Bachelor in Paradise featured Caelynn Miller-Keyes leaving Mexico with Dean Unglert and crushing Connor Saeli, Kristina Schulman rejecting Blake Horstmann and the pair quitting the show, Demi Burnett seeing a potential dealbreaker with Kristian Haggerty, and Revian Chang's arrival during Monday night's Season 6 broadcast on ABC.

Just as the cast assumed Caelynn was moving on from Dean with Connor, Dean came back to Paradise and tried to win her back -- and that's where the Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began.


Connor didn't want to lose Caelynn because they had established something great, but Demi pointed out Caelynn probably viewed Connor as the "safe" choice.

Dean insisted he had shaved his mustache for Caelynn and was "a changed man." Caelynn said an easy choice and a difficult choice was ahead of her. Dean knew they'd have things to work on if they left the show together, but he wanted to try and he wanted to do those things with Caelynn.

Dean was "scared" and "nervous" about what Caelynn was going to decide to do.

She then pulled Connor aside for a chat, and Angela Amezcua told Connor, "Go get your girl!"

Connor asked Caelynn to stay, saying he could "definitely see a future outside of this" with her. He didn't want their relationship to be over and said it pained him to watch Dean come back and try to win her back.

Connor gave Caelynn a speech about Dean's alleged true colors, insisting Dean hadn't changed. Connor didn't want Caelynn to get hurt by him again, and he thought they had something amazing.

"He just left and blindsided you and obviously put you down and made you feel terrible -- and it was on your birthday too. Actions really speak louder than words, and there are no actions on his part that show he's going to be a guy who's there for you and will fight for you and will be ready for a relationship and want to settle down," Connor told Caelynn.

"Sure, him coming back here is a grand gesture to show he cares about you and sees something, but what happens when you get back home? What happens when you're actually together and things get tough... Will he comfort and fight for you, or will he leave like he did before?"

Connor couldn't believe Dean had the guts to come back and ask Caelynn to leave with him. Connor thought "the right thing to do" should have been "clear" for Caelynn.


Caelynn was emotionally distraught over the situation, and Kristina Schulman called Dean "selfish," saying he ran away every time something got real. Dean, however, claimed he was trying to change that about himself and wanted to face his issues head-on in order to fix them.

Kristina didn't think it was fair for Dean to put Caelynn in that position because he had left her in tears for days. No one seemed to think Dean deserved to get Caelynn back.

Dean could understand Caelynn's uncertainty and hesitation, but he said he wouldn't waste his own time in coming back to Paradise to pursue something that he didn't feel was worth pursuing. Everyone wondered whether Dean could actually follow through with his promises.

After thinking things through, Caelynn said she had made her decision but was scared to get hurt again.

Dean pointed out Connor could hurt her too, which Caelynn seemed to take to heart. Caelynn wanted to be pushed and challenged, and so she ultimately decided to leave Mexico with Dean.

"I want to try and I want to figure this out, and I want to do it with you," Dean told her, adding that he wanted to be responsible for making her smile and showing her a good time.

"You put a smile on my face every time I see you, and I don't want that to stop."

Caelynn joked about flying back to San Diego, CA, and then having Dean drive her back to Los Angeles, CA, in his van.

Caelynn agreed to leave with him and said with a big smile, "It feels wrong."

"No, it's the best decision you ever made," Dean noted.


The couple then kissed on the beach, and Connor said, "F-ck that," while he was watching from a distance. Connor got up and walked away, saying it was beyond him what just happened. He had been on a high and felt like someone had just dropped him down a hill.

Connor felt completely "blindsided," and Caelynn just said, "I'm really sorry." Caelynn said it didn't make much sense but her heart was being pulled towards Dean.

"It is just mind-blowing to me what just happened," Connor told the cameras.

Caelynn then hugged her girlfriends goodbye, admitting she wasn't sure if she was making the right decision. Caelynn, however, was crying "happy" tears, and she seemed to thrilled to have reunited with Dean.

The cast yelled at Dean to treat Caelynn well, and the girls were glad Caelynn was following her heart instead of her head.

"I'm happy that everything worked out exactly how it's supposed to. It wasn't easy to get here, but we got here," Dean told the cameras. "That's all that matters."

Every girl in Paradise wanted what Dean had just offered to Caelynn. She wanted a guy who was all about her and very proud to be with her. She thought Chris Bukowski was that guy but maybe he didn't show it well.

Katie thought a date might fix everything because they didn't have a lot of time to just focus on each other.

With that being said, Chris received a Date Card and asked Katie out. Katie was really excited but also anxious and nervous. Katie was anticipating the end of her relationship for some reason, maybe because the cast could tell Katie seemed more into Chris B. than he was into her.


Katie loved that Chris didn't smother her, but at the same time, she told Demi that he took it to an extreme. She said important conversations needed to be had that could make or break them.

Katie was stressed because she wanted to fall in love with Chris but he had walls up. She needed him to step up to the plate and open up to her.

On their date, Chris admitted he was struggling to let his guard down and took saying "I love you" very seriously. He acknowledged he had never been able to express being in love fully before.

Chris, however, told Katie he was 100 percent committed to her and wanted to give her 100 percent of him. Chris said it was difficult for him to be vulnerable because he had been burned a couple times before, but he predicted those feelings of love would come and were definitely possible.

"I'm starting to feel that. It's very exciting to me; You're very exciting to me. And I want to continue to fight for what I believe is an amazing thing we both have," Chris told Katie.

Chris said everything Katie had been looking for, and she trusted him and determined she'd be very patient.

The couple then topped the night by dancing with a wedding party who came waltzing down the street by their restaurant. Katie could envision getting married to Chris one day. She was falling in love with him and seemed totally optimistic.

While Katie and Chris were on their date, Connor was crushed and crying about how Caelynn had "downplayed" her relationship with Dean and never even said sorry. He thought she had such an easy time dumping him.

Connor insisted he came to Paradise looking for love, found it, and then had it taken away. He wondered, "What's the point in staying?"

The next day, Matt Donald found himself in a love triangle with Brianna "Bri" Barnes and Sydney Lotuaco. Both girls were fighting for him, and Sydney even went as far as to set up a massage table and give Matt a massage.


The guys laughed about how Matt had two girls when he was afraid to make out with women while Connor had nobody and was really lonely.

But then Revian from Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor arrived in Paradise. Revian chatted with Matt, John Paul Jones and Chase McNary, but since all of them seemed taken, she asked Connor out.

Revian and Connor enjoyed riding segways on their date and enjoying local food and culture. Revian was "definitely interested" in Connor because she found him to be super honest, open and easy to talk to.

Connor had been down in the dumps, but Revian Changed his experience in Paradise around. She made the bachelor feel better, and then the couple shared a romantic kiss.

The couples who were established in Paradise at this point with Katie and Chris, Chase and Angela, Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Demi and Kristian, John Paul and Tayshia Adams, and Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour.

And Blake Horstmann was trying to be the man for Kristina she had been looking for. She wanted to take baby steps, but Blake hoped to break down her walls. He was confident in his feelings for Kristina and said he never wanted her to get hurt again.

Demi and Kristian, however, were starting to have problems. When Katie asked the girls if they wanted to get engaged, Demi got uncomfortable and asked her to stop asking questions.

Demi apparently doesn't like public displays of affection while Kristian shows love through physical touch. Demi therefore thought since she was guarded and wasn't showing Kristian affection, Kristian was getting it elsewhere and flirting with other girls.

"I don't like it... I don't want to see that," Demi told the cameras. "I don't even want to look at her right now... I'm irritated."


Demi then received a Date Card and asked Kristian out, but she didn't even want to go on the date. She was struggling with feeling like she was enough for Kristian, and at the same time, she still wasn't used to being openly gay in front of people.

"I wish I could say, 'It doesn't matter what they think, it's fine.' But I'm still holding back because I'm still scared. It's not like, 'Oh, I'm with her,' and every wall is broken down and every fear is banished. I feel all of this pressure," Demi explained.

Demi wanted to give Kristian what she needed to feel loved and appreciated, but she just couldn't.

Demi was trying not to be concerned about herself, but she still had concerns in the back of her mind about people judging them and not wanting to see them kiss or be together romantically.

Demi was building resentment watching Kristian flirt with other girls, and she wondered whether Kristian would ultimately leave her because she was taking so long to feel comfortable with PDA.

For their date, Demi and Kristian participated in a spiritual ceremony to connect their spirits together and reinforce their relationship. Both girls enjoyed the moment, but Kristian could tell something was off with Demi.

Kristian therefore confronted Demi and asked how she was feeling, and Demi admitted she didn't like watching her be so touchy-feely with other women. Kristian insisted she's just a very affectionate person who's "so physical" with her friends because that's her way of showing she cares.

Kristian said there's "no flirt intention," romantic desire, ill intention, or sexual attraction behind her actions with other people.

Kristian also understood how Demi was feeling in regards to people judging them, but she said she was okay with Demi taking her time and moving at a slower pace in their relationship.

"Why would I flirt with anybody when I have you?" Kristian asked Demi.


Demi said she was scared of everything, including Kristian leaving her because she may not be enough. Demi cried and expressed how she was afraid to lose Kristian.

"You are enough. You are everything to me. As of right now, I am content -- more than content. I am so lucky to be with you, and you are everything I need. You are. So don't stress yourself out, because you make me so happy... You are my priority... I love you," Kristian told Demi.

The girls embraced and seemed to get to a better place in their relationship.

John Paul was then shown gushing about his strong feelings for Tayshia, who's his "dream girl, without a doubt."

To show how much he cared, John Paul planned a special surprise for Tayshia. He had learned she never attended her high school prom, and so John Paul organized a "Paradise Prom" for her -- including a corsage, the spiked punch, balloons, and music.

John Paul put on a nice suit and Tayshia rocked a sparkly dress. She thought the gesture was "the sweetest thing" ever, saying no man had ever done anything like that for her before.

John Paul even got a tiara for Tayshia and a crown for himself so they could be the King and Queen of Paradise Prom.

The girls couldn't believe how special and romantic John Paul's gesture was, and Tayshia noted John Paul had paid attention to what she was saying and would do just about anything to make her laugh and smile.

The couple danced the night away, and then the other couples on the beach joined in.

"I came into this open to love. I didn't really expect it, but love is knocking at my door. I'm definitely falling in love with Tayshia. She's everything that I'm looking for," John Paul said in a confessional.

"I do think I've found something great and something real and something that could last for a long time."


Blake was then shown planning a special date for Kristina. He had "a revelation or an epiphany," saying everything he had wanted in a woman was right in front of him all along.

"Suddenly, Kristina is, like, the future. I've allowed myself to think about Kristina as being the mother of my children and being my wife. There's something undeniable between us and something we can't deny each other any more. We can't deny each other the feelings that we have," Blake told the cameras.

Blake said he and Kristina always had one foot in and one foot out with each other, but he was ready to give her everything that he had.

"I want her to suddenly be like, 'I have to let him in. This is meant to be. This is going to work.' Her heart does know I am the one for her... I'm trying to make up for my mistake in the past... I don't think she's ever had a man completely fight for her, so I'm going to be that guy," Blake said in a confessional.

Blake had been down in Paradise, but he felt like all of the trials and tribulations had led him to realizing his feelings for Kristina.

Blake was happy and said his life was finally making sense, including everything he had gone through in the past year.

Blake had a romantic set up for Kristina complete with pillows on the beach, candles, and rose petals strewn about. But Kristina just wasn't feeling Blake.

Kristina told Blake that while she had said she'd give romance with him a try, she didn't think she could "get there" with him and didn't want to lead him on any further.

Blake seemed completely shocked and immediately started crying as Kristina continued to explain herself.

"I just feel like if we were really into, like, 'Okay, let's give this a shot,' we'd come into Paradise... [and do that]. But the fact we were very open in pursuing other people, it just makes me wonder, 'Are we trying just because we're safe or is it because we actually want each other?'" Kristina explained.

Kristina said she didn't have all the answers, but she thought it would be best to leave Paradise and remove herself from the situation. Kristina believed that was the best decision to make for herself.

Blake felt blindsided and didn't know what had changed, but Kristina insisted she had moved on from him and didn't think she'd ever have to revisit it.

"I literally came to Paradise wanting you to find love, and I was there by your side giving you advice. I was keeping you as a friend because I wanted you to find love," Kristina said in tears. "I didn't think you'd be coming my way."

Blake started bawling his eyes out, and then Kristina left him alone and later left Paradise. Once Kristina was gone, Blake opted to leave as well.

"Damnit! F-ck. I gave it all I had. I put it all out there again... I genuinely, I genuinely wanted a future with Kristina. I thought we were going to leave together. I don't know how she doesn't see what I see... Every time, I'm this wrong," Blake cried to the cameras.

"It feels like I just got my heart ripped out again by [former The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin]. It feels like deja vu. I can't f-cking handle it anymore... She just didn't want me. I wasn't enough. I'm not good enough for Becca, I wasn't for Hannah, and now I'm not for Kristina."

Blake said he had learned a lot in Paradise, but at what cost?


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