Bachelor in Paradise featured Justin Glaze rejecting Eliza Isichei when she asked for a second chance, Andrew Spencer dumping Jessenia Cruz for newcomer Ency Abedin, Logan Palmer accusing Kate Gallivan of being critical and condescending, and new arrivals shaking things up during the Season 8 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with the cast feeling "crushed" after Rodney Mathews left the show because Eliza had dumped him and broken his heart.


Brandon Jones cried about how Rodney deserved love so much and Eliza was going to realize she had made a mistake, but he felt so thankful to be with Serene Russell, whom he said was the greatest thing to ever walk into his life. Serene lifted Brandon up when he was down, and Brandon hoped Rodney would find the same thing one day.

"I'm never going to stop loving you and I'm never going to wake up and feel any different," Brandon assured Serene.

The breakup also made many couples question their own relationships, including Andrew and Jessenia. And Genevieve Parisi predicted that wasn't the only relationship that was going to end that week.

Genevieve figured if Eliza had picked Justin Glaze at the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season, she still would've been upset about hurting Rodney because Eliza had been so torn between the two men.

Footage then switched over to Eliza knocking on Justin's front door in Baltimore, MD. Justin appeared to be in shock and admitted he felt totally off-guard.

"I was happy to see her, but I was utterly confused," Justin told the cameras.

Eliza explained how something clicked for her once Justin left and she had let everyone pressure her into giving Rodney a rose.

Eliza expressed regret over listening to everyone's opinion instead of following her heart, and she confessed to Justin that she had made the wrong decision and broke up with Rodney the morning after Justin's Paradise exit.

Eliza revealed how she finally went after what she wanted -- and that was Justin, who hadn't even unpacked from his trip to Mexico yet.

Justin asked for a second to process everything, and then he explained how he wanted to feel chosen. Justin apparently wished he had been Eliza's first choice, and without hesitation.

"I just want somebody who is sure about me... and that's not what happened. You chose Rodney and that sh-t hurts," Justin admitted. "I was right there for you."

Eliza said Justin's assessment of the situation was "fair," and he said that when he put people first and prioritized them, he wanted them to do the same for him.

"If I'm not going to get that in return, then maybe it's time I choose myself," Justin said. "I'm sorry. I know that's not the answer you're looking for."

Eliza said she wasn't going to fight Justin on what he wanted, but she excused herself from the room and needed a second.

Eliza confessed to the cameras she had messed up but she realized that right away. She had also flown across the country to win Justin back after knowing him for only three days. Eliza said if her apology wasn't enough, then that's what she needed to hear. Eliza was at least glad she had been honest with herself and took a chance.

Eliza then went home, saying there wasn't much else for her to do.


Back in Paradise, Mara "Marinara" Agreat arrived in Paradise with a Date Card looking for love. Her spirits were high and she announced how she's spicy and saucy, but she could tell everyone looked somber and down.

Andrew wouldn't even look Mara in the eye during their conversation, but he said he was in a relationship. Logan acknowledged it would be tough for him to leave Kate this far in, and Johnny DePhillipo confirmed he was locked into a relationship with Victoria Fuller.

Florence Moerenhout didn't want Mara to choose Justin Young for a date, but Mara recognized Justin was extremely young -- possibly a whole decade younger than her. However, Mara asked him out anyone, seemingly due to a lack of options. Mara joked about being the cougar on the beach, but she had a good attitude and said, "Let's play!"

Florence admitted it wasn't a good feeling to have Justin ripped away from her. She wondered about his intentions and whether he'd return to her after the date.

Florence and Mara exchanged a few playful jabs that night, and Victoria joked about how it was "battle of the cougars." Florence, however, thought she had been nice to Mara when Mara was bringing "the sass."

For their date, Mara and Justin learned the art of making churros by becoming human churros. Mara basically greased Justin up and poured sugar all over him, and she gushed about how he was fun and a good sport.

Justin said he loved it and it felt great, and then it was Justin's turn to rub all the ingredients on Mara. The pair seemed to let loose and have a good time, and at one point, they kissed.

Meanwhile, Victoria told the cameras that Johnny was her "person" on the beach and she could see him being her person forever. However, Victoria said they hadn't gone very deep with each other yet and they didn't have a lot of time left.

Johnny then revealed to Victoria how his older brother was in prison and his mother wasn't doing well. The incarceration of Johnny's brother apparently affected his parents' relationship with each other as well.

Johnny said he had real feelings for Victoria and it was scary because he didn't want her to run away. It meant a lot when Victoria supported him and said she'd have his back and wanted to know everything about him.

"I'm, like, becoming more open to the possibility of being engaged. It happens when you're not looking for it, and I wasn't looking for it and it just happened. It's such a good feeling!" Johnny gushed.

Michael Allio then advised Logan to ask Kate what she meant when she had asked Logan to "step it up" at the prior Rose Ceremony. She kept hinting at the fact that she needed more and Logan wasn't giving her enough. Logan said he needed to address this issue before they could move forward.

"He's 26 years old, not established, drives an orange Honda, had a broken phone and he's a dog walker," Kate complained in a confessional of Logan.

"Meanwhile, I'm constantly someone who is wowing. I'm a wower and I want to be wowed. So are you going to really do something that sweeps me off my feet? Because we are just freshly together... That's the best you're going to get."


Logan and Kate then had a chat, and he admitted that he felt really hurt after the Rose Ceremony because he thought they had a triumph together and had overcome adversity after her date with Hayden Markowitz, only for her to tell him to do more.

Logan thought they had a great week that would be celebrated, and Kate apologized for critiquing Logan. Kate, however, felt she had steered the ship, and she said she didn't always want it to be that way.

Logan disagreed with Kate on her claim she had steered the ship, saying that he expressed his feelings about Kate in front of the group and that was a big deal. But Kate didn't consider that to be a grand gesture, and the couple began to bicker.

Kate felt she had to pry things out of Logan, when she just wanted him to fight for her. Logan revealed to Kate that Mara had asked her on the date but he said "no" and wished Kate had done the same for him with Hayden.

Kate explained how she had wanted Logan to ask her not to go on the date with Hayden and so he wasn't doing enough for her. Logan told Kate that he thought about her all the time and he hoped that didn't get lost on her.

Kate and Logan then kissed and appreciated each other's perspective, but there were clearly pent-up frustrations between them and Logan feared the past was going to come back to haunt them. He felt they had gone through a lot together.

The next day, Mara looked forward to getting to know Justin more as well as his twin brother Joey and Shanae Ankney, who was dating Joey.

Florence didn't want to have to compete for a man, and she said she was waiting for an explanation or at least a hug. Florence was visibly annoyed after being ignored, and so she decided to pack her bags.

Florence then scolded Justin for ignoring her after his date, and she said she wanted someone who was sure about her. Justin shared with Florence how he'd rather continue his connection with Florence than pursue Mara. Florence thought Mara was just trying to swoop down and steal a rose, but it didn't happen.

Justin proceeded to let Mara down gently, saying he felt more of a connection with Florence. Justin confirmed he was attracted to Mara but his feelings for Florence never went away.

"I'm not a fan of someone who's wishy washy, and that's exactly what he is. I'm just mad that I gave so much of myself last night and here I am," Mara vented. "Here come the tears!"

And Kate pointed out how there wasn't a meatball on the beach to go with all of Mara's sauce.

Later on, Logan apparently sent Kate a drink, and Kate pointed out how it was "free." But Logan said he cared for Kate a lot and was really trying.

Ency Abedin from Clayton Echard's The Bachelor season then arrived on the beach with a Date Card. She was interested in meeting Andrew immediately, and Brittany Galvin said she hoped Andrew wouldn't break Jessenia's heart.

Andrew apparently knew Ency and that she's from New York. He said Ency brought good energy to the beach that he needed after Rodney's departure. Jessenia said she'd be surprised if Andrew accepted the date, but she also acknowledged how anything can happen in Paradise and relationships are always tested.

Lyndsey Windham then also arrived, and she pulled Logan first for a chat. Logan called Lyndsey "a babe," but he shared how things were going well with Kate.

When Lyndsey asked Logan if he'd be open to going on a date with her, Logan said he'd have to ask Kate first but she was actually someone whom he had been hoping to meet. Lyndsey admitted it was a weird situation because she was into Logan but Kate was also one of her girlfriends.

Kate didn't want Logan going on a date with Lyndsey at all, although she recognized Lyndsey is a sweet girl.

Ency then officially asked Andrew out, and he accepted, and then Lyndsey asked Logan out, and he spoke to Kate first.

Kate couldn't believe Logan was even entertaining the idea of a date after their last conversation, but Johnny thought Logan should explore another option due to the way Kate had been treating her.

"I feel like you're disappointed and critical and frustrated with me constantly," Logan lamented. "I don't know if it's a defense thing, but it's like you look down on me some way when you talk to me."

"I don't at all," Kate argued, adding, "Last night was a defining conversation... I don't want you to go."

Kate said Logan seemed resentful about her previous date with Hayden but she claimed things had changed and she was a different person now.

Kate said the only reason she had gone on a date with Hayden was because Logan acted like "a child" and never expressed how he was really feeling about it at the time. Kate also didn't think she had been critical of him at all, other than asking him to step up.

Logan ultimately rejected Lyndsey's date invitation because it wasn't the right time for them. Logan said he felt bad because Lyndsey was great, but he apparently felt strong enough for Kate to stick with her. Kate felt relieved and looked forward to just making out with Logan.

Instead of going on a date, Lyndsey decided to go home because it was clear her person wasn't on the beach at that time. Lyndsey cried about getting rejected and said she wasn't going to stay just to hang out with their friends and watch them with their boyfriends.

"I was just hoping to have fun, but I think [Logan] made a mistake," Lyndsey said in her final words.

Kate said Logan was all hers because she knew what she wanted and deserved. She said her romance could be broken by the allure of something new, essentially a shiny new object.

Jessenia was upset about Andrew's date with another woman because they had been making some real strides.

Jessenia was surprised Andrew hadn't pulled her to talk about where their relationship was going and how she felt about him going on a date. Jessenia was hurt Andrew said yes without pause and noted how he had been very guarded and closed off with her.

"It would hurt less if he sucked, but he doesn't suck, he's a good guy," Jessenia told her pals.

Andrew confessed that he wasn't sure he and Jessenia were on the same page.

For their date, Andrew and Ency played a little football on the beach, and Andrew said he felt a spark with her. The couple ate oysters together and laughed, and Andrew said it felt like he could have something real and nice with Ency.

Andrew apparently needed this boost and realized it was going to end with a tough conversation with Jessenia.

When Andrew returned from his great date, Jessenia vented to Shanae about how she had really connected with Andrew and expected things to work out with him.

Andrew then asked Jessenia to talk, and he explained how he and Ency really hit it off and he was just trying to find happiness before leaving Paradise.

Andrew felt bad for dragging Jessenia through his downs and low moments, and he said she didn't deserve that anymore.

Jessenia said it felt like Andrew had been disconnected from the whole dating experience and so it surprised her that he even welcomed the idea of a date. Andrew said Ency had good energy and gave him a fresh start.

"I had a sense that my feelings were deeper than yours are for me," Jessenia told Andrew. "So this isn't easy for me, but it is what it is."

Andrew insisted the breakup was nothing against her but he just needed to figure things out.

Jessenia said she felt "defeated" because everyone had a rough few days. She thought she had built a good foundation with Andrew and so this breakup didn't make any sense to her.

Jessenia broke down into tears because she had thought she was safe with Andrew and vice versa. Jessenia said she was really starting to like Andrew and so she should just go home.

Meanwhile, Brittany and Tyler Norris looked really happy and were in a great spot in their relationship. The couple focused on each other, and Tyler said he enjoyed every second of it.

The episode concluded with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia making an appearance, and neither Tyler, Logan or Johnny seemed happy.

Logan was afraid his past on The Bachelorette would ruin his relationship with Kate.


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