Bachelor in Paradise featured Eliza Isichei ditching Rodney Mathews for an admirer no one saw coming after Rodney made a mistake, Aaron Clancy breaking down in fear he was Genevieve Parisi's second choice, Victoria Fuller falling in love, and two cast members leaving Paradise during the Season 8 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Victoria telling her girlfriends Shanae Ankney and Brittany Galvin how if she wrote down everything she wants in a husband, the person would "literally be Alex."


Victoria said Alex Bordyukov didn't even want to talk to other women, which she found even more attractive.

The girls could tell Johnny DePhillipo was stressed as Alex pursued the woman who had stolen his heart.

"I want rainbows and butterflies with Johnny, but that's not logical. That's going off emotion. You can't base life decisions off your emotions all the time, so I'm trying to do it different than what I would've normally done," Victoria explained.

Victoria adored both Alex and Johnny, and so she knew she'd have a very tough decision to make. Victoria felt confused and was scared of hurting Johnny by dating Alex right in front of him.

Going into the third Rose Ceremony of the season, no one knew if the men or women were going to be able to hand out the roses.

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer announced that Sarah Hamrick had to go home due to a family emergency, and then he revealed the ladies would be handing out the roses.

Shanae celebrated considering she'd get to stick around another week.

Alex noted how Johnny refused to talk to him, which was childish, but he planned to make the most of his time with Victoria.

"I don't play to lose," Alex noted.

Meanwhile, Aaron could sense some tension on the beach between the original bachelorettes and the new ladies who arrived during "The Split" twist. Jessenia Cruz called the OGs "messy," which apparently brought on an invasion of ants, but the OGs accused the newbies of being disorganized and disgusting.

"They are the dirty b-tches, not us," Victoria told bartender Wells Adams.

During the cocktail party, Rodney and Eliza were making out, and Brandon Jones told Serene Russell that he loved her and wouldn't do where he'd be without her. Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan were also hot and heavy on a daybed.

Florence Moerenhout didn't know whom to give her rose to, but Jacob Rapini thought he stood a chance.

Shanae and Jacob then talked about their shared appreciation of good dental hygiene -- and they even brushed each other's teeth with black toothpaste, which resulted in a steamy makeout session.

Johnny told the cameras that if he lost Victoria, he'd be heartbroken, but then Alex surprised the bachelorette with a wine date. Victoria told Alex that he's kind and amazing, and Alex could tell there was mutual interest there. He felt pretty confident about getting Victoria's rose.

Johnny admitted Alex is a great looking dude, and Aaron even called him Wolverine from X-Men. Aaron thought Johnny has a bigger heart, and Johnny said he wasn't willing to throw his romance away despite the adversity he was facing with Victoria.


Danielle Maltby told the cameras how Johnny is an awesome guy and Victoria shouldn't be messing around with him, especially considering he had patiently waited to reunite with her during the show's big twist.

Johnny told Victoria that he liked her a lot and what they had was "real." He said he wanted her but it was up to her to decide what she really wanted.

"It's so tough to try to enjoy myself," Johnny lamented in a confessional.

Victoria said she felt at "home" with Johnny but she was attracted to both men and Alex was definitely husband material.

It then became time for the Rose Ceremony. There were 10 roses to hand out but 11 men on the beach.

Serene gave her rose to Brandon, saying she didn't want to be without him, and Danielle gave her rose to Michael Allio, who said he finally felt "alive" again.

Michael said opening up his heart again was "a massive win."

Eliza offered her rose to Rodney, and Genevieve pinned her rose on Aaron, who said his relationship with Genevieve was strong and what he had been looking for.

Jessenia gave her rose to Andrew, Brittany offered her rose to Tyler Norris, Kate pinned her rose on Logan, and Shanae gave a rose to Jacob.

And finally, Victoria, after a moment of hesitation, gave her rose to Johnny.

Johnny appeared relieved and thrilled, and he said he felt like a king with more confidence than ever. Johnny was admittedly looking forward to dating Victoria without Alex breathing down their necks, but then Florence chose to give her rose to Alex and keep him around.

Adam Todd was eliminated as a result.

The next day, Johnny told his boys how he wished Alex had left -- but he still felt good about having his girl.

A Date Card then arrived for Victoria, who asked out Johnny. Johnny said he had been dying to take Victoria out on a date and he planned to focus on falling for her.

"I feel like a nervous ass school kid right now," Johnny gushed before the date.

Alex, however, didn't think Johnny and Victoria were a good match, and so he said he'd be patiently waiting for her to come back.

Victoria said her connection with Johnny was instantaneous but they both seemed a little reserved at the start of their date. Victoria hoped to break it down and be honest with each other.

The couple's date began with a spiritual ceremony and blessing in which Johnny and Victoria had to speak their intentions.

Victoria said "new beginnings" and Johnny copied her, clearly feeling a bit apprehensive and nervous. Victoria could tell Johnny had some insecurities they needed to work through, but she acknowledged how she probably caused them by talking about her attraction to Alex.


The couple was also asked to express their fears, and Victoria said she really liked Johnny and was afraid to lose him.

Johnny, in turn, said he felt the same way and wasn't sure he was good enough for Victoria. Johnny essentially said he wants to be the man that Victoria has always wanted, but at the same time, he wasn't ready for what Victoria probably wanted.

Johnny said he was afraid to fall in love and then have Victoria disappear, which made her cry.

"I feel like I am falling in love with you," Johnny told Victoria.

"You check all my boxes," Victoria assured Johnny. "I feel like I am falling in love with you too."

Victoria said she could be herself around Johnny and open up like never before.

"There was just a moment of realization where I was like, 'This person is my person,'" Victoria told the cameras in tears.

Meanwhile, Tyler said Victoria was bringing out the best Johnny they had ever seen, and Logan said Johnny was definitely crazy about Victoria and would probably be willing to settle down and take out the trash with "a tire around his waist" for the woman he really cares about rather than surfing and doing "cool guy" stuff every day.

It seemed everyone could tell Victoria had Johnny wrapped around her finger.

Rodney then told the cameras that Eliza was the most beautiful woman on the beach and he was already thinking about life after Paradise with her and continuing to get to know her better.

Rodney felt completely confident in their romance and that they were both committed, but then Justin Glaze returned to Paradise for a shot with Eliza.

Justin said Eliza has all the characteristics he looks for in a partner and he wanted to see for himself if she's everything she was advertised to be. Justin then stepped on the beach with a Date Card, and all the men, including Rodney, enthusiastically ran up to greet him and hug him.

Justin asked Eliza to chat in private, but Genevieve told Rodney not to worry because his personality is "sh-t" and "sucks." Rodney seemed okay and said it was "all good," but he asked Wells for a drink.

Michael thought Rodney and Eliza were "unbreakable" and Justin "wasn't a threat," but Eliza confessed that she was interested in Justin and felt flattered that he came back to Paradise just for her. Justin therefore asked Eliza out and she accepted his invitation.

Genevieve and Aaron thought it was messed up for Justin to zero in on Rodney's love interest like that, and Aaron started noticing how Genevieve was allegedly talking about Justin constantly and putting him down.

Aaron thought he might have been Genevieve's second choice as a result because Justin didn't treat her the best or make her feel great.

While Genevieve was telling the story about Justin to Wells, Aaron slammed his cup down and stormed off. Genevieve didn't even know what she had said or done wrong, and so she asked Aaron to talk.

Once Genevieve chased him down, Aaron explained how it wasn't her fault but she was unaware of the fact the way she had presented her and Justin's story sounded like it was Justin's failure that brought her to Aaron and not Aaron's success that brought them together.

Aaron said he wanted Genevieve to like him more, just because of who he is, and not just because of how he made her feel.

Aaron said it felt like Genevieve had chosen him just because he was the better option at the time, but Genevieve promised that she was so into him. She apologized for making him feel that way, and then she broke down into tears because she found the conversation so upsetting.

Aaron hugged Genevieve and assured her that they were fine. He admitted to overreacting and being too sensitive, but Genevieve still needed a minute to herself.

Genevieve worried that everyone saw how much she liked Aaron, except for Aaron.

Later on, Eliza broke the news to Rodney what she'd be going on a date with another man. Eliza seemed to like the idea of two men fighting over her.

"I know they're friends as well. I don't love it, but I do... I want [Rodney] to say, 'You're mine. Don't go.' That's it. That's what I want him to tell me," Eliza said. "I didn't sign up to be the Bachelorette, but I'm not complaining!"

Eliza explained how she had wanted to meet Rodney and Justin in Paradise, and Rodney told Eliza that he didn't want her to go on a personal level but going on the date would probably be best so she could receive clarity and truly determined if he's the guy she wants to be with.

Rodney said he was trying to be respectful and not be a hypocrite; he didn't want Eliza to end up resenting him. However, Eliza said she wanted an upfront and strong man who would tell her to stay.

Since Rodney trusted Eliza and advised her to explore, Eliza said she felt "stupid."

Rodney's reaction made her think that he didn't feel that strongly for her after all. Eliza cried, but Rodney told her that he felt confident she'd return to him after her date. Rodney told Eliza that he'd be there for her and he just wanted her to be happy.

Rodney didn't think controlling Eliza would help the situation, but he confessed his heart would be hurt if she chose Justin in the end.

Victoria and Johnny then returned from their date, and Genevieve tried to make Aaron feel special by telling him that she liked him for him. Genevieve said she felt terrible and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him.

"I like you a lot and I wouldn't be bothered by these things if I didn't. I just need some understanding sometimes," Aaron said.

Genevieve told Aaron never to question her feelings for him again, and the pair kissed after a very emotional conversation.

"I do not want to lose Aaron. It would actually crush me to lose him... I am falling in love with Aaron, and I'm terrified, actually. I'm really scared," Genevieve said in a confessional.

On Eliza and Justin's date that night, Eliza expressed how Rodney's permission for them to date told her a lot about where they stood. But back on the beach, Rodney told Brandon how he wished he had told Eliza how he really felt -- that he didn't want her to go -- rather than trying to do the right thing.

Rodney called himself "a loser" that night, but he said he just wanted Eliza to miss him and choose him.

Eliza said she wants an intentional and direct man who knows what he wants and goes for it, and she seemed to think Justin was that man.

Justin told Eliza that she's gorgeous and wanted to tap into her non-quiet and reserved side. Eliza said she definitely opens up once she's comfortable. She shared how she's romantic and enjoys being pursued. The pair agreed they don't want to settle and had been waiting for a "this is it" moment.

Eliza wondered if Justin was a better fit for her in terms of what she needs from a partner, and the pair kissed that night while watching fireworks. but Rodney saw Eliza being his potential future wife.

"I messed up earlier, but I really think we can get through this," Rodney noted.

"I want to be with her, I want to leave with her, and that's all I want. And I know I can make her happy... If it's Justin, that will definitely break my heart... I'm just hoping that she understands truly where my heart is and that I'll do anything for her."


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