Bachelor in Paradise's Monday night episode featured a complicated love triangle and ended with Leah Block and Jubilee Sharpe failing to receive a rose.

The broadcast began with Chad Johnson going home and pouring himself a cup filled with whiskey in the SUV. Everyone was relieved he was gone after a night of aggressive and disrespectful outbursts.

"On a scale from 1 to f-ck off, f-ck off. I'm legitimately -- I'm pissed. I can't ever be the Bachelor now. What am I going to do?" Chad said in his final words.

"You come at me, like 25 people, I'm going to say things that are slightly offensive, slight funny. What do you expect? [The girls] were all vibing me until they realized they're not supposed to vibe me because I'm bad. [Lace Morris], [Amanda Stanton], they're like, 'Were supposed to hate him.' They can all f-ck themselves now."

Chad was upset not one woman campaigned for him to stay when Chris Harrison asked him to leave Paradise.

Back on the island, Leah from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor arrived. Twins Haley Ferguson and Emily Ferguson said drama always follows Leah and she'd probably create a "tornado" in Paradise.

Leah, of course, arrived with a Date Card and apparently wanted to ask Chad out because they "both like protein." She was extremely disappointed that he left, saying she felt blindsided. 

Nick Viall, however, found Leah very attractive and wanted to get to know her from a "sexual-chemistry standpoint." She chatted with all the guys -- who had the power this week to hand out roses -- and then she asked Nick out. Amanda was upset because she had developed a big crush on Nick.

Meanwhile, Lace wanted to pursue a romance with Grant Kemp, but he was distant after her fling with Chad. She didn't want to go home in the first week, and thankfully, Grant approached her and said he was willing to pretend her hookup with Chad never happened. Lace admired how nice and sweet Grant still was to her.

On Leah's date with Nick, she said he was really hot and she'd like to do laundry on his abs. She had an amazing time with him shopping local markets and thought something was there between them. At the end of their date, they shared a kiss on the beach, and Lace was pretty certain Nick's rose belonged to her.

Once the couple returned to the home base, Nick got a Group Date card and asked out Amanda. Leah was confused, and the twins accused her of being intimidated by Leah, who made fun of Amanda for wanting to look just like her. In turn, the twins poked fun at Leah's lip fillers.

Nick just thought Amanda was sweet and very pretty and very nice, so he wanted to get to know her better. Amanda proved to Nick on their date that she has some edge and would never be a doormat when he said he's attracted to women with strong personalities.

It was the best first date Amanda has ever had, and the couple sealed the deal with a steamy makeout session by a bonfire on the beach. Amanda was really into Nick and didn't want to get her feelings hurt over his relationship with Leah.

Meanwhile, Sarah Herron was interested in Vinny Ventiera, but so was Isabel "Izzy" Goodkind. Evan Bass also had Carly Waddell's attention, and she was wondering what it would be like to kiss him -- weird, wonderful, passionate, etc. Carly wanted to see the aggressive, manly side of Evan.

Finally, Evan made a move to kiss Carly. He said he felt "butterflies and explosions" because the kiss was so amazing, but Carly thought it was terrible and said she doesn't even understand how he made two children with a woman. However, there was something about Evan she was still attracted to.

After Grant and Lace were caught hooking up in bed together, there was a battle between Emily and Jubilee for Jared Haibon's attention and affection. Vinny also kissed both Sarah and Izzy heading into the Rose Ceremony. Vinny thought Sarah was special and amazing, and it seemed like he was vibing the most with her.

Before the Rose Ceremony, Leah pulled Nick aside to assure him that she had qualities he was looking for. Leah told the cameras that Amanda was "dependant and needy," which was the opposite of Nick's preference in qualities.

Leah believed she was unapologetic and always goes after what she wants, but Nick confessed to her that he had a stronger connection with Amanda and would probably give her the rose.

In attempt to stay, Leah tried to get buddy-buddy with Daniel. She thought he was weird and awkward. After a speed-dating type of approach, Daniel found that Sarah was the most "genuine, down-to-earth, realistic and fun" girl in Paradise.

On the contrary, Daniel said talking to the twins was not like talking to a brick wall, but rather a leather couch. Daniel, who called himself an eagle, said he couldn't settle for a pigeon.

At the Rose Ceremony, Grant gave his rose to Lace, Nick gave his rose to Amanda, Evan gave his rose to Carly -- who accepted it with hesitation -- Jared gave his rose to Emily -- which meant Haley automatically got to stay on the show -- Vinny gave his rose to Izzy, and finally Daniel offered his rose to Sarah.

Daniel told Sarah that the guys saved the best girl for last, and she cried with excitement.

Sarah felt stupid about the situation with Vinny because she had really put herself out there. Vinny had made her feel safe and secure, so she called his decision "a slap in the face."

The men's choices left Jubilee and Leah without a rose. Jared just didn't have a romantic connection with Jubilee, and she couldn't believe he chose identical twins over her. Leah felt embarrassed and like a fool.

After the ceremony, Nick said he wanted to invest 100% of his time with Amanda and he saw potential for a very special relationship. That was until his arch-nemesis from Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, Josh Murray, arrived with a Date Card.

Josh said his public breakup was tough but it was a learning experience in that he discovered what he does and does not want in a lifelong partner. All of the girls swooned over Josh when he entered Paradise, and one of the twins called him "next level handsome."

Josh was ready to fall in love, and Lace admitted the rest of the guys were probably intimidated by him. Nick told the cameras he had nothing in common with Josh other than the fact they share the same taste in women.

Although everyone thought Amanda and Nick were a solid locked-in couple at this point, Amanda accepted Josh's invitation for a date. 

For Nick's sake, Carly was hoping history wouldn't repeat itself, because Andi had chosen Josh over Nick on The Bachelorette. Tension between the guys worsened on the show once Nick revealed on After the Final Rose he had slept with Andi in the Fantasy Suite.

Josh thought Amanda was beautiful, and wasn't worried at all about dating the same girl as Nick. Nick questioned Josh's intentions, saying he wasn't sure if he was really interested in Amanda or just wanted to gain satisfaction from stealing his girl again.

For their date, Josh and Amanda talked and kissed on a sailboat before going snorkeling. They seemed to really hit it off.

Meanwhile, Nick told the cameras that Andi had written a tell-all book which includes details of her relationships with himself and Josh. Nick confessed many of the details about himself were true, so that must mean the "aggressive and disturbing" statements about Josh were also true.

Daniel thought Josh was overly nice and therefore kind of fake, like he was an actor putting on a show.

Back on Josh's date, he discussed Andi's tell-all book with Amanda, who had heard all about it. Josh explained he has "different values" from Andi and her book is "a fictional story." Josh said Andi's claims were "egregious" and "ludicrous," adding that they were total "lies."

While Nick was sulking on the island about how he probably looked "pathetic" again, Josh was bragging about his relationship with Amanda, whom he could see himself falling for.

"It feels right. It feels great. This is what I came for. This is what I wanted," Josh told the cameras. "I know Nick wants Amanda, but honestly, I don't care!"

Afterward, Carly was still ranting about how horrible her first kiss with Evan happened to be. She told her friends they lacked chemistry and she didn't want to date a feminine guy again.

"Evan does give me erectile dysfunction. He does! And it's so sad... I think I want to stay away from Evan today," Carly joked in reference to his career.

Evan then received a Date Card and asked out Carly. She hesitated to accept his offer because she wasn't ecstatic about the idea at all. Evan, however, was experiencing intense feelings and thought Carly was amazing.

For their date, Carly and Evan attempted a Guinness world record of "the longest, hottest habanero kiss ever."

The couple's goal was to each eat a habanero pepper and then lock lips for as long as possible. They hoped to surpass 90 seconds, and in the end, they broke the standing record with a kiss that lasted one minute and 41 seconds. It wasn't long before both individuals rushed to the bathroom.

"I threw up, not just from the pepper. It was from the kiss," Carly told the cameras.

Back on the beach, Emily pulled out all the stops trying to get Jared to kiss her. After cuddling on a daybed, he finally made the move, and Emily called it "a really good kiss."

When Josh and Amanda returned from their date and reunited with the group, he said he felt bad for Nick, especially because Josh was already acting like a couple with Amanda.

Josh and Nick then sat down and talked to each other. Nick expressed how he had made a strong connection with Amanda, but Josh argued that when he asked everyone whom was paired up, the consensus was that no relationships were serious yet.

Josh accused Nick of bringing drama into the situation, insisting he was dating Amanda for the right reasons and they had an incredible time together. Nick found Josh completely unapologetic and bashed him for being "an ass for no reason."

Amanda and Josh then showed their affection for each other in front of everyone, including Nick. Nick watched as the couple made out and Josh made strange moaning noises. Nick was baffled about how he ended up in this position again.

"Nick and I are on a very different level. There's lions and then there's sheep. Roar," Josh said to the cameras.

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