienced bachelor.

The nine women who survive the Rose Ceremony will then look forward to new men arriving, while the nine original Paradise men will worry about the newcomers -- especially the "self-proclaimed mayor of Paradise."

The original bachelors will try to keep and protect the relationships they had already formed.

ABC teased in its press release one "confident" guy will zero in on Hannah, while Clay will be faced with his potential love interest, Nicole, being "a hot commodity?"

Meanwhile, Cam will continue to woo Caelynn, but his hopes may be crushed when "a dashing newcomer" shows up to Paradise and sweeps the bachelorette off her feet, ABC says.

Week 2's newcomers are reportedly Jordan Kimball, Mike Johnson, Dean Unglert, and Christian Estrada.


And the love triangle of Hannah G., Blake and Dylan will continue to be a mess, as "one man's world will crumble as the other one steals her away."

It's likely that Blake will steal Hannah away for some alone time given she had previously accepted Dylan's rose and chose him.

The episode will apparently result in a dramatic face-off on the beach that will anger everyone in Paradise.

On the Tuesday, August 13 episode, there will be "explosive confrontations and shocking secrets," according to ABC.

Hannah will share something with one suitor that might ruin their relationship, and Demi will open up to Derek about how she has feelings for a woman back home.

As for Caelynn, she'll be juggling Cam's advances with the newcomer. 

"But her plans change when another man returns to Paradise with a Date Card and she wants to be the object of his affection," ABC says.

"Can she trust this former bad boy? Or will she make the same mistake twice?"

Carbone claims the man with the Date Card will be Dean, who is definitely considered a bad boy in Paradise given he had been involved in a love triangle with Kristina and Danielle Lombard on a previous Bachelor in Paradise season.

Nicole will then be tempted by a "suave" arrival despite her growing affection for Clay.

Clay will therefore have to assert himself in order to hold on to Nicole and sway her from taking advantage of a new relationship.


"As the ladies get ready to hand out the roses, the most vulnerable men plan to pull out all the stops at the cocktail party. Clay and his new rival are headed for a combustible face-off. Will the situation explode or will someone back down?" ABC teased.

According to Carbone, the situation involves Jordan and Christian, who also goes on a date with Nicole during the second round of dates.

"During the cocktail party of this episode, Christian and Nicole are off by themselves talking and he brought a pinata," Carbone wrote in a July 23 blog posting.

"Clay goes over to interrupt and basically Christian doesn't let him. Clay goes back to the group, tells them what happened, and Jordan then goes over to talk to Christian."

However, things then get violent and both Jordan and Christian end up being kicked off the show.

"[Jordan]'s about to rip the pinata from where it was hanging (basically to throw it in the ocean like last season's teddy bear), but Christian grabs his arm, and Jordan body slams him to the ground," Carbone wrote.

"Security has to jump in and separate the two, and after a while, Chris Harrison says they both have to leave the show. You saw a clip of how this goes down on the promo that ran."

But that's only the next two episodes! A lot more is apparently in store for fans, including romance and tears.

What Bachelor in Paradise relationships end in engagements?

Carbone recently reported three couples got engaged during the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise that will air later this summer.

According to Carbone, Dylan and Chris both got down on one knee and proposed marriage, and the other couple happened to be the franchise's first-ever, same-sex pairing!

Dylan reportedly proposed marriage to Hannah, Chris popped the question to Katie, and then Demi and her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty -- who is not associated with Bachelor Nation or any Bachelor show -- got engaged.

Demi confirmed in late July she is romantically attracted to and interested in women on social media shortly after a Bachelor in Paradise preview aired on ABC and showed Demi straddling and kissing another woman in bed.

"Spoiler alert: I'm a queer queen," Demi tweeted along with #BachelorInParadise and emojis of a rainbow, a queen and two hearts.

In the premiere episode, Demi explained she is "fluid" and decided to date in Paradise to determine exactly what she wants in a partner. Demi said she falls in love with a person, regardless of whether that person is male or female.

In a preview clip for Bachelor in Paradise this season, Demi said in a confessional, "I know that I love this girl. I'm just so happy that I found her, and I can definitely picture being with her for the rest of my life."

In addition, Demi's voice could be heard saying, "I smell an engagement, and it feels amazing," in the trailer.

Season 6 will therefore tie the record for most engagements in a Bachelor in Paradise season, as Season 3 of the series also ended with three engagements.

While Hannah and Dylan paired up right off the bat, Carbone said Chris and Katie get together at the second Rose Ceremony of the season when Katie decides to give her rose to Chris.

Viewers have not seen any interaction between this pair yet -- not even one person expressing how the other is good looking.

At the first Rose Ceremony, Katie receives a rose from Wills. (As previously mentioned, Chris reportedly gives his rose to Kristina).

As for Demi, she and Derek reportedly exchange roses at the first two Rose Ceremonies of the season before she reveals to the group she's bisexual.

Kristian, whom Demi had already been dating for several months prior to the show, reportedly shows up to Paradise soon.

Dylan and Hannah G. spoilers

Of all three couples, Carbone predicts Hannah and Dylan will last and actually get married considering their relationship in Mexico was sincere and long lasting.

Hannah, a content creator and model from Birmingham, AL, competed on Colton Underwood's edition of The Bachelor earlier this year before making her way into Paradise.

Hannah made it to overnight Fantasy Suite dates but was dumped before she could enjoy the night with Colton because he had his heart set on Cassie Randolph.

Dylan just appeared on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette.

The tech entrepreneur from California didn't make it as far as Hannah G. did on her The Bachelor season, because Dylan was sent packing by Hannah in Riga, Latvia.

Chris and Katie spoilers

Chris initially found fame way back on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, but he got rejected when Emily determined her Final 3 bachelors.

Chris later returned for Season 3 of Bachelor Pad and then crashed Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette. But Andi chose not to let Chris join her cast of guys since he had developed a player reputation from his time on Bachelor Pad.

Chris then appeared on Seasons 1 and 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, but he only lasted several weeks on each season.

Chris famously announced his "retirement" from The Bachelor franchise in 2015, but he apparently had a change of heart and decided to do the show again.

Katie, a medical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, CA, appeared on Season 23 of The Bachelor starring Colton and finished in eighth place.

Demi and Kristian spoilers

Like Katie, Demi was also a bachelorette from Colton's The Bachelor edition. She finished in ninth place and made waves in the house with her confident and forward personality as well as her aggressive approach to dating the then-virgin bachelor.

Carbone said he first heard Demi was bisexual all the way back in January when Colton's season was airing.

Carbone claimed to have received pictures of Demi kissing another woman, but he had no intention of outing Demi at the time.

Demi reportedly met Kristian through fellow The Bachelor contestant Catherine Agro, as Catherine and Kristian were roommates. Demi and Kristian allegedly began dating in February.

As Carbone was prepping his spoilers for the new Bachelor in Paradise season, he heard Demi had a girlfriend whom she was planning to introduce to the world on the show. Carbone later received confirmation Demi's girlfriend left for filming.

Carbone says Demi and Kristian were given a Date Card once they reunited in Paradise and then Kristian got to stay on the show.

"All this of Kristian coming on the show was pre-planned," Carbone wrote in a June 18 blog posting.

"Demi talked about it with producers, she knew Kristian was gonna be brought in after filming had started, and she wanted to use the show as an outlet to come out as bisexual. They're not having Kristian battle over other men for Demi or anything like that. They are there and they are a couple."

Carbone said at the time Bachelor in Paradise would be "The Demi Show" for a while and producers and Demi would both exploit the same-sex relationship given the franchise has never seen it before. 

"You can bet your ass ABC loves this and will scream it from the rooftops how ground breaking it is for their show to have a same sex couple on it," Carbone wrote last month.

"That's why they're allowing it and seemingly not caring about any sort of rules for the show."

But fans shouldn't feel sorry for Derek, according to Carbone, because he wasn't exactly blindsided by Demi's romance with another female.

"I guess there had been talk either before the show or on the show by Demi that she had dated women in her past," Carbone said last month.

"I don't think Derek physically expected Demi's girlfriend to show up during filming, but I don't think he was all that shocked by it either when it happened... I think the seed was planted so he wasn't completely caught off guard."

Carbone then tweeted on June 28 that Demi and Kristian had gotten engaged in Paradise.

Which other Bachelor in Paradise couple is still together and dating?

Dean and Caelynn reportedly continued their relationship outside of Paradise and are still dating. They have yet to get engaged, however.

"Dean and Caelynn are dating," a source told E! News in mid-July.

"They are now in Venice, Italy and plan to travel around Italy together before coming back to [Los Angeles]."

The report came after an eyewitness took a photo of what appeared to be Caelynn and Dean walking down the street together in Venice and sent it to Carbone, who then posted the photo on Twitter on July 13.

Prior to their trip to Venice, the source said Dean had traveled to Spain and Caelynn ended up meeting him there, resulting in four days spent together.

Although Caelynn and Dean never confirmed they were actually in Spain together on social media, they made it pretty obvious by posting photos of their experiences around the same time on their respective Instagram accounts.

"Clearly hating my time in Spain," Caelynn captioned a picture of herself smiling in Barcelona in early July.

And the following day, Dean posted a video of himself swimming in the Embalse de Yesa.

"Driving through Spain today and came across this crazy blue lake. the color reminded me of the lakes in Patagonia," Dean wrote alongside the image.

According to insiders, Caelynn and Dean "really hit it off" in Paradise, People reported.

"But then Dean got cold feet and left," an insider told People. "He got home and realized he really had feelings for Caelynn, so went back to Paradise for a second chance."

The insider added, "Things have been going much better between them since they left Mexico together."

People's report echoes what Carbone had written in his blog about Dean and Caelynn's time on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise together earlier this summer.

Dean and Caelynn spoilers

Carbone reported Cam gave his rose to Caelynn at the first Rose Ceremony of the season and then Dean and Mike arrived.

Mike reportedly asked Caelynn out on a date but then she gave her rose to Dean at the second Rose Ceremony of Season 6.

"At the 3rd rose ceremony, Dean gave his rose to Caelynn then left. Didn't see a relationship progressing past the show," Carbone tweeted on June 30.

"[Connor Saeli] came in and asked out Caelynn and things were going well until Dean returned, said he wanted to be w/ Caelynn, and Caelynn left w/ Dean."

Caelynn and Dean reportedly therefore left Bachelor in Paradise dating each other. Caelynn recently told E! News her experience on the show was "horrible" and "great" at the same time.

Caelynn competed on Colton's season of The Bachelor earlier this year. Although Caelynn and Colton seemed to establish a deep connection, he ended up choosing Caelynn's best friend on the show, Cassie Randolph.

Dean found fame when he appeared on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette and made it all the way to a hometown date.

After an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, Dean later fell for Lesley Murphy on The Bachelor Winter Games, which filmed in late 2017. Dean and Lesley, however, split around April 2018.

But as recently as seven months ago, Dean had insisted all Bachelor Nation relationships were fake and insisted he would not want to be in a relationship with another franchise alum ever again.

"None of these Bachelor relationships are real, not a single one of them," Dean told Access in January.

"Maybe you've got some marriages and some kids and those ones are real, but every one of them's fake and contrived and I'm not into that."

"Granted, there are some that are real, like those ones I guess, but boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, every single one of them is fake," Dean said.

"From a marketing side of things, if you're in a relationship, you get more good notoriety, whatever it is and it's just like, who cares? I'm not going to be in a relationship for the sake of, like, image or selling more things on Instagram, you know?" Dean ranted in his interview with Access.

"So if you wouldn't be in a relationship if all of that weren't there, you shouldn't be in a relationship to begin with. That's kind of the approach I take."

Dean elaborated, "And that's kind of why I never want to get in a Bachelor relationship again because, whether or not, there is an inkling or whisper of a possibility that the other person might be in it because they see the value in it monetarily or whatever, social status wise."

Fans will find out soon enough whether Dean and Caelynn's romance turns out to be the real deal.


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