Chris Harrison has dished a little more on Michelle Kujawa's strange and sudden Bachelor in Paradise exit during the show's Monday night premiere.

Just before the season's first Rose Ceremony commenced, Kujawa announced she wanted to quit the show because she hadn't developed a connection with any of the guys in the house. Despite Harrison's suggestion anything could happen or change in the weeks to come, the bachelorette still wanted out, which came as a surprise to all the former The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants.

"While I was welcoming them to the island, they kept waiting for the big twist that would shake everything up. What they didn't realize was the big twist was that there wasn't going to be one. They are essentially left up to their own devices to find love and earn the right to stay in Paradise. This show is about finding relationships," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

"I started off with a rather flippant question about everybody being single. I really wasn't being that serious as I assumed everybody was, I mean, Why the hell else would you be here? Everybody kind of chuckled, except Michelle K., who said 'maybe.' When I heard that, I figured she was joking."

The host continued, "Many people have tried to be funny on this show, and they just aren't, and I figured this was just one of those cases. She was awkward, and it was an odd way to start the new show, but I let it slide. But then Michelle K. was completely checked out the entire first week."                          

Harrison suggested it was Kujawa's own fault for not finding chemistry with any of the men because she put absolutely no effort into the process.

"She had nothing to do with any of the guys and made no attempt to start a relationship or get a rose... She made what she probably thought was a cute sly comment about the fact that maybe she's already found love in Paradise," Harrison explained.

"At this point things started to add up and they didn't add up in her favor! Next week you'll see and hear much more about Michelle K. She's off the show, but her time here in Paradise is far from over."

While Kujawa didn't have any luck with love on the show -- or at least that's what she led viewers to believe -- some real connections were beginning to form. Some of the pairings became established easier than others.

"[Graham Bunn] and [AshLee Frazier] reconciled and seemed to work everything out by the rose ceremony, but my question is: Can a relationship really ever recover from a start like that? Graham was very clear in telling AshLee a lot of red flags went up because of this," he noted in his EW blog.

"Graham felt trapped, like he'd been stamped and owned barely one day into this. I'll be the first to tell you there isn't a guy on earth who likes that feeling. It was an incredibly bad move on AshLee's part, and she'll have to work very hard to recover."

Michelle Money and her week's date Marquel Martin, on the other hand, seemed to hit it off beautifully. Likewise, Dylan Petitt and Elise Mosca appeared to be on the same page.

"Money and Marquel shared a great date and sparked up an instant connection, but no kiss," the host noted. "Dylan, who just came off [Andi Dorfman]'s season, caught the eye of Elise and she made no bones about the fact that he was her target. They quickly paired up and started a nice relationship early on."

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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