Bachelor in Paradise featured Demi Burnett opening up to Derek Peth about a woman she had feelings for back home, Dean Unglert's arrival, and Jordan Kimball defending Clay Harbor by getting into a physical fight with newcomer Christian Estrada during Tuesday night's Season 6 episode on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise episode kicked off where Monday night's episode had left off, with everyone still observing Hannah Godwin's love triangle with Blake Horstmann and Dylan Barbour.

The girls still thought Blake was "a player" and Dylan didn't deserve how Hannah was treating him.

The only established couple seemed to be Demi and Derek, who got together on Day 1 and had "an adorable connection," according to Sydney Lotuaco. Sydney said it was apparent Derek made Demi happy, and Derek found himself "magnetically attracted" to Demi.

Demi had feelings for Derek as well, but she admitted she was very conflicted about their relationship and Derek probably didn't know that. Demi revealed she had been dating a woman back in Los Angeles prior to taping Bachelor in Paradise.

Derek could envision himself falling in love with Demi, but he realized she was hot and cold and something seemed to be holding her back. Suddenly, Derek asked her to share the last time she had been on a date, but Demi avoided the conversation.

"I just want to exist and love who I love and be accepted," Demi told the cameras.


Demi then revealed to Katie Morton she had been dating a woman back home whom she missed and thought about all the time. Demi said she was "so in" with her but came to Paradise to figure out things about herself.

"Now that I'm giving other people a chance, particularly Derek, [it's very telling]. I really don't know what I want, and that's what I'm trying to figure out. I don't want to hurt anybody, but I want to do what is going to make my heart the happiest," Demi shared.

Demi worried her attraction to men and women would change people's perception of her, but her parents apparently took the news "amazingly." Demi teared up having this conversation, saying she was tired of trying to be strong and tough.

Demi said she wanted to embrace that side of herself she had been trying to hide and feel free, and Katie advised her to be open and honest because everyone loved her for who she is.

"I've been surrounded by people my whole life who made me feel really bad and made me feel stupid and unworthy of a lot of things. And I just want to be 100 percent myself, but it's really hard," Demi told the cameras.

Kevin Fortenberry was then shown saying he didn't even understand why Blake was such "a hot commodity" in Paradise because he's "not even that good looking."


The girls really hoped Hannah would give Dylan her rose. While Tayshia wanted Hannah to "do you," she just wanted her to make a decision in order to make things less messy for everyone else.

Dylan then planned to clear the air with Hannah since he had been caught in an "awkward" conversation with her and Blake on the beach the night before.

Dylan wanted to know why Hannah was interested in pursuing Blake when their romance was doing so well, and Hannah explained she just wanted to keep her heart open and sort of owed it to herself.

"Everyone knows what Blake has done and what he's doing and how he's toying around... I'm just trying to wrap my head around how Blake could mistreat so many people and you -- it doesn't add up. I can't rationalize it, I guess," Dylan explained to Hannah.

Dylan was fed up with Blake standing in the way of Hannah and himself falling in love, but Dylan realized Hannah was holding on to something for some reason. He therefore asked what he was missing.

Hannah explained she was trying to figure out the situation because Blake had actually texted her before Bachelor in Paradise and booked a flight to Birmingham, AL, to get to know her.

Hannah shared with Dylan that they had a conversation and kissed, and then everything made sense to Dylan.

Dylan wasn't sure why Hannah had been so reluctant to tell him that, and he started to doubt their connection and wonder whether she was just playing around with him.


When the rest of the cast learned Blake and Hannah had spent time together before the show, everyone was shocked.

Tayshia was also upset because her first date with Blake clearly meant nothing to him if he had intentions to pursue Hannah the whole time, and Tayshia wished her friend had been honest about that.

"Hannah is the puppeteer. We all defended Hannah going for Dylan and thinking Blake is a bad guy, but really, Hannah has the power and Dylan and Blake are just fighting for her attention. Don't play that game!" said Tayshia, who had gotten close to Hannah on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor.

Tayshia then confronted Hannah about her behavior and her past with Blake. Tayshia admitted she felt "blindsided," but Hannah said Blake coming to Birmingham was a private thing and she wasn't sure it was her information to share.

Hannah didn't appreciate feeling attacked because she apparently didn't know where Blake stood at the start of Paradise either. Hannah said she thought everyone was open to different people and new romances.

"I don't even know if I know the truth, and it sucks to feel that way," Tayshia told Hannah.

Hannah said in a confessional in tears she was trying to be honest and sincere with her connections and Tayshia had just "mean girled" her. But Tayshia didn't feel sympathy for Hannah, telling the cameras, "She knows what she's doing."

Suddenly, Paradise veteran Dean arrived and told Chris Harrison he had moved out of Los Angeles, was living out of a van and traveling the world. He admitted he didn't even really have a job, and on top of that, Dean grew a mustache.


Cam Ayala hoped Dean would stay away from Caelynn Miller-Keyes since he stepped on the beach with a Date Card, but Tayshia noted Dean looked like a hot beach bum. Caelynn also thought he was good looking, charming and hilarious.

Caelynn wasn't sure what to think about Dean's mustache, but she still thought he was good looking.

But Caelynn overheard Kristina telling Wills Reid about her "business" and past with Blake. Caelynn was tired of hearing the Stagecoach story over and over again. She called Kristina "a b-tch" and claimed Dean's ex had never liked her.

"I'm sick of it. I'm just really frustrated because [Kristina] is slut-shaming me across this entire beach," Caelynn said in tears.

Dean walked up to Caelynn when she was crying, and he joked about her being "an absolute mess." Caelynn said she was just having a bad time, but Dean promised to turn things around and show her a good time.

Dean thought Caelynn seemed like a great girl and was really smart and beautiful, so he asked her on a date.

Mike Johnson was surprised Caelynn went on another date, and Cam then realized his relationship with Caelynn was pretty much over and he must deal with the rejection. Cam said the situation was "fine," but he didn't seem interested in getting to know anyone else.

Later on, Sydney and Mike were establishing a connection, as were Katie and Chris Bukowski.


On Caelynn's date, she admitted she had been interested in Dean for a while but entered the date with apprehension since he had a bit of a reputation and didn't seem ready or willing to settle down with a serious girlfriend.

Dean, however, told Caelynn he was ashamed of his past behavior on Paradise and learned a lot from it. Dean claimed he had no intention of ever acting that way again, and so Caelynn seemed to slowly let down her walls.

Dean admitted he had no job or real ambition, but Caelynn just found him funny. Caelynn also thought it was cool Dean's priority was to travel the world, and he did say he'd love to have someone share adventures with him.

Caelynn said Dean had been unfront and honest with her, and she apparently felt the most comfortable with him out of all the guys in Paradise. The pair's date then ended in a makeout session in a pool.

Caelynn was looking for a man who's charming, charismatic, playful and goofy, and she gushed about finding that with Dean.

Meanwhile, Derek told the cameras he was receiving mixed signals from Demi and their connection wasn't consistent, but she worried about telling him the truth because it'd be a very uncomfortable topic.

Tayshia told Demi that Derek might accept her "fluid" feelings and she shouldn't hide behind a shield anymore. But Demi was afraid Derek might not take the news well and would want to give up on their relationship.

However, Demi revealed she'd probably love Derek even more if he accepted the fact she's bisexual.

"Derek would be an amazing guy to have a relationship with. I don't want to ruin that," Demi said.


Nicole Lopez-Alvar was then shown telling her girlfriends that her relationship with Clay was "intense" and getting serious, but two guys still wanted to woo her -- Jordan and newcomer Christian.

Christian appeared on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette but was eliminated on Night 1.

The girls thought the former professional soccer player-turned-model was very attractive, but Jordan told the cameras he had no personality.

Christian asked to speak with Nicole right off the bat, and he told the bachelorette that he was on the show for love.

There was a clear spark between Nicole and Christian immediately, but Tayshia pointed out Clay was the total package -- a good and successful guy with a good heart -- and she hoped Nicole appreciated that.

Nicole accepted Christian's date invitation and Clay didn't know what to think. Clay thought Nicole would have turned down the date since he was developing strong feelings for her, and he began to worry he was going to lose her.

Clay admitted to Blake and Wills it was tough to see Nicole leave with another guy and it felt like a knife to the heart. Clay wasn't interested in pursuing other relationships because he's "a one-woman man," but it was becoming increasingly more clear Nicole didn't want something exclusive.

For their date, Nicole and Christian went jet-skiing, but she wanted to figure out whether there was more behind his smooth game and pick-up lines. Christian is the type of guy whom Nicole would have dated in Miami, and the pair felt comfortable with each other.

"He's already making me feel like he's my boyfriend," Nicole told the cameras.


Nicole worried, however, Christian might be trouble for her, and after kissing Christian, she said in a confessional, "Papi is getting me hot! Ay, ay ay!"

Nicole thought Christian was "sexy and awesome," and the couple returned to the beach holding hands. Nicole had feelings for Clay, but she wondered if he was "too passive" because she wants a man who is going to be assertive, surprise her, and be there for her.

Nicole liked how Christian was just "totally unafraid to go for it," but she clearly liked two completely different guys. Nicole gushed to Sydney that Christian was an excellent kisser and knew what he was doing.

Clay felt Christian was a threat because he looked like a guy "straight out of a soap opera."

Nicole then told Clay that he should be more aggressive because it's a quality she likes.

Christian tried to pull Nicole away from Clay during their conversation, but Clay shut him down and said the pair got to enjoy a date all day and now it was his turn to spend time with her.

Clay and Christian got into a verbal disagreement, but Nicole told Christian that she wanted to check-in with Clay and so he left.

Nicole was glad Clay had put Christian "in his place," but Christian made it known he was in Paradise for Nicole and planned to "go all out" for her. Christian wasn't done fighting for the Miami-based beauty.

It then became time for the cocktail party preceding the season's second Rose Ceremony in which the women were going to have the power and a whopping four guys would be going home without roses.


Demi sat down with Derek to chat because she said she was genuinely interested in pursuing him. She admitted she had been avoiding talking about her past relationship because she had been "casually dating" a woman.

Demi told Derek that she was afraid to talk about her fluid nature in fear of how he'd react, but Derek just thanked her for being so candid. He wondered, however, how their relationship could progress and be very meaningful if another relationship was in the back of her mind.

Demi said the two romances were just very different but she liked them both a lot, and then Derek noted he was perfectly okay with taking things slow -- as long as she'd remain open and straightforward with him.

Demi felt liberated and said her conversation with Derek couldn't have gone better. She said he handled the talk "perfect" and Derek had exceeded her expectations times a thousand.

"What matters to me is feeling connected to you in the way that I do," Derek said.

Derek told the cameras it wasn't easy to hear someone significant was in Demi's life back home, but he wanted to maintain things and move forward. Derek also said he felt closer to Demi the more he got to know her.

Meanwhile, Mike knew his chances of receiving a rose from Caelynn were slim to none and so he attempted to get to know Sydney better over some ice cream and dessert. Sydney found Mike great and easy to talk to, but she acknowledged she moved slowly.

Sydney said she was taking Paradise very seriously because she wanted a serious relationship, and Mike called her "captivating" as well as "gorgeous." He was attracted to her character and thought they established "a beautiful connection."

Chris and Katie also continued to bond on the beach, and Chris said he wasn't interested in investing his time in another woman. The couple planned to take the next step in their relationship.

John Paul Jones was then shown saying he wanted to make a move on Tayshia, who revealed to her girlfriends that he was actually her type.

John Paul Jones told Tayshia that he was attracted to her values and inner beauty, and then he recited her some Shakespeare and received a kiss. Tayshia was surprised to learn John Paul was intellectual, and then he gushed about her being a real woman and she seemed "too good to be true."

Tayshia and John Paul looked forward to exploring their chemistry further in subsequent days.

Christian then made a move on Nicole by planning her a little date with chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and a pinata. Nicole told Christian their connection was natural and immediate.

Nicole wanted Clay to stand up, be a man, and fight for her -- so he did just that by interrupting Christian's date. Everyone cheered Clay on to step out of his comfort zone.

When Clay approached the date, he asked to speak with Nicole for just a moment, but she admitted she was "torn." In order to not make Nicole feel uncomfortable, Clay decided to walk away out of respect for her and not out of respect for Christian.

Clay told Wills and Jordan that Christian was acting overprotective and so he planned to have his time with Nicole later, but then the guys egged Clay on to ruin Christian's pinata.

Clay had no desire to ruin the pinata, but then Jordan took it upon himself to stand up for Clay. Jordan therefore walked over to the pinata on Nicole's date with the goal of wrecking it and said, "Christian, I'm really sorry, but Clay is a good friend of mine."

As Jordan attempted to untie the pinata, Christian appeared to push him back, and then the two guys started brawling in the sand. The episode concluded with one man picking the other up and body slamming him.


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