Bachelor in Paradise eliminated Wills Reid and Nick Spetsas as Colton Underwood and Tia Booth's drama came to a head during Monday night's Season 5 broadcast on ABC.

Wills, a 29-year-old graphic designer from Los Angeles, CA, and Nick, a 27-year-old attorney from Palm Coast, FL, were both denied roses by the women in Mexico at Bachelor in Paradise's first Rose Ceremony of Season 5.


Both Wills and Nick had previously competed for Becca Kufrin's heart on The Bachelorette's fourteenth season.

"Colton is like, 'Whoa is me,' when you have someone f-cking hot and amazing and she's only here for you," Wills vented to the cameras, referring to Tia, who ended up giving her rose to Chris Randone.

"But clearly she ain't because she didn't pick you. It took a lot for me to come back after Becca and be hopeful again. I expressed interest in multiple women in the house, but I'm still going home."

The Bachelor in Paradise episode began with the guys in Paradise upset because they believed Colton was "playing games" and toying with Tia's emotions.

"He's making Tia look like a fool, and she deserves a good guy," Jordan Kimball said.

Astrid Loch noted Tia was giving a guy way too many chances considering he showed his true colors and didn't deserve her.

"Nobody trusts Colton, but Tia has such tunnel vision that she's not paying attention to the signs that are literally just buzzing at her," Astrid told the cameras.


Chris, who had accompanied Tia on the very first date of the season, then confronted Colton to find out whether he was invested in Tia or not.

Colton admitted he wanted to explore other options in Paradise although Tia was "still on the board too."

Chris complained about how Colton wanted his cake and eat it too, which wasn't fair to any of the other guys in Paradise considering roses were up for grabs and Tia might give Colton her rose when he wasn't even sold on her.

Colton explained to Chris that he couldn't just flip a switch on and off following his breakup with Becca because he had genuinely fallen in love with the girl. Colton reasoned that he couldn't just jump into a new relationship with Tia wholeheartedly after his experience on The Bachelorette.

But Chris acknowledged Colton kissing Tia had changed everything because she probably took that seriously and sincerely.

Colton understood the guys wanted to "play rose games," but he was set on making real connections. Colton then told Jordan and Chris he had made it very clear to Tia where they stood and anyone was welcome to pursue her.


Tia, however, was still on Cloud 9 after her date with Colton in Paradise, gushing about the mutual feelings they had for each other.

"This could be the start of an amazing relationship," Tia told her girlfriends.

But Colton admitted he didn't know what he wanted and he wasn't exactly over Becca.

"Mr. Perfect is playing Tia and he thinks he's just going to do what he wants... Colton will have his demise in Paradise," Jordan said in a confessional.

Just as Kevin Wendt got through with saying he'd love to take Krystal Nielson out on a date, Kenny Layne received the next Date Card. Kevin knew Kenny had a little crush on Krystal, so he was worried.

And it turned out Kevin had a reason to be worried, because Kenny asked Krystal out on the date, and she gladly accepted the invitation. Kevin was a little disappointed Krystal didn't check with him first to ask if he minded.

Meanwhile, Jordan was hitting it off with Annaliese Puccini, and he set up a dinner date for her that night at sunset.


David Ravitz believed Jordan was "on a redemption tour," however, and that he wasn't on the show to find love. David therefore warned Annaliese that Jordan allegedly didn't have the best of intentions.

Annaliese told David that she wanted to go with the flow and give Jordan a chance, but David felt Jordan was just fighting for a rose to stay in Paradise longer.

Due to David's suspicions, Annaliese grew nervous about Jordan and whether he was just using her to get a rose. Annaliese decided to enter the date with Jordan guarded and with a cautious heart, but Jordan pleasantly surprised her.

Jordan thought Annaliese was so sweet, and he called her "a little flower." Jordan also found her hobbies of painting and fixing up furniture inspiring. The dinner ended with a walk on the beach and a kiss, and Annaliese started to trust him and his motives.

Annaliese felt so happy and said things were "really good" between Jordan and herself. She had high hopes for them in Paradise.

Meanwhile, Krystal and Kenny enjoyed a pro wrestling date in Mexico, and Kenny of course joined in on the action and smashed a chair over one of the wrestler's heads. Krystal thought Kenny was sexy in the ring and that it was "so cool" to witness Kenny in his element.


Krystal found him easygoing, and Kenny made her feel very comfortable.

The pair then had a nice chat about how they were portrayed on their previous seasons. Kenny, of course, competed for Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette, while Krystal made waves on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor.

Krystal admitted she had done and said things "out of character" due to the stress of the competition and living with other ladies dating the same person. Kenny also got caught up in "the pressure cooker" that is The Bachelorette, and they bonded over similar past mistakes.

Kenny found Krystal sweet, and she exceeded his expectations. He then kissed her.

Back on the beach, Astrid told Kevin she wants to settle down, get married and have a family soon. Kevin found her to be down-to-earth and cool, and he, in turn, was completely Astrid's type -- "rough around the edges."

Kevin quickly realized he was "more compatible" with Astrid than Krystal, and so he could see them building a relationship. 

Meanwhile, Colton was flirting with Angela Amezcua, throwing a football on the beach. Tia began questioning whether she deserved better, and Kendall Long argued to cameras that Tia needed to wake up because Colton was simply confused.


Tia could tell Colton didn't know what he wanted, but she clearly had a hard time letting him go.

Tia felt Colton had her sitting in his back pocket and that he planned to take her out whenever it was convenient for him -- and that wasn't going to work for Tia.

"If Colton wants to get his sh-t together and prove himself to me, he better figure out how to do it very quickly. I cannot wait," Tia admitted in a confessional.

Tia wanted Chris to stay on the show, but she figured no one else was going to give Colton a rose.

It then became time for the cocktail party preceding the season's first Rose Ceremony. John Graham and Joe Amabile were both after Kendall. Joe found Kendall different and a bit crazy in a good way, while Kendall liked how silly he was.

But Kendall also enjoyed getting to know John, and they kissed as well. She was pleasantly surprised by how much game he seemed to have. 

As for Nick, he expected to receive a rose from Chelsea Roy

Tia wanted to spend more time with Colton, but she admitted to the former professional football player she didn't want to end up in a "Kristina and Dean" situation, referring to Kristina Schulman and Dean Unglert from last season of Bachelor in Paradise.


Colton intended to stay transparent with Tia so that wouldn't happen. Colton said he wanted to be open and talk to other people and figure himself out, but Tia interpreted that to mean he was just "waiting around for the next best thing" instead of pursuing someone right in front of him.

Tia thought Colton was "full of bull," and she wanted a man who would fight for her, not someone who was "half in" and feeling half-hearted about her. 

Colton argued to Tia he had spent two months investing himself into a relationship with Becca, but then Tia asked what he was doing in Paradise if he wasn't ready to find love again. 

Tia wanted to be Colton's first choice, and so she didn't plan on giving him a rose if his goal was to get to know other women in Mexico. Tia wasn't about to give Colton a free pass to date other women right in front of her.

"I can't continue to put myself in the same situation. If I don't stand up for myself now, I'm never going to do it," Tia cried to cameras.

But Chris stepped up to the plate and fought hard for her. He was giving her exactly what she needed from a man, and Chris' advances made Tia realize that Colton probably wasn't the guy for her.

While Tia and Chris were hitting it off and kissing, Colton pursued his connection with Angela. She had peaked his interest, but Angela was warned Colton may not be ready for a new relationship or on the show for the right reasons given his feelings for Becca.

Colton was frustrated and annoyed his name was in other guys' mouths. Nick owned up to informing Angela about what he had heard, but he denied ever saying Colton was in Paradise for the wrong reasons.

Colton was hopeful he'd receive Angela's rose, but it wasn't looking good for him.

"I didn'talk onto a beach, I walked into a f-cking swamp of drama," Colton vented in a confessional.

The Rose Ceremony then commenced.

Krystal gave her rose to Kenny, Astrid gave a rose to Kevin, Tia gave her rose to Chris, Kendall gave a rose to Joe, Annaliese gave her rose to Jordan, Nysha Norris gave a rose to Eric Bigger, Chelsea gave her rose to David, Angela gave a rose to John, and Bibiana Julian shockingly offered her rose to Colton. 

Bibiana told Colton that she hoped the rose would allow everyone to get to know him for who he really is. Jordan said Bibiana just "birthed a big upset in Paradise" and the Colton and Tia drama would continue.

The thought of watching Colton date other people made Tia feel "physically sick."

As a result of the Rose Ceremony, both Wills and Nick were eliminated.

Colton said he came to Paradise to receive affirmation he's moved on from Becca. He was scared to see Tia hurt again, but the reward was greater than the risk. He said he's not Becca's Colton or Tia's Colton, but rather "Colton's Colton."

Chris Harrison then came in and announced the ladies would be meeting and speaking with a surprise visitor, and it turned out to be The Bachelorette star, Becca Kufrin.

When Becca stepped in, she got the biggest hug from Tia. Krystal said she was glowing and so happy. But Colton was upset because he didn't want to be reminded of what he just went through.

"I haven't had closure from Becca. Our conversation when we broke up, we didn't say anything. We sat in silence," Colton explained, adding he had reached a tipping point and didn't understand why he was in Paradise to begin with.

Colton went off by himself and began bawling his eyes out. The guys could tell Colton was still in love with Becca, and he admitted he wanted to throw up at the sight of her. 

Colton insisted he couldn't date other women when Becca was being dangled in front of his face. 

"I came here to find my person. I came here to take a chance and a risk. I didn't know if I was ready, and honestly, I'm not. And I'm just now realizing it," Colton confessed.

Colton admitted the breakup sucked and he told everyone he was fine, but that wasn't true. 

Colton felt he had to portray the perfect man on Paradise, but he was simply falling apart. He told David that he hid his true feelings for Becca when they broke up, and he wasn't going to be strong enough to stay on the show.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Becca approaching Colton for a private conversation, likely to give him some closure. 

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