Bachelor in Paradise featured make-or-break conversations for the couples in Paradise before Fantasy Suites in which a whopping 10 cast members chose to leave the show -- including John Paul Jones, Tayshia Adams, Chase McNary, Angela Amezcua, Sydney Lotuaco and Matt Donald.

Although Bachelor in Paradise lost John Paul, Tayshia, Chase, Angela, Sydney, Matt, Luke Stone, Revian Chang, Haley Ferguson and Brianna "Bri" Barnes, several couples falling in love chose to take advantage of upcoming overnight dates.

In addition, Connor Saeli met and hit it off with Whitney Fransway outside of Paradise after both singles chose to leave the beach.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with all of the couples determining whether they could see themselves with their significant others long-term.

John Paul told Dylan Barbour more conversations with Tayshia needed to be had before he could feel ready to propose marriage, but Hannah Godwin was feeling completely confident in her romance with Dylan.

Haley predicted Hannah and Dylan would get engaged, and maybe Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty. However, Demi admitted the idea of getting engaged "terrified" her.

Kristian knew Demi was under a lot of stress and just needed more time to become comfortable with PDA and people judging her, but Kristian still wondered if she was the problem, the one causing Demi's anxiety.

Demi assured Kristian that she's amazing and was doing everything right. Demi had "a tornado of a brain" happening, but she said she wanted to be with Kristian more than anything. Demi said she just had to work on letting the world into her emotions and feelings.

"I want to be engaged; I want to marry her. But there's a part of me that's terrified of what people are thinking whenever they see me and her kiss," Demi told the cameras. "I can't get rid of that. I hope we can get past this weird phase of not being on the same page, but I'm scared."

After John Paul and Tayshia were shown having a serious conversation in which John Paul expressed concern she might be too materialistic in their relationship, Hannah received a Date Card and asked Dylan out.

Clay Harbor and Chris Bukowski thought Hannah and Dylan were "the strongest couple in Paradise" and would probably get engaged. Clay said he's never watched two people spend more time together.


For their date, Hannah and Dylan were invited to a child's birthday party. Hannah loved watching Dylan play with the kids, and she said he was great around them.

"I am ready to be engaged to this man who I am literally head over heels for," Hannah said in a confessional, before Dylan revealed Hannah was his "person."

Dylan thought Hannah would be an amazing wife and mother, and he could envision having a family with her. The one thing Dylan couldn't picture was Hannah not being in his life.

"I think I've been struggling with the difference of falling in love with you and being in love with you, and it just made me realize that I am in love with you, and I love you, Hannah," he told her.

"I want to be together. I want to spend every day with you. I want to talk to you every day, and it's just something that makes me so happy

"I love you too," Hannah replied before kissing Dylan. "I -- love -- you."

Hannah said she didn't know she was capable of feeling that way, but she felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Clay then received a Date Card, and he asked Nicole Lopez-Alvar out. It was hard for Connor to watch everyone make connections because that's what he wanted.

Connor said he didn't exactly click with Revian, but he couldn't stop thinking about Whitney, whom he met at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson's wedding. He thought they had great conversation and got along well, so he was waiting for Whitney to walk down the stairs and enter Paradise.


However, if Whitney didn't show up, Connor planned to leave Paradise because he was on the show to find love.

Connor basically sat by the stairs waiting for Whitney to arrive, and then Whitney was shown driving to the beach. Whitney said she couldn't wait to meet Connor because they had an amazing conversation at the wedding.

However, Connor left about 20 minutes before Whitney arrived in Paradise, so they just missed each other.

Connor vented about how Caelynn Miller-Keyes had interrupted his conversation with Whitney at the wedding and had Caelynn not done that, the situation could've been totally different.

"I just wish she would've come down," Connor vented to the cameras, clearly disappointed.

Once Whitney stepped foot into Paradise, everyone was shocked because they knew Connor had been waiting for her arrival. Sydney therefore told Whitney that Connor really wanted to meet and get to know her.

Whitney was "shocked" and "a little taken aback," but she ultimately decided to leave Paradise and chase after Connor because she came onto the beach just for him. When Whitney went after what she wanted, everyone cheered.

Whitney was then driven straight to Connor's hotel room, and he was thrilled to see her at his front door. The couple immediately hit it off, and Connor was smiling ear to ear.

"Whitney, she's here and she's gorgeous. I'm so happy... This is the best!" Connor said, adding that seeing Whitney made him believe in this journey.

The pair shared a romantic kiss, and then Clay and Nicole's date was shown.


Nicole had been avoiding asking Clay serious questions about their future because he could sense he had been holding back. But Nicole decided to be open with Clay at dinner and cut to the chase.

"Dropping the 'L' word is a big deal for me too. If I were to introduce you to my parents or my family and maybe move to Chicago, I would want to know for sure you're 100 percent in and willing to take that risk to put your heart on the line for me... I'm still falling for you... Do you think you're falling -- a little bit?" Nicole asked Clay.

Clay had a roundabout way of saying he cared for Nicole but wasn't in love with her. Clay said Nicole was his best friend on the beach and he loved spending time with her.

"I do think I'm starting to fall in love with you. I am. I just can't say right now that I'm in love," Clay said.

Nicole felt nervous about her future with Clay as a result, but she just decided to enjoy the night. The couple danced to the music of a guitarist, but Nicole couldn't help but think about how she wouldn't be able to get engaged to a man who's unsure about her.

Meanwhile, Chris was second-guessing his feelings for Katie Morton. He enjoyed every second he spent with Katie and was happy, but he was also protecting his heart and admitted to being a bit scared.

Chris wasn't 100 percent convinced his relationship with Katie was "the right thing," and she could tell he was overthinking things because she later went to bed crying.

Tayshia also planned a cute date in which she asked John Paul if she could draw him like Jack sketched Rose in the movie Titanic. The couple shared a lot of laughs and seemed to grow closer.


John Paul said he was "definitely falling in love with Tayshia" and she was everything he could ever ask for in a spouse given she's beautiful, kind and humble. John Paul said when the time is right, he'd love to put a ring on her finger.

"If this works out, my heart will go on with Tayshia," John Paul said in a confessional, making another reference to the famous movie.

It then became time for the season's fifth Rose Ceremony.

Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison had decided to cancel the cocktail party and asked the cast to only accept roses if they could envision a real future and serious relationship with their partners. Nicole said these roses symbolized commitment and a potential for love.

Luke Stone offered his rose to Bri, saying he wanted to use the rest of the time to get to know her better, but she declined. Bri said she came to Paradise to find love and she just didn't see that happening with him.

No one else wanted Luke's rose, and so he was forced to leave Paradise.

"I'm fine actually. I think I made the right decision. That's Paradise. You can't assume it's going to work out, especially coming down halfway through... I could've just gone home, but I really wanted to make sure with Bri," Luke told the cameras.

"In a way, it was sort of a test to see if she felt like anything was there, but it just didn't happen. It is what it is."

Bri then accepted a rose from Matt, and Dylan gave his rose to Hannah, whom he was "insanely" in love with.


John Paul handed his rose to Tayshia, Chase gave his rose to Angela, Clay offered his rose to Nicole, Demi gave her rose to Kristian, and finally Chris decided to keep his relationship with Katie going by giving her a rose.

The decisions eliminated Revian, Haley and Sydney from Bachelor in Paradise.

"Matt is going to get dumped," Sydney said of the man she had been interested in. "There's no way Bri is going to leave Paradise with Matt," Sydney said following her ouster.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to try to find someone, and every time, I come up short... The more I put myself out there, the harder it is for me to keep doing that and the more I kind of lose hope the person I'm waiting for is out there. I'm tired of waiting."

The next day, Harrison paid a visit to the cast and revealed Bachelor in Paradise was over and they had their last Rose Ceremony. Harrison said Fantasy Suites were ahead and things were about to get very serious.

"I need you to be brutally honest with yourselves and with each other and think, 'Are we ready to take that next step as a couple?' And if you're not, it's time to check out of Paradise and head back home," Harrison explained.

Chris felt like he was going to "throw up" because his head was still all over the place with Katie, and Nicole was still wondering if Clay would even come to love her. She said the idea of her relationship not working out with Clay was awful.

Matt was really excited about Bri, saying she was awesome, sweet and "so much more than a supermodel." He could picture a future with Bri, but she admitted he had made the wrong decision with his rose.

Bri told Matt that he was focused on her exterior and she wished he had fallen for her because of what's in her heart and the person that she is. Bri therefore said she couldn't see their romance going any further.

Chase then told Angela something was missing for him and so they should end their relationship as well.

Hannah and Dylan choosing to enjoy a Fantasy Suite was a no-brainer, but John Paul had to lay his cards out on the table for Tayshia, who thought they had just started diving into talking about serious things.


Tayshia said John Paul made her feel like she's the only girl in the world -- like she's everything to him.

"I could get engaged to him, but I'm feeling really conflicted... I thought I would have a little more time. I need more time," Tayshia told the cameras.

Clay still saw potential in his relationship with Nicole lasting outside of Paradise, so they opted to go in the Fantasy Suite as well.

John Paul then sat down with Tayshia and said he had some of the most magical and happiest moments of his life with her. John Paul said he'd like to dance with her at their wedding someday.

"I'm in love with you and I'm not ready for this experience to end, and I want to keep exploring our relationship. I'm in love with you, Tayshia Adams," John Paul told her.

Tayshia was silent and then gave John Paul a kiss and a hug, but suddenly, the joy on her face turned into sadness as she embraced him.

Tayshia said she cherished everything they had in Mexico.

"But to hear that -- oh my God, my heart is beating so fast. To hear that you're in love with me, I want to get there, but I'm not there yet," Tayshia confessed.

Tayshia started to cry and said John Paul didn't even know what he wants in a partner, but John Paul insisted he did know and he knew exactly what he was looking for.

"I know that I want you. You are the most amazing woman I've ever met, and I will not forget the time I spent with you," John Paul said.


The couple then hugged and John Paul walked away. But then Tayshia ran after him, yelling his name. She cried, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Tayshia didn't want John Paul to go and she bawled her eyes out.

Tayshia and John Paul both had an emotional exit and said nothing while driving out of Paradise.

It then became time for Kristian and Demi to have an open, serious conversation, and Kristian needed Demi to be vulnerable with her. Kristian needed to hear her girlfriend was 100 percent in with her.

Demi said she didn't deserve everything Kristian was willing to give her. She feared she wasn't enough or giving enough because she was wrapped up in anxiety.

Demi said her biggest fear was Kristian doubting their relationship and so she'd step up and be better for her. Kristian was proud of Demi and felt really fortunate Demi had chosen her.

"Do you really want this? Do you want to be with me? Because I know where my heart is, and you have it," Kristian said.

"You're the only person I've ever felt this strongly about and wanted to be with this badly, and I'm scared, so I'm running a little bit from it, but I want to be here with you. So I'm excited to keep growing and keep on going," Demi said in reply.

Demi finally felt at peace with herself, and all she cared about at this point was being out in the world and comfortable in her relationship. She wanted to shout it to the world that Kristian was her girl.

Meanwhile, Katie didn't know exactly where Chris stood or what was in his heart, so she was very afraid to be let down and hurt. She could see a future with Chris but questioned whether he was "all in" to their relationship.

When Katie and Chris sat down to chat, Chris immediately started crying. Chris said Paradise had been an awesome, crazy and unpredictable dream.

Katie wondered whether Chris was breaking up with her, so she made it known she didn't want this at all.

"I feel like I am so unsure, and I don't know, I feel like I do this -- I push people away. I push people away that I like and feel comfortable... I've almost wanted to tell you that I just don't feel it anymore. But there are times I've felt on Cloud 9 with you and on top of the world," Chris explained.

Chris confirmed he meant everything he said when he had asked Katie to be his girlfriend.

"I'm confused right now. I'm a little bit blindsided... Obviously I don't want to pressure you into doing something you don't want to do, but I want to be with you," Katie explained.

Katie told Chris that he's been hurt and burned, and she added it was okay that he had fears. Katie advised Chris to figure out what or who makes him happy, but he definitely made her happy and feel safe.

Chris was thankful Katie was so understanding and supportive, and so he determined he wanted to give their relationship a real shot.

Chris didn't want to come to regret letting Katie go, so he said he'd be willing to take a risk for love and find out whether a night alone together would bring him some clarity.

Harrison told everyone to enjoy their Fantasy Suites.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to spend forever with Dylan," Hannah said.

Demi said she wanted to make it really clear how much she loved Kristian, and Nicole said she could truly see herself getting engaged to Clay. And finally, Katie looked forward to progressing her relationship even more with Chris.

"If this is Chris Bukowski's last time ever on the show and we end up together, then that makes me the exception to the rule. He came out of retirement and found me!" Katie gushed.


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