Bachelor in Paradise sent Sarah Vendal and Alexis Waters packing, while Dean Unglert's love-triangle drama with Kristina Schulman and Danielle "DLo" Lombard came to a head, during Tuesday night's Season 4 broadcast on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise episode began with Lacey Mark gushing, "My man finally came to Paradise," referring to Daniel Maguire.

Lacey called the bachelor "witty and smart," adding that he has sexy "washboard abs." Lacey felt like she could definitely fall in love in Paradise, but Daniel asked Lacey not to pressure him into giving her the Date Card.

When Daniel talked to Lacey about whom he could ask out on a date, he learned that, besides Lacey, Jasmine Goode and Christen Whitney were also totally available. Daniel joked that he was left with "the scraps" of the group.

Lacey wasn't sure whether Daniel was really interested in her, but Daniel wanted to hook up with a girl in Paradise -- he wasn't just looking to date a girl who was after his rose.

Meanwhile, Jasmine was crying about how she played herself in Paradise by thinking she had something real and special with Matt Munson, who had quit the show during the cocktail party preceding the season's second Rose Ceremony.

Jasmine said that unless some miracle happened, she'd be going home. She was angry and emotional, not to mention disappointed in Matt. Jasmine explained that she thought Matt was a better man than that.

It then became time for the Rose Ceremony. Daniel decided to give his rose to Lacey, Jack Stone offered Christen his rose, and then Matt randomly arrived at the ceremony to hand out his rose.

Matt announced that Jasmine deserved to stick around in Mexico and find the right guy for her. While Jasmine was happy about not getting sent home, she seemed neither pleased, touched or amused by Matt's sudden return and gesture. After Jasmine accepted the rose, Matt officially left the resort.

"You're dead to me," Jasmine told the cameras of Matt.

Derek Peth then handed his rose to Taylor Nolan, Robby Hayes gave his rose to Amanda Stanton, and Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland offered his rose to Dominique Alexis, who was someone the bachelor could really envision building a relationship with.

It then became Adam Gottschalk's turn to hand out a rose, and he had been juggling Raven Gates -- who was a bit of a wild card -- and Sarah, whose feelings for Adam were more advanced than Raven's feelings were.

However, Adam opted to give his rose to Raven, saying that he trusted her with the rose and hoped they could continue to build upon the romance they had already started. Raven smiled and took Adam's rose, but it meant Sarah would be going home.

Dean was up next, and he had to determine whether he wanted Kristina or Danielle to stay.

"Kristina is definitely the right option, but Danielle is the more exciting option... Maybe I'm not ready for that level of commitment that Kristina wants," Dean told the cameras.

But Dean still chose to give his rose to Kristina, who seemed thrilled Danielle was going to be eliminated.

However, Ben Zorn had a rose to give out, and he decided to give it to Danielle. Kristina said Danielle's continued presence in Paradise was going to be "unfortunate," but she hoped to start fresh with Dean now that he actually chose to be with her.

Alexis also got eliminated since she didn't receive a rose from anyone at the ceremony.

The next morning, the guys were woken up by crazed Mexican wrestlers with masks on who were looking for Daniel. Daniel received a Date Card from them and admitted to the cameras he was hoping to find a bachelorette to have sex with on the show, not a friend, since he has so many friends that are girls at home already.

Lacey was fully invested in Daniel but realized he had doubts about her, because he considered all of his options before asking her out on the date.

Daniel thought Kristina was "super cute and sexy," and he confessed he'd love to sleep with the Russian beauty. But Kristina spent the night sleeping next to Dean and the pair woke up together, so she thought they had reached another intimate level of their relationship.

Daniel also liked the fact that Christen was a virgin. However, the bachelor's decision came down to taking a chance with Kristina or playing it safe with Lacey. In the end, Daniel opted to take Lacey out on a date because she's also pretty and also has a great personality. 

Jonathan "Tickle Monster" Treece then stepped foot on the Playa Escondida resort. He told host Chris Harrison that girls were just waiting to get tickled, and if not, he was fine with women getting a laugh at his expense.

Dean noted that Jonathan was "really weird" but also one of the nicest guys from Rachel Lindsay's The Bachelorette season.

The bachelorettes in Paradise, including Raven and Alexis, all seemed to agree that Jonathan was really cute and came across confident and quirky, in a good way. They said he was funny and also worked as a successful doctor.

Jonathan thought Christen was beautiful and had a great smile, telling the cameras that she'd be his perfect "wife emoji." In their very first conversation, they shared a kiss as well, so it was pretty obvious Jonathan was going to ask her on his date.

Christen felt bad because Jack had just given her a rose the night prior, and Jack agreed the timing was terrible because he was really starting to like her.

For Daniel and Lacey's date, they wrestled other people and each other inside a ring in front of a screaming audience. Lacey said she went from an all-time low in Paradise to having everything that she wanted.

Meanwhile, Dean was sending Kristina mixed messages and she was really confused about their dynamic. Dean told Diggy that Kristina was "perceptive, smart and interesting" but Danielle was just "so f-cking hot." Dean didn't want to hurt anyone, but he was really attracted to Danielle.

Dean then told Kristina that if he lost her, he knew he'd regret it immediately. Dean, however, begged Kristina to be patient so he could figure out what was going on in his "f-cked up head."

Dean felt that if he chose Danielle, she'd never be as invested in him as Kristina was, which he said "really sucked." Kristina was hurt and called Dean's revelation "the biggest slap in the face." Kristina was ready to check out of Paradise.

As for Jack, he wanted to stay with Christen in Paradise, but she had a great time with Jonathan on her date.

Christen and Jonathan flirted and goofed around over dinner, and she loved the fact Jonathan practices family medicine but also has a laid-back lifestyle in that he loves the beach and surfing. She found him smart and attractive, and Jonathan appreciated how Christen understood his sense of humor.

When they kissed, Jonathan said he felt something he hadn't experienced in a long time.

Back at the resort, Jasmine interrupted Daniel and Lacey's kiss to get to know Daniel better, and Lacey said she was ready to cut someone to keep her man.

Once Christen returned from her date with Jonathan, she told Jack that the date had great moments but she didn't see "fireworks."

The couple then kissed, and Jonathan was pissed that Christen and Jack made out right in front of him. Jack was confident he'd get Christen's rose going forward, but she wasn't sure which way she was going to go.

While Kristina was resting on a daybed on the beach, she noticed that Dean and Danielle were all over each other in the pool. At one point, Dean and Danielle even starting making out, and Dean told the bachelorette that she was the type of woman he could fall in love with.

Kristina began bawling to her friend Robby, saying that Dean's behavior was "so disrespectful."

Robby was shocked because he believed Kristina and Dean had one of the strongest relationships once Paradise resumed after the brief shut down of production. Kristina vented how everything Dean had told her was "discredited" at that point.

"F-ck you, wow," Kristina said under her breath about Dean.

During a brief after show hosted by Chris Harrison, Amanda revealed that she was hesitant to date and kiss Robby in Mexico because he had been involved with her good friend, Sarah from Paradise --presumably Sarah Vendal and not Sarah Herron -- before filming began.

Amanda also revealed that Robby had hurt Sarah when they briefly dated, which had rubbed Amanda the wrong way.

Jasmine also had a moment to confront Matt face-to-face about his decision to blindside her by leaving the resort mid-season. Although viewers saw signs throughout the season that Matt wasn't really invested in Jasmine or their relationship, Jasmine insisted Matt had never shown her any signs.

Jasmine appeared still hurt by Matt, saying she had real feelings for him on the show. Jasmine wished Matt had just told her the truth, that he wasn't into her.

Matt argued he had warned Jasmine that he wanted to keep his options open and potentially date other people in Paradise, but Jasmine said that still gave her no indication that he didn't think they were right for each other regardless.


Matt apologized for her hurt feelings, and both individuals agreed they just aren't meant for each other. 

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